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小さい|petité (EDITING) by greenteagirl777
小さい|petité (EDITING)by おいしい🌱
"Oppa?" A quiet shy girl in an all boys school. bts,exo, got7, ikon,stray kids,etc. (Im currently editing because there are grammar errors) (Also, there will b...
a hidden lier bts ff by ChickenNoodleSoup01
a hidden lier bts ffby Jenna_The_BTS_Fan
a girl named minji was forced by her parents to dress as a boy and she was sent to a all boy school. what will she do now?
She's a dudette|| Wattys2016 ✔️ by Dynasty_Problem
She's a dudette|| Wattys2016 ✔️by Sapphire Firework
"You got expelled from school." "Yes." "You punched a girl in the face." "Uh huh." "Now your...
Teach Them Some Manners | ✔ by StellarK25
Teach Them Some Manners | ✔by StellarK25
What do you do with a school full of teenage boys that the only thing they do is give trouble? You send the one girl who can make sure they learn to grow up and teach t...
Undercover In An All Boys School [COMPLETED]✔ by chxrryrose
Undercover In An All Boys School [ Katie
You read the title, right? Then I think you might know where this is going. Hi, the name is Alice James. I'm not really shy, but that's just my front. My personality tr...
I love you~ Shy! yandere boy X Female! reader by that_one_Yandere2007
I love you~ Shy! yandere boy X Yandere Freak
Y/n L/n is the only girl in a "All boys school." when she saw a shy guy gets bullied, she stands up the bullies and became the shy guy's friend ( his name is A...
The Girl In All Boys School by _harubang_
The Girl In All Boys Schoolby Julia Marie
"I have no choice but to transfer you to Harashi All Boys School." He sent me to an All boys school. How come a girl allowed there!? My brother's are there an...
The Only Girl in an All Boys School by AmeraFeliz
The Only Girl in an All Boys Schoolby Joy Jolean
When Violet receives a phone call from her twin brother she naively agrees to go to his the boarding school in his place. The only problem is, that it's an all-boy board...
The Only Girl by Makakes103
The Only Girlby Makayla
||Highest rank #7 in clothes Highest rank #1 in allboysschool Highest rank #759 in boys Highest rank #56 in onlygirl|| Kylie Johnson was moved to her grandfathers all bo...
The Badass Teacher by xkinro
The Badass Teacherby choowee
"Be Delinquents With Pride and Dignity." ~ Cleoxandra Kershaw Inspired by Gokusen.
Teaching At An All Boys School  by xThePineappleGirlx
Teaching At An All Boys School by L a y l a a
|| Highest Rank - #1 in Teen Fiction || Coral Stewart is a nerdy seventeen year old girl who is way too smart for her own good. She has already graduated and has been h...
Going To A All Boys School by scatteredwordss
Going To A All Boys Schoolby scatteredwordss
College. College is where kiari wants to go. A college where she can learn more about life, make friends, and graduate. But getting accepted into a college full of men i...
Boys.. Everywhere! (HOLD) by crescenii
Boys.. Everywhere! (HOLD)by O. My. Gourd.
Annelyse Mae Martinez entered an All-Boys School not knowingly. The school had just lifted the ban of girls and is now accepting girls to enter. However, because it was...
The Bad Boys' Club (BxB) by StellarK25
The Bad Boys' Club (BxB)by StellarK25
Seventeen years old Sam Adams doesn't do well with people. He prefers staying home on the weekends and staying away from parties. He has only one friend- and that's his...
Tenacious Sky by CaylahWest
Tenacious Skyby Caylah West
Skyler Park wanted nothing more than to succeed in fencing. Although her parents tried to get her to pursue a more feminine sport, Skyler had her heart set on fencing. W...
Cold Touch by Maxmimiwowy
Cold Touchby maxmimi
Alexander or Alex (as called by everyone at school) was a basic high school student he's 18 a senior about to graduate from his all-boys school. Alex has always been qui...
Not So Innocent by summerssw
Not So Innocentby Summer
in•no•cent adjective free from moral wrong; not corrupted "an innocent child" synonyms: virtuous, pure, moral, decent, righteous, upright, wholesome;
An All Boys School (Camela x Harem) by Clarabelle21
An All Boys School (Camela x Harem)by Leon and Don Tron
Camela is a very special person who is sweet with friends, good grades, perfect reputation and great future but has family problems at home So she signed up for the Exch...
Ome Hinata (Hinata Harem) [Remake] by Slapmybootaayyy
Ome Hinata (Hinata Harem) [Remake]by Slapmybootaayyy
[ON GOING] Hinata Shoyo, a pretty, pure and innocent male beta troublemaker, got transferred into a new All Boys School University as he got kicked out to his Old, and r...
TROUBLEMAKER ACADEMY: All boys school: School for Troublemaker by Miss_QUEENie_
"WWAAAAHHHHHH!!!" malakas na sigaw ko at tinakpan ang mata ko, at para akong nanginginig sa sobrang takot. Ngayun ko lang ito naramdaman sa tala ng buhay ko. T...