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Lincoln's Colony by Dude2a113
Lincoln's Colonyby Koba dude
NSL AU. After ending up in an explosion within the aftermath of the nuclear power plant explosion, Lincoln goes off to adapt to live in this harsh environment that was o...
Rugrats: Growing Up Too Fast by AliciaCorrea3
Rugrats: Growing Up Too Fastby Alicia Correa
At just 16 years old, Tommy Pickles and Kimi Finster have to put their entire lives on hold as they bring another life into the world. How will they tell their friends a...
Age of Discipline by 2091riveraisrael
Age of Disciplineby 2091riveraisrael
After the events of bad Kimi, the situation escalates after the police incident revolving around the misunderstanding and Kimi ultimately blaming Chuckie for Phil's misu...
A loud in Nicktropolis by Dude2a113
A loud in Nicktropolisby Koba dude
Another NSL AU. Lincoln was called bad luck. When he was running away, he was attack by Chandler and his goons. But was saved by a certain teenage girl and travels to Ni...
Double Trouble: An All Grown Up fanfiction by ChocoCoveredPens
Double Trouble: An All Grown Up Too Good To Be True
Lil and Phil are as different as identical twins could be. Phil is gross and immature. Lil is sophisticated, fashioanble and really mature. But even these inseperatabl...
Dinosaur Sanctuary by CrossoverWeasel16
Dinosaur Sanctuaryby Isaac E Smith
Ever since ending up in Manta Cruz, Kimi is now in a wheelchair after ending up in a car accident. As she lives in Greenwood Sanctuary Hills: a residential area where th...
Below The Surface (Ben 10 x Undertale) by DragoniteQuartz
Below The Surface (Ben 10 x Akiko
Ben can handle aliens. But what will happen if he faced monsters?
All Grown Up! by nightmarewind
All Grown Up!by Random Person
Kimi has always had a crush on Tommy, and this year, she's finally going to tell him how she feels. But will things end up going as planned? *Title is a work in progres...
Rugrats all grown up: the new kid. by Wolfspirit992
Rugrats all grown up: the new Wolfspirit992
There is a boy named Vex Ashimora who originally came from Florida. He and the other girls in the group, including tsume , have been friends since elementary school. How...
Life dating a celebrity (aftermath) {COMPLETED} by Stokeleylover
Life dating a celebrity ( Jahseh_stokeley💞🤪
If you read the original book of life dating a celebrity you should know that this is the second book with the same character and with some new characters. Enjoy ;).
Ask or Dare My Interest Fandoms by Kru537719
Ask or Dare My Interest Fandomsby KIERA ROSE
Ask or Dare Cartoon and Anime all stars reboot!
Ellie Phillips: All grown up by TigerLeprechaun42
Ellie Phillips: All grown upby Speedbird1987
This is the story of how Ellie Phillips came to Pontypandy to join Fireman Sam and his crew after years being home in England. Ellie explores new opportunities while in...
Saved By A Thug. by HU4L101
Saved By A *Heather*
At only 9 months Cerria Jerry is Abused Her Parents call her a Mistake. But,When her Father takes her to Wal-mart And gets done Shopping she was Crying for food and her...
All Grown Up - The Next Step by PandaPaige10
All Grown Up - The Next Stepby Paige
Michelle + Eldons life is grown up from the first time Michelle walked into the next step, They have twins, a house but when Eldon pops the question will Michelle say ye...
Garden of Memoirs by venteusielle
Garden of Memoirsby Bea
(A Rugrats/All Grown Up Fan-Fiction) As they explore the peak of their high school lives, one cannot imagine all the drama, twists, and romance they are about to endure...
Nicktropolis Train by CrossoverWeasel16
Nicktropolis Trainby Isaac E Smith
As the city of Nicktropolis falls in despair after a large storm, Angelica and the others (Nicktoons and others) resorted to living on rails. She also started disliking...
A Little Bit Happy (Chuckie x Tommy) by Emizel599
A Little Bit Happy (Chuckie x Emizel599
Finals are coming up and our boy Tommy, despite being the smartest in his class was a unusually nervous and begun eating his nerves away. While our tall(ish) red head ha...
Cooking with the Gourmet Ghost by PerkyGoth14
Cooking with the Gourmet Ghostby PerkyGoth14
Fred invites his friends in Mystery Inc along with a bunch of other friends to come to the Rocky Harbor Culinary Resort where his uncle stays in who happens to be celebr...
Fall For You |Tommy Pickles| by Brennafinstie17
Fall For You |Tommy Pickles|by Brenna Finstie
Taylor was always abused at home, and was never showed what it was like to be loved or to love someone. One day after a massive fight with her father, she runs away. She...
One Step At A Time(Girl Meets World) <FIRST STORY EVER WROTE> by MayaFriar_
One Step At A Time(Girl Meets a
Completed. Maya and Lucas are all grown up with children. They have 4 kids Justin, Zoey, Ryan and Brooke. This book is about how the twins (mostly Brooke) take on the wo...