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My Babysitter's A B!tch (Michael Afton x Reader) by BatShxtCrazy
My Babysitter's A B!tch (Michael A...by ☆Trash Baby☆
Needless to say, 18 year-old Michael Afton often found himself getting into all sorts of trouble. Though he takes it too far on his brother's birthday in 1983. William h...
Twisted Bound Fate // Michael Afton x Reader by Jedi_011_2187
Twisted Bound Fate // Michael Afto...by 𝓒𝓮𝓻𝓽𝓲𝓯𝓲𝓮𝓭 𝓒𝓻𝓸𝓲𝓼...
The day your father brought you to the grand opening of the family diner was the day that set your life on a bad path. The day you finally met the Afton family. !DISCLAI...
Son of a Monster (Michael Afton x Reader) by justakidfrom
Son of a Monster (Michael Afton x...by justakidfrom
You are a new kid that just moved here from California. Sorry I put this in a female perspective for my own personal enjoyment since I'm a girl but if y'all wanna switc...
Partner In Crime, I Suppose. by bobbcat776
Partner In Crime, I Suppose.by Bobb
(Y/N) (L/N)-a brilliant designer, Henry Emily-a compassionate robotics engineer, and William Afton-a clever businessman open a diner together. What could go wrong? Lite...
Demolition Lovers (Michael Afton x reader) by scarheartzz
Demolition Lovers (Michael Afton x...by bonnie/jade
(art by itssanlee) wanna know what the worst feeling on earth is? knowing that after many years of bullying you finally found some peace, only for it to be completely cr...
No more Mr.Mean (Michael Afton x fem reader by Missgravityfalling
No more Mr.Mean (Michael Afton x f...by Midnight Lockwood
The school bully Michael Afton never seemed to get along with y/n y/l/n, but what happens after a night at the roller skating rink when Michael gets into an argument wit...
Michael Afton x Fem Reader by Kkt_simp
Michael Afton x Fem Readerby TheOfficial_KelSimp
You are a 14 Y.o. Girl who lives in hurricane with her family. She happens to meet a guy who seems like just a bully, but it turns out she starts to fall for him and he...
| ♡Sketched♡ | Michael Afton x Male Reader by inky_g4y
| ♡Sketched♡ | Michael Afton x Mal...by alastair/emil
michael afton x male reader because i dont see these often One day in math class Y/N is drawing a boy by the name of Michael Afton. Michael snatches the book and makes f...
The Aftons and Emilies React to Game Theory by LightandDarkFiction
The Aftons and Emilies React to Ga...by LightandDarkFiction
During another normal day at Fredbear's Family Diner, a strange man in a dark hoodie and red leather jacket leaves a box containing four VHS tapes on Fredbear and Bonnie...
🍋 Fun time ~ 🍋 ( Michael A. x M! reader ) by whippytippytututral
🍋 Fun time ~ 🍋 ( Michael A. x M...by whippytippytututral
〘 Smut Stories || Michael Afton x Reader 〙 by Janett_lys
〘 Smut Stories || Michael Afton x...by Jane
Short, spicy stories of Micheal Afton
We're dead! by Kei_Vellmuth
We're dead!by Kei_Vellmuth
A crossover between TCF and FNAF, but it's a reaction fic. More details on the story. Idea credits to: @Beyodersfamily Please go read their fanfic as well!
MICHAELXCC💦😍😈😫 by tannarlovee
MICHAELXCC💦😍😈😫by dead asf💀
The exchange student ( Michael afton x fem reader) by Wmda2007
The exchange student ( Michael aft...by Wmda2007
I hope you are going to find this story fun!🤗🤗
It'll Be Our Little Secret || Michael Afton x Female Reader by slut4michaelafton
It'll Be Our Little Secret || Mich...by I'll go die •ᴗ•
Y/N Emily and her best friend Michael Afton have been friends since diapers. They have always been inseparable. Well, that changed after both of their lives go downhill...
Just Can't Get Enough (Michael Afton x Reader) by OpalescentFlower
Just Can't Get Enough (Michael Aft...by el
It was hard to believe that someone who was notoriously known as a bully, like Michael Afton, had a crush on someone that wasn't some cheerleader or popular girl at scho...
TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE. michael afton by rabiesman
TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE. michael...by kas
|| DISCONTINUED || "Guys... I think I'm in love..." Michael Afton is an insufferable 17 year old boy who thinks he runs his whole school. Everyone sees him and...
My Afton Family (In Gacha) by Aw3s0m3_Gh0st
My Afton Family (In Gacha)by Venna Low
Basically my Afton family, for each Afton there's a little description, like how they look and act when their illusion disk is working and has full battery, and when the...
Hadrian Afton (A Fnaf/Harry Potter crosssover) by Tomarry_Ya_Know
Hadrian Afton (A Fnaf/Harry Potter...by WeebNation
What if Harry was born a afton? First time writing I would love some feedback
Michael Afton x Reader ~ We'll Be Ok by brennasavvy
Michael Afton x Reader ~ We'll Be...by Momo Yaoyorozu
After [Y/N] was taken out of her terrible foster home and was put temporarily into the Afton household, she thought that she was going to be safe, but had no idea how po...