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SBI - His Curse of Binding by bari_astralis
SBI - His Curse of Bindingby bari_astralis
Tommy had lived and died as Theseus, Icarus, Orpheus and Sisyphus. But all he wanted to be was free. In which Tommy Soot, originally born in 1509, is cursed to be reborn...
Its Okay to Trust //Tomboo// by dsmp_Ken404
Its Okay to Trust //Tomboo//by Ken.
Book Cover By: @heartsforkuromi Tommy just recently turned 18. Now he can get better jobs and make better money to help provide for himself, his little brother Tubbo, an...
Another Superhero AU Cause I'm A Sucker For Them {Sleepy Boi Inc} by MoonGazer215
Another Superhero AU Cause I'm A Moved to AO3
Phil had never seen shifters like these three kids. Where had the come from? Well it didn't matter as his twins had already taken a liking to them. And maybe he had as w...
Igniting a darkened flame. // SBI by Muderr18
Igniting a darkened flame. // SBIby Muderr18
Tommy was tired. Tired of how corrupt the heroes were. Tired of the villains that didn't care who they hurt. Tired of vigilantes who barely helped Tired of standing to t...
Do I bore you? by OldMoneySweetHeart
Do I bore you?by 1L0V3_Y0U
Tommyinnit and Tubbo have been best friends since they were little. Tommy values his and Tubbos friendship more then anything and feels rather hurt when being 'replaced'...
Lost One's Weeping by Aerie_beloved
Lost One's Weepingby Aerie._
Tommy's loud, he's brash, and annoying. Everything his older brothers aren't. So what better way to make his dad proud than good grades? Only bad thing about that idea...
Tomboo oneshots <33 by CrushingLov3
Tomboo oneshots <33by Crushing/Robin :D
HEY HEY HEY HEY!!! FIRST THINGS FIRST, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, CLICK OFF! Second, PLEASE know limits and think if its a good idea to leave comments :D Third, Ranboo is 5'10...
Tommyinnit's Guide to Writing and Literature by RandomPotato_bruh
Tommyinnit's Guide to Writing RandomPotato
Living with a family that despises him isn't a good thing, living with a father who neglects his kid isn't a good thing, living with the thought his siblings left him is...
Alliumduo oneshots-! by Alex-Farelo
Alliumduo oneshots-!by Alex Reynolds
just some good ol' alliumduo for my fellow tomboo lovers :D
Is it over? by RoseyAlliumz91
Is it over?by RoseyAlliumz91
-Is anyone there?- Tommy said quietly. -Welcome back my dear.. -Mumza!? After the explosion Tommy thought he was in a so called limbo, a door facing him just two steps a...
Tommy's Wings by elizabeth_81694
Tommy's Wingsby lizzy
Cover art by Cactus- -babe on Reddit.
 a perfectly normal group chat by WHERES_THE_DOOR
a perfectly normal group chatby yourlocal_weirdo
A TommyInnit centered chat fic that I cooked out of desperation, depression and insomnia at one point in life It's just a dark Dream SMP, dark humor, SBI, half a year of...
demon's favorite by lampterracoon
demon's favoriteby lampterracoon
Tommy took in his,brother ranboo that he got custody of after his adopted dad (philza) passed away though there is something more to this who does Tommy keep talking wi...
Unlikely by AJ_is_Anxious
Unlikelyby AJ
Prince Theseus was always meant to be... perfect. A little golden boy who followed all the rules. Do his princely duties everyday without complaint, then go the extra mi...
The Detention Club [Troublemaker! Bench Trio] by MeteorShowersAreNice
The Detention Club [ Milean Mils
The school felt like a typical American high school musical, minus the music, add in the drugs. Students near their lockers. Casual friend groups hang by the stairways a...
Double Sided ~ Tomboo ~ by iendorse_
Double Sided ~ Tomboo ~by iendorse_
In this AU, Ranboo moves to the UK and starts college there. Tommy apparently hates his guts, but will it remain like that? They need to figure it out... If you are un...
Bus seat~ (Beeduo) by RazHasNO_Name
Bus seat~ (Beeduo)by Raz
Tubbo is a 17 year old high school student who has no social life. Relatable am I right? He sits in the back of the bus, reading or quarreling with his brother, soulmate...
"Fresh Start" | DSMP Runaway Tommyinnit AU | by Cinnamon_Fam_Studios
"Fresh Start" | DSMP Runaway Maple_Fair
!ART IS NOT MINE, belongs to Olvitier on Reddit! _____ It's already been a few weeks since Wibur was revived and he immediately went into secret planning. At Least that'...
RaccoonInnit is Pog at Villainy by AJ_is_Anxious
RaccoonInnit is Pog at Villainyby AJ
Tommy likes making chaos. Tubbo likes planning chaos. Ranboo secretly loves chaos. They are the perfect team. Tubbo has a big plan to cause lots of trouble for the heroe...