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Seoul x BTS by foodloverselly
Seoul x BTSby Selly
the world lives in an universe where soulmates exist.
She would persevere by SaarJT
She would persevereby Sarah J
How would you feel when the world you grew up in crashed and burned? What if you were tossed into one that was all about survival? Would you persevere? Or would you crum...
From The Dark | Peter Parker x OC ✔️ by spideybparker
From The Dark | Peter Parker x ˗ˏˋ 𝐑 ˎˊ˗
"...I've always wanted a strange teenager to show up at my doorstep, half dead. I - what's your name again, kid?" "Adelaide," she answered, feeling a...
Into the Light | Peter Parker x OC by spideybparker
Into the Light | Peter Parker x OCby ˗ˏˋ 𝐑 ˎˊ˗
"Ada, you're my whole world. There's no life worth living for me without you." "I feel the same way." ...
Carlo : Ti salveró amore mio  by writer_LB
Carlo : Ti salveró amore mio by writer_LB
Book two of Carlo. I think I've figured out why I always dwell on the pain so much; because unlike the happy moments, which are few in itself, the suffering leaves scars...
Adelaide Gracia by MS_2306
Adelaide Graciaby MS_2306
Stella Devan, a huge potterhead somehow gets reincarnated in the world of Harry Potter as Adelaide Gracia after experiencing a tragic death. She is determined to save in...
Hello Detective by Vbstar1365
Hello Detectiveby Vbstar1365
From desk worker detective to Sergeant at Scotland Yard, Adelaide Gregson has come a long way from her days in Manhattan. When one consulting detective catches her eye...
Aderic by MS_2306
Adericby MS_2306
Sequel of Adelaide Gracia Stella Devon or as you would like to call her Adelaide Gracia starts her fourth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hell-bent...
I love him ~~ Tom Riddle  by Nessa030201
I love him ~~ Tom Riddle by Caitlin
"You can love a monster, it can even love you back, but that doesn't change its nature." Tom riddle did love. Only once. Tom and Adelaide were the only ones f...
Panther and the Grey Dragon by BiancaEvans2
Panther and the Grey Dragonby LegolasG5*
This story is about shifters who become most unlikely mates you'll ever see. Bianca has been on her own with her Uncle for five years. She kind and caring loves to read...
Mullets and Hair Dye by TheChase88
Mullets and Hair Dyeby TheChase88
Either the drivers on the Supercars grid are going crazy or Chaz and Cam are definitely spending way too much time together. They're just friends now, right? Five times...
Die For You (Sequel to Love to Lay) by jbariana18
Die For You (Sequel to Love to Lay)by BabyNel
Magic bound her, trapped in her ageless form. Awoken from her long-awaited sleep into a different world in a different time. As the seasons changed, her unaged body, it...
Until Dusk by cozycarebear
Until Duskby cozy
Nora's family was being targeted by the Pack of Alpha's who had wanted claim to their territory. Its now up to Nora to help her clan get ready for war against some of t...
Your number (Taylor Swift) by newfoundgracee
Your number (Taylor Swift)by Nicole is gone
In which a girl named Adelaide gets a text from an unknown number.
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Emilia - Bridgerton Sister by kiewritesx
Emilia - Bridgerton Sisterby kiewritesx
Emilia Bridgerton is the twin sister of Eloise Bridgerton and a very polar opposite if that. All though Eloise doesn't like balls and dresses and thinks she doesn't need...
Glowing Sky: Book One by FrennzyChaos
Glowing Sky: Book Oneby FrennzyChaos
Rule Number One: Don't talk about my past. Rule Number Two: Don't reveal my powers. Rule Number Three: Don't stand out. Blend in. In a world where sparks of magic have f...
persephone by xObsessedxGirlx
persephoneby xObsessedxGirlx
PERSEPHONE || where Tony Stark's daughter share a terrible secret with an o...
Reign Gif Imagines by kaisbloodbag
Reign Gif Imaginesby sophie
"Long may you reign!" [I own none of the reign characters]
And Then There Were Five by peter_barker
And Then There Were Fiveby Theodore Wiggins
Six go in... ...five come out one jock one geek one princess one criminal one artist one murderer (ayo so i'm completely changing this story bc i just now finished the b...