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She's the Hybrid ✔ by ThatsRemi
She's the Hybrid ✔by Remi
A seventeen-year-old girl, daughter of two Alphas, is challenged with a destiny that will change the whole world. ***** Michaela Brisbane always knew something was diffe...
The alpha's lost son by Gone2night
The alpha's lost sonby Gone2night
When the alpha lets slip that he had a son the supernatural world goes wild. Who was this mysterious boy? What would have he been capable of? And the most important ques...
The Greek Prophecy by WiskysBouazzaoui
The Greek Prophecyby Wiskys
Eros, means 'love' in Greek. But he never loved, not yet at least. Kalliope, means 'beautiful voice' in Greek. But she's mute and has lost her memory. He's hard and stub...
She Wolf by smurfyphantom06
She Wolfby smurfyphantom06
Son of an Alpha SPIN OFF -RAVEN'S STORY-
A Call For Peace  by ZuchiniBreadloaf
A Call For Peace by Morgana
❝The river moseyed past us as we sat in our furs. A bark sounded from my left. "Where to now?" "The river." I was suddenly the center of attention. I...
WOLVERINE TIMES by Tanisha2017
I raise my hand gently hoping to not scare the reaches me and almost touches my hand when suddenly a loud roar comes from behind me. the sound scares the bu...
The dark side of power-The taken by Waters_Edge
The dark side of power-The takenby Moon
Apricot is one of the shyest Werewolfs. Will she ever find her mate?What will happen to her?
Blood moon alpha ( alpha hood )  by freewifix
Blood moon alpha ( alpha hood ) by Lu
" i calum Parker son of Maria Parker and david Parker reject you giana stiles as my mate "
His  by _stories_reads
His by That lady
i want to know things about you that people don't know about" "well i don't have any" "no secrets?" i tried to avoid eye contact with him "...
The Elf Hybrid by LeahNatia
The Elf Hybridby LeahNatia
My Name is Zhi Indigo Chūn I'm an elf. I'm the Princess of the elves, my mother is the Queen. I'm however different from the rest, they say differences are beautiful but...
The wolf Scâir by ebsyebsy03
The wolf Scâirby Ebsy
UNDER EDITING/STILL WRITING The world government stepped in and ordered the capture and transportation of any "Scair". A new species of Homo sapiens. One that...
Red | blkyari by blkyari
Red | blkyariby Yari
The werewolf lifestyle is limited. You live in a pack consisting of mostly 200-500 wolves which basically means everyone knows everyone, a few stores of the things you n...
The Wild Wolf Pack by j_martin067
The Wild Wolf Packby j_martin067
It's about a girl who discovers her destiny, the be the Alpha Queen the the Blood Moon pack and all other wolf's, she is cheated on then get new pack members when they g...
Beta Mate *HIATUS* by amyryde1
Beta Mate *HIATUS*by Kalani Towers
(Former name - Mate.) Werewolves. Classified as nothing but legends and myths originating from Greece. Sure they look scary on the TV screens, but what happens when you...