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Sin and Obsession by Lustvibing
Sin and Obsessionby Lustvibing
"Why do you provoke me Rose," he said "Do I need to bury myself deep in your cunt to remind you who you belong to" His voice laced with lust his ha...
Trust one more time by laylalola1
Trust one more timeby laylalola1
Can a broken heart be fixed after being ripped apart from the most dear person to you? Can you trust him again? ************** I was in the kitchen making dinner, a knoc...
Toxic dick by bigdicklaii
Toxic dickby Big dick laii laii
Innocent college girl falls in love with toxic nigga who has anger issues
Forebidden Love by pr3ttyunkn0wn
Forebidden Loveby pr3ttyunkn0wn ®️.
"this all your fucking fault you brought this shit on yourself.."
High school lovers by bigdicklaii
High school loversby Big dick laii laii
Popular cheerleader falls In love with the new boy who is a loner
SHE's HUMAN by Liana_Claire
SHE's HUMANby Liana Claire
"Where do you think you're going?" His deep menacing voice questioned from behind me. "I'm going home" I simply stated and started walking towards t...
Ban x Meliodas bk.#2 Succurance That Separates The Bond by Mozart_Melody
Ban x Meliodas bk.#2 Succurance 「 Mel 」
Succorance That Separates The Bond - "Promise me... Promise me that you will come back!" "I promise... I promise I will come back." - Darkness grows...
•it's going to hurt all over again• Peter Pan and Wendy darling fanfic by Iamrachelyouaregorgx
•it's going to hurt all over Rachel <3
2ND BOOK IN PAN/WENDY SERIES (SEQUEL). Wendy ends back on her butt in Neverland, this time peter wants revenge not love. and this time, he's wiling to kill her for it. ...
Bogus World  by AngryPrash4
Bogus World by Angry Prash
I Dont know Whether You Love Me Or Hate Me Find Someone Who Can Love You And Hate You They You Want Too.. . . They dont have normal relationship.they are unlike too each...
Осол {Jk ff} by ArtemiaMS
Осол {Jk ff}by [~EtherealParoxysm~]
Өргөж авсан аав чинь сэжиг бүхий явдлаар нас барсны дараа найз залуу юнги чинь чамайг хүчирхийлдэг болж эхэлнэ. Салъя гэсэн боловч түүнийг тэр хэрэгт холбоотой гэж сэжиг...
Don't You wanna Have Some Fun? [Elisop] - FINISHED by AesopCarlz
Don't You wanna Have Some Fun? [ AesopCarlz
Aesop Carl The Embalmer From A game called Identity V , the story Begins From his Past to The manor where He Fell in Love with Eli As He Started to Feel Jealous And envi...
Dominant Jealous Ex Crush by Stories_by_Saesha
Dominant Jealous Ex Crushby SaeShae
A series of letters that Karen wrote to her Dominant, Jealous Ex Crush Jonathan "Nathan" Hills from starting to end! These letters have it all, from jealousy t...
Life With Him by TrinityCollins184
Life With Himby kesha
Just read it. It's a good ddlg story
Bloody Billionaire (Clean The Mafia) by MuhammadAqib4
Bloody Billionaire (Clean The Muhammad Aqib
William you can't do this. You know I have just one small child. Please leave me please leave me. OK then sign on this documents William said. No, it is impossible I can...
Eyeless Jack x male reader by JNinaS12
Eyeless Jack x male readerby Jayce_JayJay
As an outsider in your class, you're bullied by many and ignored by the others. Your sister died a week ago and your parents want you dead too. There's a rumor around to...
dont go again please by lost_souls_since2004
dont go again pleaseby spirit whispers
I got bored so here you go
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Poetry From A Mind Of Growth by ZSQDGaming
Poetry From A Mind Of Growthby ZSQD Gaming
It's about Androids and Artificial intelligence thinking process and what they might be. Read if you dare and see if you can handle the darkness and shed light on this...
Johannes by Tiffanychocolates
Johannesby Tiffanychocolates
A story based on someone I know in real life... "Hey, Johannes! We saw your mom standing at the stop sign asking for sex." "My mom?" A boy born on...