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Hadrian Afton (A Fnaf/Harry Potter crosssover) by Tomarry_Ya_Know
Hadrian Afton (A Fnaf/Harry WeebNation
What if Harry was born a afton? First time writing I would love some feedback
Son of a Monster (Michael Afton x Reader) by justakidfrom
Son of a Monster (Michael Afton justakidfrom
-> Art was made by @HammyChu122! Their instagram is @steamed_hamm!! You are a new kid that just came from California. Sorry I put this in a female perspective for my...
"Living Gays" (Micheal Afton x Reader) by _coco_XD
"Living Gays" (Micheal Afton x Erza
The y/n is female based! (Sorry) It was inspired by "fucking Furries" I'll also use some other stories as references as well. ~~~ A girl meets their cousins f...
!!DISCONTINUED!! Stay With Me - Michael Afton x Fem! Reader  by zoe_kennedy185
!!DISCONTINUED!! Stay With Me - Zianna Kennedy
!!! Slow Burn !!! Y/N L/N was left on the Afton's doorstep as a baby, Eventually Mrs. Afton and Mr. Afton fell inlove with her and decided to adopt her. No. 5 in aftonf...
Gregory Timetravels by Imjustaness
Gregory Timetravelsby Wozeemama
Gregory timetravels to the past of the year 1984 and somehow gets mixed up in a bigger mess than he was in last time.
Stupid Love || Michael Afton x Reader by kaiisminebitch
Stupid Love || Michael Afton x < michael /3
Being forced to live away from your parents was not fun. Y/N's parents were going through a tough time with each other and needed time to debate over what was going on i...
Daddy Issues | William Afton × Reader  by sewergirlboss
Daddy Issues | William Afton × marie
The most basic and cringest William Afton fanfiction created purely for the sake of entertainment. fanart - @rynrauch
William Afton x Reader Oneshots by williamaftons
William Afton x Reader Oneshotsby Star
AC FOR THE COVER: melokoii on twitter This is a book with multiple scenarios, I write the ideas I randomly get in my head, so enjoy. !! Reader uses They/Them pronouns...
(crossover bnha & afton family) by Ray_Hyacinth
(crossover bnha & afton family)by Ray :]
Inspired by @Tsuk1yama I do not own bnha, afton family or the plot. ꧁_______________꧂ Michael isn't in the dekusquad or bakusquad Michael x Ennard ꧁_______________꧂ will...
Platonic Yandere Afton Family x child reader by Purple_lemon_8
Platonic Yandere Afton Family x Nozomi_Nxy_16
A young Y/n moves to Utah with her mother after her parents divorce. She meets her new neighbors, the Afton family. But what will happen when Mr. William Afton takes int...
The Lost Afton by AJGrace14
The Lost Aftonby A.J. Grace
"If I died, would you miss me?" Y/n is the youngest member of the Afton family. She tries her best to make everyone happy, but good things come to an end and d...
Partner In Crime, I Suppose || William Afton by bobbcat776
Partner In Crime, I Suppose || bobbcat776
(Y/N) (L/N)-a brilliant designer, Henry Emily-a compassionate robotics engineer, and William Afton-a clever businessman open a diner together. What could go wrong? Lite...
A New Beginning by evanenjoyers
A New Beginningby evanenjoyers
This is an AU where Gregory travels back in time, in 1983, before the deaths of Susie, Fritz, Jeremy, Cassidy, and Gabriel, or the 5 missing children. Gregory and CC/Eva...
y/n afton by Skylar-APerson
y/n aftonby Skylar-APerson
yes a actually y/n fanfic that isn't shiping. Pls don't ship the characters Why are people reading this!? ● calmly question why people take time out their day to read t...
Teacher's Pet |William Afton x reader| by sweetface666
Teacher's Pet |William Afton x 💉🫀🫁
It was a normal Monday and you didn't expect anything different, until you arrived to your first class. Thats when you met him. He wasn't just some college professor, he...
Afton family x y/n by NoahsFanfictions
Afton family x y/nby Fruity Noah
Hello! This is my first time writing so I hope you enjoy! About: After William k!lled Mrs.Afton, he needed comfort. He loved Mrs.Afton, but she was a bad mom. William de...
"Fucking Furries." || Michael Afton x Reader by TokiYagi
"Fucking Furries." || Michael Toki
(Y/N) is a teenage girl who lives in Utah nearby her cousin, Mark. While visiting her cousin, a certain group of friends shows up, causing Micheal and (Y/N) to quickly b...
Afton family x Y/N daughter by AnimeFan44763
Afton family x Y/N daughterby AnimeFan44
story summary: Y/N Afton is the oldest out of all her siblings, she is four years older than Michael who is fifteen in the story.
TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE. michael afton by rabiesman
|| DISCONTINUED || "Guys... I think I'm in love..." Michael Afton is an insufferable 17 year old boy who thinks he runs his whole school. Everyone sees him and...
Afton's Angel (on hold) by That_one_fan_333
Afton's Angel (on hold)by 🎀🌸Ben🌸🎀
(art not mine)You are the second oldest Afton child! You are described as the Angel of the family, but are you really an Angel or a Devil? Or both? (This is my AU so no...