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Astrid  by raine2021
Astrid by raine2021
Astrid has never stepped out her house. She didn't know that her parents hitting her wasn't right. She always thought that's how it works. So what happens when her mothe...
Ang Mutya Ng Section Z (COMPLETED S1-S2) by SecretPain_19
Ang Mutya Ng Section Z ( Euthanasia
A/N: This story is inspired by Ate Lara Flores also known as @eatmore2behappy ,mas okay kung basahin niya muna ang AMNSE hehe ...
The lost triplets by R3b3cca09
The lost tripletsby Rebecca
Alexander, James and Skye were triplets. They were stolen from their family at the age of 4. The family searched for them day and night never giving up, years past and t...
Forest Lake by TessaLilly
Forest Lakeby Tessa Lilly
Emma is an 18-year-old girl who lives with her mom and stepfather. She was sent to a boarding school when her parents moved to Europe and didn't want to take her with th...
Abandoned by TessaLilly
Abandonedby Tessa Lilly
Madeline Reed didn't have an easy life. She was found abandoned on the side of the road when she was only four years old. She doesn't remember who left her there. She d...
THE ONE WHO SHINE'S BRIGHTLY [ Rewriting ] by silvermystique2
[ TEEN GIRLS SERIES : 1 ] As an accident happend during her childhood, she lost her memories. she didn't knew who she really was. All she thought was she's the daugthe...
The Only Alpis on full of Scapegrace by Sevenimous
The Only Alpis on full of 7
Ashianna Amor Saki is been abandoned by her parents when she was still a 10 years old girl who only want attention of her family. She live in france after that by help o...
Section Ruby by EzXica_
Section Rubyby
Gusto lang sana ni ellysha na mag-aral ng mabuti para makatulong at maging proud ang auntie niya sa kanya, isa siyang outstanding student, matalino, magaling sumayaw, ma...
Keeping her by Flairaim
Keeping herby Airaxx
Tragedy are things that we can't stop in life. Kyzha's life is full of mystery and lies; she was always kept in the dark and was prevented from knowing the truth about h...
Never let her go by TessaLilly
Never let her goby Tessa Lilly
Lucy is a 16-year-old girl. She is kind and hard-working. Her mother died when she was 10 years old and left her in the care of her stepfather. He is not a very nice man...
The only girl in section 7 (S1) by Kill_aquaxXy
The only girl in section 7 (S1)by Aquamarine
Vebbiana, Ang babaeng walang hinangad kundi ang malaman ang totoo at mamuhay ng maayos at payapa. The girl that hate people around her. Dahil sa sobrang pasaway at basag...
Unlikely Allies by lilyeteller
Unlikely Alliesby Lily Teller
The Italian and Russian Mafia have been enemies for centuries, what happens when both mafias find out they share the same daughter.
Alpha's mate by Music101011
Alpha's mateby Music101011
Nikola is your average werewolf. Looking for her mate, but what she didn't expect was that he was a protective alpha who don't like people touching his property. -Mine...
𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐀 | ✔ by darkwolfro
𝐓𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐀 | ✔by ♕ 𝐑 𝐄 𝐆 𝐈 𝐍 𝐀 ♕
She had a broken family. Yet she was happy. She didn't have a whole, but she was grateful for the half she had. All Talia has ever known is her life with her mother. The...
Finding Aurora by torinew1
Finding Auroraby Tori
5 year old Aurora and her big brother Jason have been on their own for about 2 years. Their mom overdosed when Aurora was 3 and Jason has been taking care of Aurora ever...
The Mafia Principessa  by Hellotherebooks
The Mafia Principessa by Hellotherebooks
Jasmine Ross is a 4 year old girl. She kind, sweet, gentle and beautiful, but dose not have a good childhood, she been abused by her aunt Iris and her boyfriend Max.But...
Their sunshine  by Rielomg
Their sunshine by Rielomg
After being taken away at 4 years by her mom, Carlotta has been abused by her stepdad and mom,what happens when a police officer shows up and says her both parents died...
My Eight Loving Brothers by milkycoffee123
My Eight Loving Brothersby Claire
Not being able to kiss, date or even talk to boys can really suck the fun out of a teenage girl's life. But that and a lot of trouble is the whole package you get with e...
Lost Mafia Queen (ON HOLD) by mango_berry02
Lost Mafia Queen (ON HOLD)by mango_berry02
Amara Rose is a bubbly, loving and caring 14-year-old. The only memory of her childhood home is the orphanage she grew up in until she was around 7 years old. She does n...
Swapped by Random_Girl_7451
Swappedby The One And Only
Targeted by her real family consisting of 6 dangerous older brothers as the 14 year old Ariana Alvarez finds out her parents aren't her blood. Will they take her in the...