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Save the girl ... Save Tom Riddle by mirylostgirl26
Save the girl ... Save Tom Riddleby mirylostgirl26
Albus Potter got the timeturner and after some failures he still wants to change the past. He decides to try if rumours were true. Is it possible that the young Voldemor...
charmed . kol mikaelson [1] 'rewriting by Iunarclipse
charmed . kol mikaelson [1] ' ᵇ ᵃⁿⁿᵃ
"Truthfully, I'd rather be anywhere but here." Marigold and Teddy Lupin, James Potter, Lily Potter, Albus Potter and the rest of the gang head to New Orleans f...
Chosen? by crimsonandgold
Chosen?by crimsonandgold
Lily is going into her 4th year with her best friend, Scorpius Malfoy. Conflict seems to arise, however, when she is inducted as a Marauder with her best friend, Scorpiu...
Time travel gone wrong! | ✓ by HanhanNguyen98
Time travel gone wrong! | ✓by H.H Nguyen
The next generation of Harry Potter: Lily, Albus, James, Rose, Hugo , Freddie, Roxanne, Teddy, Victoire and Scorpius. Hugo accidentally breaks a time turner and sends t...
James Potter and the Time Turner by bubblegum1107
James Potter and the Time Turnerby bubblegum1107
When James Sirius Potter and his cousin Freddy Weasley get bored one night and break in to Harry's study, they find a peculiar gold necklace. How will the past react to...
Out of sight by Omqarie
Out of sightby saviour
Albus severus Potter starts his very first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But he faces great danger and peril upon the year. His best friends Rose w...
His ice princess | James Sirius Potter by Space0Ships
His ice princess | James Sirius Mars wifeyy
She was born with a power to turn water into ice and ice into snow. She could freeze an entire ocean in minutes. And her name? Athena Scamander ⚙︎ As the Wizarding wo...
Albus Potter and the Unwanted Legacy by buckskin_equus
Albus Potter and the Unwanted Daniel
An alternative version of the Cursed Child (the book that shall not be named). While his brother inherited mischief and popularity, Albus gets his father's knack for fin...
I Will Always Come Find You (Scorbus Fanfic) by abcefg2424
I Will Always Come Find You ( A
A year after "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child" ended and Scorpius and Albus are starting their fifth year in Hogwarts. Still the outcasts only having each ot...
bittersweet //scorbus// by utter_nonsense
bittersweet //scorbus//by utter_nonsense
Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter are just beginning their fifth year of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. But something has changed. DISCLAIMER: I OWN NONE OF...
In Your Shadow ✓ by quilldrop
In Your Shadow ✓by quilldrop
Spin-off to "The Marriage Law - A Slytherpuff Story" COMPLETED
Tale As Old As 1996 by fanfictionist2004
Tale As Old As 1996by SWAGATIMA
Current wordcount: 9275 After spending 7 long years at Hogwarts fighting Voldemort, Harry Potter would have thought that fate would give him a break. Then entered his ch...
Jenna; the Muggle Born (ON HOLD) by irhood
Jenna; the Muggle Born (ON HOLD)by It's Jess :)
What would happen if Dudley Dursley had a child . . . who had the magic touch? Meet Jenna Dursley, who has just that. Follow her as she journey's through her first year...
Harry Potter Characters X Reader {Completed} by thestuckinabook
Harry Potter Characters X Reader { S.I.A.B
Yes, it is your favorite Harry Potter Characters. Yes, they finally love you. Yes, you do love them if you don' will.
Harry Potter x Reader Oneshots - All Generations by TsaileCreek
Harry Potter x Reader Oneshots - Tsaile Creek
Requests are open. A collection of original oneshots for Harry Potter, all generations. Fantastic Beasts is also included for anyone who wants it! Enjoy! :3 A...
Crescent Moons ; J.S. Potter by teenageffools
Crescent Moons ; J.S. Potterby em
daisy penelope wood desperately needed james sirius potter to stop chasing after her. james potter had memorised daisy's birthday before anyone else's. after quickly loo...
shy ↳ Scorpius Malfoy by mwthatcher3
shy ↳ Scorpius Malfoyby Mick Thatcher
❝Alice, that Malfoy boy is looking at you.❞ ❝Yes, he does that a lot.❞ - [Harry Potter and The Cursed Child] [Scorpius Malfoy love story] #1 in Scorpius Malfoy...
Flipped||James Sirius Potter by 1-800-GRLALMIGHTY
Flipped||James Sirius Potterby ((𝓙))
❝ I loved you James... and I thought you loved me ❞ ❝ I'm sorry... I fucked up ❞ In which he used her to make his ex jealous but after she finds out the truth, he re...
i love you more | scorbus by burningthediscodown
i love you more | scorbusby ashlyn.
Scorpius has been in love with his best friend, Albus Severus Potter, for years. However, he's much too frightened to open his mouth and tell the boy how he feels. Albus...
Rose Weasley and the Time Turner by JoanneCL
Rose Weasley and the Time Turnerby JoanneCL
Generations after the Dark Lord were meant to be peaceful...but as the Potter and the Weasley families meet yet again in Hogwarts ground...another dark and shocking adve...