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The Plan by ahopelessromantic15
The Planby A Hopeless Romantic
It's Adira Rose's and James Sirius Potter's final year at Hogwarts and they're head boy and girl, which sadly for them, mean there stuck sharing their own common room...
Some find of funny tangled things by YOUMOMMAGAY123
Some find of funny tangled thingsby Yourlocalcrackhead1
Adira and the Clash of Hunters by PeeMad
Adira and the Clash of Huntersby Marie Maria
Ang digmaan sa pagitan ng bounty hunters at assasins. Magkaiba ngunit ang layunin ay mahagilap ang kanilang biktima. Si Adira ay dating bounty hunter ngunit ngayon, maki...
Siblings of Corona-B3:Life On the Road by Cupcakegirlpower
Siblings of Corona-B3:Life On Cupcakegirlpower
Varian, Rapunzel, Cassandra, and the rest of the gang set out on a thrilling adventure. No longer within the safety of the walls of Corona, the team quickly learn learn...
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Through The Pain by Estella-cookie
Through The Painby Freak
-"RAPUNZEL!!!" In rage, by the loss of his new born princess, king Fredrick, made a rule... A rule above all... No one even had the ability to break it... Unti...
Rising Above Yourself (Varian x Pirate! Reader) by Midnight-Drawing77
Rising Above Yourself (Varian x Μπλερ
{Tangled the Series AU} {PG13} Still feeling the hatred of the Kingdom of Corona, the Young Alchemist Boy keeps his Revenge upon the Royal Family bubbling inside himsel...
The Player's Twins (Book Two of The Great Age Plague series) by emily_2012_writer
The Player's Twins (Book Two of Emily
***Sequel to Forced to Have the Player's Kid** Living in a world ruled mostly by teenagers, sixteen year old Adira is pregnant, in love with two different men, and tryin...
Betrothed To Your Enemy by Cupcakegirlpower
Betrothed To Your Enemyby Cupcakegirlpower
Cassandra was beyond angry at her mother and father. How could her parents do this to her? The people of the Dark Kingdom were their enemies! How could they arrange a...
Siblings of Corona B4: Life on the Edge by Cupcakegirlpower
Siblings of Corona B4: Life on Cupcakegirlpower
Varian, Cassandra, Rapunzel, and the others travel back to Corona. They find it in the clutches of criminals and have to work together to save it. But they quickly lea...
Child Of The Moon. by 12thPrinceOfDarkness
Child Of The Loki Friggason
Hector. We all know how his story began and ended. This villainous warrior was sworn to keep all away from the Dark Kingdom and its secrets. When the princess of Corona...
Flynn Rider?  by carlyfitzherbert
Flynn Rider? by carly
NEW UPDATE AS OF 6/8/2021: not sure if i'm gonna continue 😩 - (old) UPDATE AS OF 12/14/2020: PLEASE READ MY RECENT PART IN THE STORY FOR AN UPDATE ON WHAT I AM DOING...
Tangled: The Curse of Zhan Tiri by DenimJacketWoman
Tangled: The Curse of Zhan Tiriby Rebecca Leigh Kehler
The sequel of "The Princess, The Thief and the Alchemist". AND THE FINAL ONE! Plot; Rapunzel still has the Moonstone. It was a mix of blue and yellow. Princess...
Just Neighbours🦋 by loonaphobic
Just Neighbours🦋by Imprévisible
Adhityan and Adhira are newly become neighbours that find each others presence more unpleasant than anything at first and turn out to become best friends. What will hap...
From the Sea Beneath You by Cupcakegirlpower
From the Sea Beneath Youby Cupcakegirlpower
Tangled AU. Inspired by The Little Mermaid. Rapunzel, Princess of Corona (a kingdom under the sea) dreams of seing the outside world. Her younger brother, Varian wants...
Where The Path Leads by sundrop_moonstone
Where The Path Leadsby .▪︎Tҽαɱ Tɯσ ° *
A Tangled the Series fanfic Rapunzel, Cass and Lance arrives at a dark kingdom named Sydeia were they meet a prince and young alchemist. Together they learn search for t...
Ishra Ts: Tere seene mein Mera dil dhadke...... by anu99967
Ishra Ts: Tere seene mein Mera anu99967
based on current track ......promisingly ishralacious
Tangled: Away from Old Corona by DenimJacketWoman
Tangled: Away from Old Coronaby Rebecca Leigh Kehler
This is a sequel to 'The Journey of the Missing Crown'. Plot; It's been one year since Eugene Fitzherbert lives in Old Corona with Varian. Eugene leaves his life as a th...
Tts incorrect quotes  by cartoonqueen2008
Tts incorrect quotes by Luna
Tangled the series incorrect quotes
TTS: The Legend of Demanitus's Elementals  by Ninjagoweaselshera
TTS: The Legend of Demanitus's Sir Author
After the whole Zhan Tiri thing everyone in Corona was trying to get used to life being normal again. And it was- for a while. Shortly after a new adventure arrives wi...
Living the Dream (Betrothed To Your Enemy 2) by Cupcakegirlpower
Living the Dream (Betrothed To Cupcakegirlpower
Sequel to: Betrothed To The Enemy. The world was spinning around her. She wasn't ready for this, but she supposed she had it coming. It just was a shock to was happenin...