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Red. Gaara x Male Reader. by Lonely_Err0r
Red. Gaara x Male Reader.by Kion???
TW: Slow burn. A tainted, disgusting creature, someone who should never have been born, Who only brings misfortune with them, that is what [Y.NAME] [L.NAME] is. what hap...
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seijuro FanFiction] by DienQuin
The Red Emperor and I [Akashi Seij...by .
[Akashi Seijuro x OC] Aihana Hakino met the guy who she wants to spend her life with. It's him, the Red Emperor. Everything was perfect yet, it seems like the Goddess...
Begin Again Book 1. by BlackjackIsAwesome
Begin Again Book 1.by Abby
Hecate, sensing danger approaching with the Wizarding World, decides to send the three of the most powerful demigods to grow up with Harry Potter-but when he is a child...
Marvel•DC by UnicornQueen369
Marvel•DCby UnicornQueen369
Xreader mostly,abit of smut, curseing,some angst here and there cause I myself am alil shit. You've Been Warned About The Cursing by people and Of Witches and then the S...
AKA... The Bad Girl by purplepolkadotss
AKA... The Bad Girlby Addie
Andrea is bad. The word "No" is one of the few things that motivate her. Despite her bad girl status, Andrea does have some great qualities including; her hone...
One Last Charade by RosinPancakes
One Last Charadeby RosinPancakes
Waking up somewhere unfamiliar is scary, but if you heard about it that should make it less scary. Right? Wrong Everything here is traumatic and despairing, anyone would...
a 15-year-old girl loves politics and any HBCU. Fashion and Makeup are her Favorite. She Dance and SIng.
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Don't Know  by Masa_Aka
Don't Know by Akaru
Original Oneshot Collections. I make this Oneshot Collections because I'm bored and I don't know what I want to do. Every story have their own song. Some songs give me...
You can't leave ( giant sans Au x reader/Skyler) by skyler0is0me
You can't leave ( giant sans Au x...by skyler0is0me
Your running away . . . From your home. . . Until something weird happens. . .you end up in a forest that people say none comes out of and you are only 5 so you though M...
Birdie  by mylifeisupsidedown
Birdie by mylifeisupsidedown
Since I was 5 I've been in foster care. No one knows and no one is gonna know...that was until I met and had to live with Clinton. Clinton~ jackass, annoying, hot, and...
Izuku Yagi: Marvelous Hero Academy by BryceNiemeyer8
Izuku Yagi: Marvelous Hero Academyby Bryce Niemeyer
izuku yagi/midoriya the step son of all might, son of inko, son of hisashi, step son of another, and twin brother to Izumi. Life isn't fair to other especially the weak...
Aika Robredo Oneshots by aviannde
Aika Robredo Oneshotsby nic
Imahasyon lamang. All fiction Aika Robredo oneshots Lahat ng ito ay imahinasyon lamang. ⚠️ Warning Language
South African Hip Hop by ZeeKhwela
South African Hip Hopby ZeeKhwela
South African Hip Hop Lyrics
brothers conflict the 14th brother  by Muse_Of_Comedy
brothers conflict the 14th brother by Muse_Of_Comedy
PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION !!! Yuu Asahina was... Always ignored by his brothers except for Wataru , Hikaru , and Masaomi. but that didn't mean he was not hurt by being cal...
Forbidden is Sweet by MiniMalfoy18
Forbidden is Sweetby LoonyLovegood
Hermione goes back to Hogwarts and it changed her life. I hope you know that all of my fanfic are from J.k Rowling not me.
He Was Beyond My Expectations by 23cheal
He Was Beyond My Expectationsby Sushiii
Love is a dangerous aspect of our emotions. They corrupt us, thinking we will do everything and anything at all for the people we love. But everyone has their way of lov...
!~KOKUKAZA~! by akokukazashipper
Akaza begins to gain feelings for Kokushibo and begins to avoid him because he is nervous about what his crush will think about him. But little does he know.... COVER FR...
Scarlet Curtis 2 by Theoutsidersfan01
Scarlet Curtis 2by Book Lover
Teenage Scarlet Curtis! WARNING: if you are going to read this story - read "The Joker Stole My Heart" first! If you don't you will be horribly lost! Book 2 of...