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Midnight- After Breaking Dawn by alicallwolf
Midnight- After Breaking Dawnby alicallwolf
After The Volturi leave, the Cullens are closer then ever. Even Embry is slowely coming closer towards the family. However, On New years Eve, Edward learns that Bella is...
Emotion (Jasper Hale x Reader) by _puffpufff
Emotion (Jasper Hale x Reader)by trash
Y/N is just a small town girl who moved from Indiana to get a new chance on life. She moves to Forks, and catches the eye of Jasper Hale. There might be some triggers th...
My Sleeping Beauty-A.Volturi by Kols_butterfly
My Sleeping Beauty-A.Volturiby Mrs Jason Todd
It has been 3 years since the Volturi confronted the Cullen's and their witnesses on the clearing and a lot has happened since then. Renesmee has not stopped growing and...
Bella Swan's Older Sister by vagina_destroyer
Bella Swan's Older Sisterby J
This book is ass. Since I was eleven I've been going to military camp. I have been away from my mother and father for years. Once I turned 18 I got an call one day a cap...
Twilight- fire and ice. An eternal flame by Itz_Tyla
Twilight- fire and ice. An T (rox)
Twilight fire and ice, an eternal flame He is mine, and I am his Renesmee loves Jacob more than her own life, and Jacob loves her more. But with true love comes obstacl...
He And Her Past by Haeiris15
He And Her Pastby Haeiris_WP
Past is past ika nga nila Pero ganon nga lang ba kadaling kalimutan ang past? Lalo na kung sobrang laki nung naging epekto nun sa buong pagkatao mo. Si Amantha isang Se...
Mended (Book 2 in my Jasper x Reader series) by _puffpufff
Mended (Book 2 in my Jasper x trash
Y/n L/n was about to be Y/n Cullen. With the wedding just days away, and with the fact that she was now a vampire, time doesn't fly as fast. However that still doesn't...
After Breaking Dawn: Jacob and Renesmee by Blairewrites
After Breaking Dawn: Jacob and Blairewrites
After Breaking Dawn; a different story, a different love triangle and a different fate
Him and I (Carlisle Cullen) by LanaLightning
Him and I (Carlisle Cullen)by Lana Moore
Doctor in training Ria's life is torn apart when she breaks her spine in a car crash on the way to Port Angeles, Washington. Moved to Forks for her recovery, she meets D...
Last Quarter by damselofdivine
Last Quarterby bri
After the square-off with the Volturi, everyone assumed the threat of losing Renesmee was over. When Alice Cullen kidnaps her niece and disappears, some of her family as...
Bello Cullen: Vampires at University by Arhazo
Bello Cullen: Vampires at Arhazo
Bella thought that the hardest year of her immortal life had come to pass, little did she know that University wasn't going to be a breeze. It's hell for mortals and im...
Still Dawn: The Saga Continues by SusanSuziMcClean
Still Dawn: The Saga Continuesby Susan McClean
My interpretation of what COULD happen after breaking dawn, I own nothing, Stephenie Meyer owns it all, Any Comments or suggestions gratefully recieved, I'm hoping to u...
Our Eternity (My soulmate's sequel) by Simo_fanfics
Our Eternity (My soulmate's sequel)by Simo_fanfics
A love story about the children of the new Volturi. They live in Los Angeles now, what will happen? ________________________________ you wanted a sequel, here it is!
ECHOES OF THE WIND : Jacob & Renesmee by Ali24097
PART 2 OF "AGAINST THE WIND" "Echoes of the wind" that continues the another loop in Jacob's and Renesmee love life? Will she choose Jacob as her et...
Twilight:After Breaking Dawn by Daughter_of_Greece
Twilight:After Breaking Dawnby Daughter_of_Greece
Have you ever wondered what happened after the voltori came? Read to find out my take on what happened after that all faithful day after the snow stuck.
Lamb  Chases Lion by iggyesperanza
Lamb Chases Lionby iggyesperanza
A couple months after the battle in the meadow, Bella and Edward are shook to their core when they discover that the Volturi has already begun to enact their revenge
Begin Again A Twilight Fanfic by Hptwilightbookiefan
Begin Again A Twilight Fanficby Lucy
Lindsey has always had a hard time fitting in with everyone. She's a nerd, but not too nerdy to hang out with the nerds, and not to "cool" to hang out with the...