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Beauty Contest Gone Wrong by Ainakamura73
Beauty Contest Gone Wrongby Ainakamura73
The contest where the children will make Cale become the most beautiful human in history and Cale family and allies support it fully I write extra chapter for April Fool...
Past TBOH & Past TCF React To The Future ( My Au Mix ) by UwUwolfie
Past TBOH & Past TCF React To UwUwolfie
The past tbh teleports along with past tcf into modern cinema, later they find out that they are here to react to their future selves and to some a parrel universe becau...
I'm Pregnant by DigitalMonsterQueen
I'm Pregnantby
Throwing up and feeling dizzy early in the morning, only to find out Cale was THREE WEEKS PREGNANT!? Not only that his father Deruth is shocked, Ron wanting to kill some...
It started as a lie...  //Alberu x Cale//(English Version)// By: Mixel_32 by Mixel_32
It started as a lie... //Alberu Mixel_32
With the Sealed God's trial over, Cale can finally have the lazy life he wanted for the rest of his life... or at least for a year. With the recent title of "Empire...
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{The Passing Days I Spend By Your Side}-{AlCale Oneshots}-{AlCale Week} by Stranded_Weeb
{The Passing Days I Spend By ᴠɪᴏʟᴇᴛ_ғʟᴏᴡᴇʀ ᴄʀᴏᴡɴs
"I love you. Every last bit of you is mine and every last bit of me is yours." ~ ♡ ~ A complication of Alberu x Cale Oneshots for AlbeCale week~ Warning. I hav...
TBOAH react to TOTCF by LunaAfton02
TBOAH react to TOTCFby Luna Afton
The TBOAH characters react to TOTCF. They will react to chapters and wikis. Timeline: After the Terror Plaza Incident. I don't know if I will put any TOTCF characters. S...
Aimless Days by Lightdreams_2000
Aimless Daysby Alejandra Lopez
as the title suggest it's just Random some sad some that make you question your existence for a couple of seconds and some funny ish ones my sense of humor is broken. so...
Albecale Oneshot: Shower Call by FatherAlfredo
Albecale Oneshot: Shower Callby Alfredo Von Ejellan
Alberu is constantly in awe of his commander's beauty. Cale is denser than a rock. --- Haven't written part 2 yet, but I'll try to get around to it.
wide open ? by dokvus
wide open ?by kae
Just a normal day everyone were in the meeting room discussing a plan for the next war until cale and alberu have a different plan then they start arguing. Kinda nsfw i...
Promise Me, This Time, We Will Fight Together. by Blue_Berryxp
Promise Me, This Time, We Will 💙BlueBerry💙
"I'm sorry," He whispered before closing his eyes that were getting heavier. His heartbeat getting slower and slower before finally stopped. A few seconds befo...
LEMON HONEY [ToCF FF || Albecale] by Winter_farewell_
LEMON HONEY [ToCF FF || Albecale]by || 시든 ||
LEMON HONEY 'He is a perfect mixture of sour and sweet' 19/06/2022 OMEGA! Cale x ALPHA! Alberu Modern AU Kim Rok Soo found himself inside the body of a minor villain si...
Red Tangled by Kitsuhie
Once upon a time there was a forest called Forest of Curses where there's a Cursed Witch, there was a tower in the middle of the forest called the tower of thorny rose a...
I'm A What Now?!  by SelenaaaQn
I'm A What Now?! by Cheonsalyn
Kim rok soo woke up as Calia Henituse. Which was the neglected daughter of the count, who loves to drink her problem away and always throws tantrum. One day too, she fou...
The Circumstance's in my bathtub is that a Prince is living in it! by Xionkrf
The Circumstance's in my bathtub Xion
A The Birth of a Hero/ Lout of the Counts family Cale centric one shot where he's a merman! Alberu x Cale.. No good thumbnail yet.
My Adorable Squirrel by sleepycale
My Adorable Squirrelby sleepycale
Day 3 - crack day A simp and a mind reader, what could possibly go wrong?
Prompts and ideas by LianaLanthir
Prompts and ideasby Liana Lanthir
A collection of prompts and ideas for Tcf fanfics Also posted in tumblr and ao3 Cover is made in gacha club
What is Omegaverse? I will not care about It~ (ToCF fanfiction) by SoutaTimeMachine
What is Omegaverse? I will not Kirie Souta
Suddenly he wakes up in a strange environment. super soft bed, very comfortable pillows, plush but comfortable silk blanket covering up to his stomach. "young mast...
Red Angel by UwUwolfie
Red Angelby UwUwolfie
What if Kim rok soo died instead of his teammates? Team 1, Ability user, Kim rok soo transmigrates into the body of a 9-year-old Cale Hentiuse and, gets stuck in a fant...