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Record breaker (Itzy x Male Reader) by GotNoJams0613
Record breaker (Itzy x Male Reader)by GotNoJams0613
When one unfortunate match sees English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur lose two of their most important strikers, they are forced into finding a temporary replace...
Dear Diana, Never forget the truth always comes out //Degrassi\\ by cuddy_babys8
Dear Diana, Never forget the Cuddy baby
🚨STARTS S08:E144🚨 This is a story about Diana green years in Degrassi. A lot of boyfriends and a lot of break ups new friends, new fake friends, and a whole lot of dra...
Welcome To The Competition [Degrassi FF] by ConverseLove
Welcome To The Competition [ Kait
This is just a little story that will be in small chapters. It will be about a new girl in town that is from England. This is a Degrassi fanfic and I will be using the s...
I'm Over My Head Book One (Eli Goldsworthy) by ImperfectlyDesigned
I'm Over My Head Book One (Eli Zoe
Blair Willows is just the average California girl,surfing and rocking out to One Direction is basically her everyday routine. Zoey DiCarlo and KeKe Bakr were her only tw...
🎸The Rock Squad  by sassaaaahhhh
🎸The Rock Squad by »𝐒𝐚𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐚 𝐀𝐫𝐚𝐮́𝐣𝐨«
💗• Ryder, Jack, Nidal, Jiji, Salish, Peja, Nayeli, Gia, Faye, Anis, Alli and Lyla they met at Elementary School because of a stupid argument and in the end they ended u...
The New Addition to the Team (Avengers Fanfic) by mabaronlovesbts
The New Addition to the Team ( Marissa Baron
Alli Santiago grew up as a happy child, until both her parents died in a car accident. When she was five her father had told her that she had powers that she had gained...
Instagram| Dele Alli by zaddyswife
Instagram| Dele Alliby tonybanana
Manchester Terror Attack! Enjoy❤ Instagram Series; 2
Our Experiment by Kwenxaku
Our Experimentby Quinn
Johnny DiMarco has been living quite a reserved life since transferring to Degrassi after Lakehurst burned down. He's close with his friends, has a fresh start, and even...
London is Pink by jordynexus
London is Pinkby Jord Not Found?
Jordyn embarks on a journey she didn't want to take in the first place, and discovers herself, her family, and Dele Alli. [Arsenal player x Tottenham player] ~•~•~•~ &qu...
Regrets and Mistakes [interracial] by thatkiddari
Regrets and Mistakes [interracial]by allie
C O M P L E T E D Yeah, I know. I'm Justin Bieber and I can have any girl I want, but I thought I made the right choice choosing her. Her name is Miranda and she has mi...
So Listen (Cody Simpson Fanfiction) by LazyFemale
So Listen (Cody Simpson Fanfiction)by Jessica
Jade Landers has felt worthless ever since he mom left her and her father 10 years ago. Nothing more than a horrible feeling about herself in the pit of her stomach. Tha...
If I Lose Myself - Dele Alli  by miss_drea
If I Lose Myself - Dele Alli by AndreaTheWriter
If I lose myself, I lose it all! "I used to have this notion that marriage was supposed to be perfect, maybe it was, but mine wasn't." Broken Brittle Unpredict...
Unbreakable Bond by fatimahzakari
Unbreakable Bondby Faatimah zakariyya
The story involves the life of three sisters; Ayesha , Fareehah and Hannan. They are faced with different challenges , will their bond be broken because of their diffe...
The Nerd and Me? - A Cody Simpson Love Story by CareeFreeGissay
The Nerd and Me? - A Cody CareeFreeGissay
"Who would have ever thought that the Nerd and me would end up together?" Cody whispered down my ear. I rolled my eyes and said, "Shutup and kiss me."...
Don't Stop Mr. Centineo  by f0reverbr0ken
Don't Stop Mr. Centineo by f0reverbr0ken
Alli takes an art class for her career but she didn't expect having a playful, young, and hot teacher to entertain her college days with something more than paintings...
Follow the Ortiz family as three different siblings go through high school. Whats said to be the best time of your life, can actually lead to more pain than happiness. D...
Soccer Imagines (Taking In Requests!) by -daddydraco
Soccer Imagines (Taking In Ruth💕⚽
Taking In requests!!! Imagines about your favorite soccer players!
My Life as Nichole Bieber by backtomypast
My Life as Nichole Bieberby Catherine †
Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Justin Bieber's little sister? Is it fun? Is it hard? Does she get hate? if you have a lot of questions for Nichole...