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Akakuro One-shots  by MyHeartisHollow
Akakuro One-shots by Aimi
~ One shots of Akashi x Kuroko Request are closed for the mean time. Contains : • Fluff • Angst Rated 13+
Teiko's Drama Play by Suo_Misaki
Teiko's Drama Playby .
At Teiko middle-highschool , there's a generation calls Generation of Miracles. One day , They got a drama to play when they're on their 2nd grade. The drama title is 'T...
Unexpected by kelandry5
Unexpectedby kelandry5
Alone. Tetsuya is alone. He has nothing left in this world. That is why he stands on the roof of a large building and leans forward with every intent of splattering on t...
Mend my Broken Heart by YukiGane
Mend my Broken Heartby YukiGane
A broken hearted Kuroko meets a desperate Akashi. "You're the first person that I ever felt so much love for. It's overflowing that I want to gouge my heart out and...
The Curious Case of Kuroko by BerryLemonSoda
The Curious Case of Kurokoby BerryLemonSoda
He left without a word. Without a trace. Where is Kuroko? Kuroko Tetsuya left the generation of miracles unexpectedly and disappeared under unexplained circumstances. Ho...
A Star Just for Me (Another Story) by YukiGane
A Star Just for Me (Another Story)by YukiGane
Kuroko's depression started around three years ago when he first learned that Akashi is cheating on him with Furihata, a friend back in high school. His depression wors...
•{The Phantom Queen}• UNDER EDITING! by bokuto143
•{The Phantom Queen}• UNDER EDITIN...by _Author~chan12_
Kuroko Tetsumi, known as a Phantom of Teiko, is best known throughout Japan especially in various schools, she is also a simple girl with seven teammates friends who are...
Love never fades away by sakurataiyo
Love never fades awayby Momoko
"I'm sorry Tetsuya.... Please, please come back" "I can't live without you. I love you so much please don't leave me" Akashi said crying while holdin...
we are Family by MalditadiAsh
we are Familyby Maldita Di Ash
A love story of Akakuro and there kids. Yes, There kids. Disclaimer: I do not own KnB anime nor the characters. I also do not own the cover I just got it in random Goo...
Akashi and Kageyama || Brothers [Short Stories] by Kaxami-kun
Akashi and Kageyama || Brothers [S...by Author-Kun
I'm sorry, but I'm just obsessed with Akashi and Kageyama being brothers. In an AU where Kageyama was adopted by the Akashi family at the tender age of four, he develops...
Training Camp (DISCONTINUED) by IamjustTiredLikef0ck
Training Camp (DISCONTINUED)by
After a long weekend of training, the seirin highschool basketball team decided to have a relaxing time and have summer vacation at a small island. Kuroko tetsumi also d...
Are you In or Out? by Hirai-Rise
Are you In or Out?by Hirai-Rise
Takes place few weeks after the Winter Cup Tournament. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Seirin like any other days starte...
My Life Changed Because Of You by KNBLover0131
My Life Changed Because Of Youby KNBLover0131
The Shy Bluenette meets the Popular Redhead. Kuroko is a new kid in Teiko High School. He is shy and alone with no friends. He does not talk to anyone in school or even...
Kuroko No Basket Fanfiction  by chichi4242564
Kuroko No Basket Fanfiction by ShinigamiWriter
Kuroko Tetsuya, a beautiful yet short and petite boy with many talents went to Rakuzan High School with his best (childhood) friend, Ogiwara Shigehiro. At high school he...
Kuroko No Assassin by shinningstar31
Kuroko No Assassinby ☆𝐒𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐒𝐭𝐚𝐫☆
no one knew that Nagisa has a big brother and a little sister because he doesn't talk about his family but what happens when his class sees him talking to older looking...
Stay (KnB Fanfic) by Sofea6060
Stay (KnB Fanfic)by Sofea-chan♡
They left him. He was abandoned. Years later they came back seeking for forgiveness. Will Kuroko forgive them and why? GOMXKUROKO.YAOI
The runaway miracle by Akira_110
The runaway miracleby Akira_xxx
There was another miracle .The seventh miracle the one who shine the most out of all the miracle . what if that miracle had enough runaway into hiding with the phantom...
Not Just A Shadow by BlackSolanum
Not Just A Shadowby Tori Schall
After being betrayed by Seirin, Kuroko Tetsuya joining up with the Generation of Miracle, prepared to become stronger and prove to them. Just how wrong they were. What...
(AA026) 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐤𝐚𝐊𝐮𝐫𝐨 𝐅𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥𝐲 𝔹𝕆𝕆𝕂 𝟙 & 𝟚 by AngelAnime026
(AA026) 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐀𝐤𝐚𝐊𝐮𝐫𝐨 𝐅𝐚...by AngelAnimeDiary
ᴏᴍᴇɢᴀᴠᴇʀsᴇ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐦𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐠 Omegaverse Story about Kuroko and Akashi making a family from Lovers to married couple This is all about Akashi and Kuroko and th...
Revenge of Kuroko Tetsuya  by MisakiYuki18
Revenge of Kuroko Tetsuya by Misa-kun
After the Seirin team beat Rakuzan, Seirin went on to other competitions. First, the GoM members ridiculed Kuroko. After Seirin lost a big tournament later on, Kuroko wa...