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Aru Akise x reader (oc-ish) by Uwu_trashley
Aru Akise x reader (oc-ish)by Ashley
Aru Akisex male reader! When the orphanage you live in is suddenly burned down you are immediately sent to live with your twin sister with her you meet an interesting, h...
The Class of Monsters(COTE FanFic) by OjouSama351
The Class of Monsters(COTE FanFic)by Ojou
Class E, also known as the Classroom of the Elites, has never been used by anyone, as no one seemed to fit the standards to the class. However, this changes when 14 stud...
COTE: Class E Journey by Ryz210
COTE: Class E Journeyby Ryz20
One day, Chairman Sakayanagi has an idea. Place some of the most promising freshmen in a newly created class: Class E. An experiment that aims to see how fifteen outstan...
The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki Fanfiction) by Saraez_1243
The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki F...by ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
You can't spell Slaughter without Laughter! When you had found out that you were the 13th Diary user, a player in a game of life or death, you had no intentions of losin...
Akise Aru X Yukiteru by tomorehbi
Akise Aru X Yukiteruby Muu
Hello! :) This is a Fan-Fiction about my most favourite male character, Akise Aru. Akise Aru is from Mirai Nikki :) If you havent watch it yet, go and watch it now! (De...
Stuck Inside A Dead End (Future Diary/Mirai Nikki) by sailor_candy_girl
Stuck Inside A Dead End (Future Di...by Alex
Ryoko Minami is a loner who's favorite anime is Future Diary/Mirai Nikki. One day she gets in an accident and wakes up in Future Diary/Mirai Nikki. Not only does she loo...
Akise x Reader One Shots by Gothxcs
Akise x Reader One Shotsby Pixel
This is a story where I'll do one shots of dear Akise Aru. Sometimes it'll have the survival game other times it won't. Any requests feel free to comment!
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My Soulmate (Aru Akise X Reader)  by PurpleFlamingPanther
My Soulmate (Aru Akise X Reader) by YandereSilve
Aru Akise X Reader You're (Y/n) (L/n), and you've lived a normal life... right up until Minene Uryuu decides to bomb your school. Trying to find an escape, you meet Yun...
A turn for the better? (Akise x Yuki)  by authorkookie
A turn for the better? (Akise x Yu...by ✨Kookie✨
Instead of Aru Akise getting defeated by Gasai Yuno, He not only wins the battle but Amano Yukiteru's heart along with it. It takes a while for Amano to accept the fact...
Don't Play Me (Mirai Nikki Fanfic) [Yuki x Akise] by -animazing-
Don't Play Me (Mirai Nikki Fanfic)...by Kai Grayson
After the end of the survival game and the recreation of the universe, Yukiteru goes back to his normal life: diary, darts, and observing. All seems well until yukiteru...
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13th. (Akise Aru x Reader) by aripupu
13th. (Akise Aru x Reader)by ˏˋ ari ˎˊ
(Y/n) is now stuck into a survival game, she's the 13th player, fighting for her life. Using her 'art diary' to help predict the future while killing people should be ea...
Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending.(Future Diary) by Areum-chan
Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending...by Areum
13th. An odd number they would say... the most mysterious of the 13 people. Winner perhaps? Let's guess.
Changing the Game (YukiXAkise) by ambrosaurus
Changing the Game (YukiXAkise)by ambrosaurus
Basically a Mirai Nikki fanfiction Just a warning there is slight lemon and yaoi (Akise x Yuki) so in other words- if you're not up for that. Don't read it. Umm I obvio...
Protect Him! Akise Aru x reader by Shalnarkynark
Protect Him! Akise Aru x readerby Name change
[Completed] (Y/n), sister of Yuki, well I should say adopted and was never a real human to begin with! But that's just plain mean! Join (Y/n)'s tale! She's not a diary u...
The Unlucky Thirteenth (Akise Aru Fanfiction) by JustCantRemember
The Unlucky Thirteenth (Akise Aru...by Danielle
She had two months left to live, though she didn't know it yet. He wasn't exactly the normal type of kid, and it was clear. She didn't get along with anyone, and never...
Mirai Nikki RP by Yukiteru62Amano
Mirai Nikki RPby Yuki
Read this to join our role play!
Phantasize  Akise x yuki (boyxboy)  by frostcupfan16
Phantasize Akise x yuki (boyxboy) by Edgardo
What if Akise would have confessed his feelings to Yukiteru and asked for them to be together shortly after they meet? How would two boys in love have affected the survi...
Altering Moments {Akiteru//Akise x Yukiteru} - Mirai Nikki FanFiction by mintymingyu
Altering Moments {Akiteru//Akise x...by n
Reality? I don't think so. What if all of this was fake? What if he wasn't real all along? It's up to Akise to figure out for himself. * * * Note: I do not own any of th...
Back Again (Sequel From "Maniac : BoBoiBoy Fanfiction") ((H I A T U S))  by umisoda
Back Again (Sequel From "Maniac :...by Thea
Death of our hero, what happens to our Island without him. New student, seems familiar. What happens next, found out in this book.. A sequel from Maniac.