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Vision  by heattank
Vision by heattank
read and find out...(slow updates) ©The clock is ticking. (C) heattank.©™ TIP: read all chapters to understand the whole book and other stories which will be coming soon.
Glass to da Glass by heattank
Glass to da Glassby heattank
©A story that I thought of today during quantine and was bored, I might delete. I'n a world that is made of glass, try not to crack and you survive but what happens if y...
The Elves  by heattank
The Elves by heattank
©A mystical land in your wildness dreams couldn't even imagine. Heattank® ©
📚H I G H - S C H O O L ||| High On Love ❤️  by _Wayment_
📚H I G H - S C H O O L ||| High ☄️ T A J I ☄️
This Is High School Everyone Is High On One Drug... And That Drug Is Love.. What will happen when this toxic substance brings together a careless jock and a conservative...
Savage Garden by thebratempress
Savage Gardenby thebratempress
Beauty is a Savage Garden.
I Trusted U!! by Princesss_Diamonddd
I Trusted U!!by Princesss_Diamonddd
" HOW COULD U??" I say loudly screaming, almost demanding even "How could u? How could u? How could u?" I screamed over and over again, him looking d...