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This love (c.c/you) by Earthling_vibes
This love (c.c/you)by Earthling_vibes
This love isn't normal y/n g!p
ALIVE by magcomgirl7
Finding his way out of limbo, being summoned, by the the only person who can bring him back to life, landon tries to find his way with help from Aliyah Bennett. This bo...
The Republic of Linae (Book 1) by badboybooktrope
The Republic of Linae (Book 1)by Cait
The Republic of Linae is a nation divided by ability. The Wolfani are societies elites with powers that can manipulate the world around them. Anyone who isn't Wolfani is...
A Series of Unfortunate Events and True Love by Somehow_functioning
A Series of Unfortunate Events A very awkward person
Klaus Baudelaire's parents had perished in a terrible fire when he was 12, destroying his home, possessions and orphaning him and his sisters. Following this unfortunate...
SLEEP TONIGHTby Anonymousgirl
"You can sleep tonight,Aly.." -Liro #1
PROMISES (COMPLETED)  by yin_yang3
PROMISES (COMPLETED) by y a n g ❤️
Promises is a simple word but can Shattered your whole world. It can broke you into tiny Pisces. But then, I believed that all happy endings happened in last page. &quo...
Looks can't kill...But I can-Watty Awards 2012 (completed) by Faythay
Looks can't kill...But I Faythay
Allyson Grey has never had it easy in life. Her Father left them before she was born. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer and was estatic, she wanted happiness and deat...
Accidentally Fall In Love with my Bestfriend by ItsFatiimaaa
Accidentally Fall In Love with ItsFatiimaaa
Do you ever fall in love?but.. With your Best friend? If not yet then lucky you!Kase mahirap ma fall sa best friend,yung feeling na lahat ng ginagawa nyang effort e lala...
And it was her (Lauren/you) Imagines by DruNkenHovAto
And it was her (Lauren/you) DruNkenHovAto
Lauren Jauregui, lets see you guys told each other everything.Your deepest fears and just things you didn't want to tell anyone too,you trusted her to the fullest.But yo...
The Friendship Chronicles by xXBlackBloodAngelXx
The Friendship Chroniclesby xXBlackBloodAngelXx
Poems dedicated to all my best friends.....I know everyone has problems they don't show to others, this is a series of poems about the many problems people I know have...
collide Corey cunningham story by wolfavea
collide Corey cunningham storyby Callie
Colette Nelson after 4 years after losing her mom she runs into a guy willing to help fix her car Coming soon
Three is one too much (Lesbian) by JuneCabello
Three is one too much (Lesbian)by .
Amber, Allyson and Chris are best friends. After Amber's break up with her long distance girlfriend Meg she tries to get over her even when she seems to pop up in the wo...
Closing the Border by hopeandcookies
Closing the Borderby hopeandcookies
When Allyson’s pack makes a dangerous trip to Alaska, to where tensions grow between the northern packs and their own, only then does she become wary. Leaving her New Yo...
Is It Worth It? by -Sloth
Is It Worth It?by -Sloth
One thing can change who you are, but for Allyson will it be for the better?
Lost by MariaElice7
Lostby Danica
What if you're boyfriend doesn't remember you after he woke up from coma and your the one who stayed up to take care him. But time change him.