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FierroChase One Shots by twopolarcat
FierroChase One Shotsby Kyle Hamilton
Here are FierroChase one shots and mini series. There will be some smutty stuff, because it seems no one else will do it. And I want it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy yo...
Percabeth Versus Everyone Else! by lovednotrusted
Percabeth Versus Everyone Else!by Carys
"The seaweed-brain-kid started walking up the beach and sat down in front of her, pulling her closer and circling his arms around her waist. "But you're my wi...
if you fell asleep on [riordanverse character] by sometimeskatara
if you fell asleep on [ sometimeskatara
i republished this recently but the writing is very old (+ unedited!) so some of it is prob very cringe hahah basically this is a book of one shots about what would happ...
Seeing in Color by a_little_forest_crow
Seeing in Colorby a_little_forest_crow
Not everyone has a soul mate. If you do, though, a black and white mark representing something special to your soulmate appears on your arm when you turn fourteen years...
Hero's of Olympus and Magnus Chase x reader Preferences/ scenarios by LillisRealm
Hero's of Olympus and Magnus Lilli
As the title says this is a Hero's of Olympus/ Magnus Chase preferences and scenarios. I'd say Boyfriend scenarios but one of the characters is gender fluid so I shouldn...
When Demigods Meet The Avengers | PJO x Marvel | by StanleyUrisBathTime
When Demigods Meet The Avengers | StanleyUrisBathTime
book #1 of my mcu x pjo series if you're new skip on the to rewritten chapters Alex Fierro is sent on a quest with Nico, Percy and Jason to stop Loki from stealing the...
Fierrochase visits Camp Half-Blood by Waffle_Queen_Pjo
Fierrochase visits Camp Half-Bloodby Waffle_Queen_Pjo
"Magnus, don't lie to me. is she-" "He." "-...He. Is he your boyfre-" "Mention that in his face and he will slap you all the way to H...
y o u t u b e. - [fierrochase] by chasefierro
y o u t u b e. - [fierrochase]by callisto
fiercefierro uploaded a new video: HUNTING FOR BAES magnusficent uploaded a new video: A GREEN HAIRED GOBLIN ATTACKED ME
Fierrochase Fanfics by attractv_alex_fierro
Fierrochase Fanficsby ELLA
Big collection of Fierrochase oneshots. This book is ongoing, and I always appreciate suggestions and requests in the comments. DISCLAIMER: The book is also in the proc...
FierroChase fluff by _ursoprettyithurts_
FierroChase fluffby _ursoprettyithurts_
Just a bunch of FierroChase shit Disclaimer: I obviously don't own any of the characters. We all know Rick Riordan does. I also don't own the cover art nor any media I...
Pjo And Hoo X Reader :demigods X Reader (On Hold) by TurnTechCosplayer
Pjo And Hoo X Reader :demigods X Pip Holland
Contains possible limes, lemons, and obviously fluff. This is a book of almost everyone x reader. (Lesbian relationships) (gay relationships) (open relationships) (and r...
FierroChase One shots  by HeyNemi
FierroChase One shots by Nemi
Warning: rarely updated content. ON HOLD: I haven't read the most recent books in the series so I'll have to do that first before continuing with the story'
Valhalla High (A Magnus Chase Fanfic) by chestnutia
Valhalla High (A Magnus Chase Chestnutia
Magnus Chase just needs to survive one more year of high school. So when he's transferred to Valhalla High School for his senior year, he decides he'll just blend on in...
"Is that Mini Me?" by kirarimu
"Is that Mini Me?"by kirarimu
Basically a Rick Riordan time travel to when Percy is still at the Hermes table. Time suddenly froze in the present, so the fates are sending demigods from all over to C...
Apparently, I'm Dead by ATOTALMUSICALNERD
Apparently, I'm Deadby ATOTALMUSICALNERD
No one thought that Perseus Jackson and Annabeth Chase would die on his way to a date during a vacation in Boston. No one thought that Percy would end up in Valhalla and...
Fierrochase One Shots by itsyolk
Fierrochase One Shotsby Stella
Just Magnus and Alex bein cuties and sometimes being sad. Credit to @turnawaynow on instagram I love them so much
Ask Magnus Chase and Friends by MessyTheAuthor
Ask Magnus Chase and Friendsby messy
Hi, I'm Magnus. My friends and I answer some questions for you guys. Have fun reading about us doing and saying things against our will. For those of you fangirls wond...
Magnus chase and the avengers by Idrathernotsay1123
Magnus chase and the avengersby Idrathernotsay1123
What happens when Magnus chase accidentally texts one of the avengers? Read to find out! :1 I will try to update at least once every week! Probably on fridays.
Angels and Death by Moon_Lit_Ocean
Angels and Deathby Helene Wolfe
Follow Nico di Angelo and Adrienne Morte as they pair up with Alex Fierro and Magnus Chase as they fight against Hela, who plans to begin Ragnarok. #1 - Sarcasm #4 - Nor...