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All we do // Stiles Stilinski by writersblockedx
All we do // Stiles Stilinskiby [ 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚𝐡 ]
Being the other half of the Martin twins was always useful. You had the respect within school due to your sisters popularity but also were able to find a dead body in th...
The Alpha's Argent ~ Chris Argent by fasiham241
The Alpha's Argent ~ Chris Argentby Fasiha
Hayley Andrea Hale is the eldest Hale daughter in the Hale family. When Hayley was in high school, she had fallen in love with Chris Argent. Chris had fallen for Hayley...
Am I in Stile? - Stiles Silinski (Book One) by AllyWatkins
Am I in Stile? - Stiles Silinski ( AllyWatkins
Short breathes tried to fight their way out of her mouth as she sank to the floor. She watched as her fingers turned a sickly shade of blue and her shirt was painted dar...
August by Cocostoriess
Augustby Cocostoriess
But I can see us, Lost in the memory. Teen Wolf S2 - tbc Isaac Lahey x Fem! oc @Storie1whore 2024
The Forgotten Mikaelsons!? by alexahadidz
The Forgotten Mikaelsons!?by James Franco
What if hope wasn't the ONLY child of the mikaelsons,what if there is 5 more? Meet Elijah and Katherines daughter Megan? Davinas and Kols son Tom. Rebekah and Stefans...
Angel's Love (Mikaelson/ Teen Wolf Crossover) Book 2 by xMis-Redx
Angel's Love (Mikaelson/ Teen Queen Misery
Moving to a new town is hard for the Mikaelson, Finn left after loosing his wife, Rebekah married Marcellus and went on a honeymoon, Kol met a woman named Davina marryin...
colors |isaac lahey ✔ by -uselessdaisy
colors |isaac lahey ✔by -D A I S Y-
― colors ❝ louisa lloyd is the new girl, have you heard her stupid accent? ❞ lowercase intended | book one | isaac lahey x oc | season one | cover by @spiderkru | fin...
Pretend [1] (Stiles Stilinksi) by anakinnn_
Pretend [1] (Stiles Stilinksi)by anakinnn_
Victoria Martin, or Tori as everyone else calls her, has a perfect life. Or at least that's what everyone thinks. Her sister was Lydia Martin the most popular girl at Be...
BELLE ━ TEEN WOLF | ✓ by villainobrien
BELLE ━ TEEN WOLF | ✓by ˗ˏˋ raven ˎˊ˗
BELLE. ❝She's beauty and the beast.❞ [teen wolf | s2] [beauty and the beast]
Multi-fandom Imagines (GxG) by wombatwarrier
Multi-fandom Imagines (GxG)by wombatwarrier
This is a Fem Reader x Fem Celebs book! Requests are welcome, as always. smut < normal story Lemme know any suggestions, and please correct me on anything spelling o...
Ava ☾ Kol Mikaelson by xenonblume
Ava ☾ Kol Mikaelsonby -M
"Ava chose to see the good in everybody. I personally don't think she would change that about herself nor would I want her too. It's possible her energy could even...
Something New- Teen Wolf fanfiction by anet_szotkowska
Something New- Teen Wolf fanfictionby anet_szotkowska
(1st season) Beacon Hills is not normal city. This is something that group of best friends will soon find out. Maddison McCall, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski are be...
CARMEN | eli hale |  by xoxorose_10
CARMEN | eli hale | by Rose
The boys, the girls They all like Carmen She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes She laughs like God Her mind's like a diamond Audiotune lies She's still shini...
𝘾𝙤𝙨𝙢𝙞𝙘 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙤𝙨   [reader X tvd X Tw] by aloneatpeace
𝘾𝙤𝙨𝙢𝙞𝙘 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙤𝙨 [ scarlet phoenix force
'she is mess of gorgeous chaos and you can see it in her eyes she is far from sane but she is right kind of crazy the kind you get addicted to .' 'she had a wild , wand...
The Runaway Mikaelson by castielsgirl32
The Runaway Mikaelsonby castielsgirl32
When Klaus' first born daughter, Isabelle, leaves New Orleans running from her past she finds a new home in a small town in California called Beacon Hills 6 years later...
Teen Hunter: The Darkness Within  by Trident_Hero
Teen Hunter: The Darkness Within by Trident_Hero
(Book 2 of Teen Hunter) (COMPLETE) Chris Argent Jr. Is no longer the happy teenage boy he was when he first moved into beacon hills. He's no longer a Hunter he's the Whi...
Teen Wolf Preferences by NaiaVictoria
Teen Wolf Preferencesby naia
The Elements Of Beacon Hills (Gay Teen Wolf fanfic) Male Reader Insert by Blueshadows582
The Elements Of Beacon Hills ( Blueshadows582
I do not own Teen Wolf Hello there so I decided that since there are rarely any male reader inserts for teen Wolf might as well see if I could make one Warning I might...
The Alpha's Beta || Derek Hale by its_courts_
The Alpha's Beta || Derek Haleby C
Scarlett Stilinski, Stiles' twin sister. They have the same friends, same DNA and the same love for sarcasm. But while Stiles is in love with Lydia, Scarlett falls for t...