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DAECHWITA by pinkwolf10
DAECHWITAby pinkwolf10
"i only looked up, and now i want to look down and put my feet on the ground," Choi Jangmi, like the rest of the kingdom, only fears one person. The Emperor. W...
insomnia » yoonkook [ #Wattys2017 ] by fuckedbyoongi
insomnia » yoonkook [ #Wattys2017 ]by //closed//
» [completed] « jungkook stumbles into a site named and when he accidentally clicked on yoongi's mixtape, he ended up listening to all of his mixtapes. an...
Just One Day (Jungkook Fanfic) by BangtanLara
Just One Day (Jungkook Fanfic)by Lara
@BTS_twt: Hi international ARMY! Since we just released our music video for 'Just One Day' we are inviting you to our Just One Day competition! All you have to do is mak...
MAFIA'S DOCTOR [Min Yoongi X Reader] by hazelhope07
MAFIA'S DOCTOR [Min Yoongi X Hazel
He was a cold,heartless mafia & she was a genuine sweet girl going on with her life.He saw her & simply fell in love with her at first sight.His life became a lot more b...
Everyone belongs with their own. | Min Yoongi FF (Completed) by dexysims
Everyone belongs with their own. | dexysims
"I haven't told anyone the proper story. Not even him, himself, the father." BTS is set to tour the whole of South Korea, including one hotspot in particular. ...
Trapped Between Lie || [ Yoongi X Reader ] (COMPLETE)  by chickenyourass
Trapped Between Lie || [ Yoongi mrysa.frncs
"Y/n, are you in there? " An angelic voice can be heard from outside, you slapped yourself to stopped the crying. The angelic voice owner was Min Hyurin, a ten...
Just One Day | Min Yoongi by infxresman
Just One Day | Min Yoongiby infxresman
❝Let me make it up to you so I can show you how sorry I am.❞ ❝It's too late for that.❞ ❝Just one day.❞ He softly says as he looks at me with pleading eyes. ❝That is all...
Beneath the lies - Min Yoongi by Lillyfictions
Beneath the lies - Min Yoongiby Lillywrites
"Don't throw this away, please I was dumb, I should've told you. I'm still the same person-" "I don't know?! Are you?!" your eyes were cold as your h...
The Translator • Agust D x Reader by celdesp
The Translator • Agust D x Readerby c & d
"Uh..who the hell are you?" "--OH, HELLO THERE.. I'm your new translator, Y/N." "..." ♡ #1 on translator ♡ Agust D x Reader Genre: Fanficti...
The Three Cats || VMinKook by daechimta
The Three Cats || VMinKookby daechimta
"So, you guys are my kittens who have turned into human beings?" I asked. They looked at the floor and nodded. I sighed. Oh no. What am I gonna do now?
critical | min yoongi by akinonymouss
critical | min yoongiby hiatus !! aki
they both had one thing in common; critical lives.
rain | myg by sugapaste
rain | mygby ❀ suga corner ❀
in which a girl hands min yoongi an umbrella [lowercase intended] social media au name insert fluff, fluff and soft yoongi swearing lol read with network connection; co...
(MIN YOONGI FF) I CAN SEE YOU (complete) by Suga_wife9392
When you can see souls walking around surround you, what you will do? The gift that you got make some people think you're crazy but you not even asked for it. You use it...
I Loved You Before || MYG ✔ by VictoryIsMe
I Loved You Before || MYG ✔by Sammie
Min Yoongi is a Kpop Idol and a member of Bangtan Sonyeondan or more popularly known as BTS. He is a rapper, songwriter, producer and full time Hyung to his five younger...
Caring For You [Yoongi X Reader] by skysky677
Caring For You [Yoongi X Reader]by btsmochis
Your a nurse at Northwest Hospital. You are sitting at your desk, when a light goes off for a patient. This patient isn't just anyone. Warning: Violence
It all started with "I do" by fficswriter
It all started with "I do"by Black Moon
'Never knew the happiest and most cheerful person would be taking anti depressants' He almost yelled, throwing the white coloured bottle, crashing it into pieces, just t...
My Rapper Girl by carematter14
My Rapper Girlby carematter14
It's about a girl Who raps And Yoongi Who calls her his
A queen's sacrifice | MYG | by GrimesMccall
A queen's sacrifice | MYG |by GrimesMccall
There was a reason he kept her around. He liked the fire he was sure had been stomped out many times. She was as fierce as he was, it drove him crazy in all honesty. Bei...
Ships In The Night I TAEGI by readingtillifall
Ships In The Night I TAEGIby BTSQUEEN
completed. Taehyung is on a reality show to debut in a boy group and Yoongi is one of the judges. Where's the line between judge and contestant?