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The One by Justmystories17
The Oneby Have a good day
17-year-old Ethan has been searching for his soulmate for quite a while. But on every date he goes on, he just can't seem to find the words to express how he feels. This...
Friends: always there for you by GntherHaetinger
Friends: always there for youby Günther Haetinger
How I imagine was the life of the caracters of friends after the end of the most iconic sitcom ever
School Life With Lisa by starMcCloud
School Life With Lisaby starMcCloud
About middle school and high school life and a girl who went through a lot of challenges while being the prettiest girl in school
Always there for you  |  Park Sunghoon (Enhypen)  by nixxole_
Always there for you | Park Casandra Nicole
The story is about the girl who always protect her famous friend. (His friend is a boy) ➡Taglish (Tagalog & English) The story you read is just a fiction.. If I have...
Alone by Trinitymoore101
Aloneby Trinity
Dawn is a 14-year-old girl with jet black hair, pale skin, and ice blue eyes. She feels trapped and alone. She searches for help from her best friend, Ashlen, and crush...
Man Vs Tech: The World No One Wants by Gowsian_M
Man Vs Tech: The World No One Wantsby Gowsian Mahendran
A group of robots are made to help keep New York Safe, but a malfunction in the robots make it that they revolt against them. It's now up to man to defeat the evil robot...
Be With Me... by FreckledSky03
Be With G Varun
A story about two love birds... A lot of struggles... A lot of memories... A lot of love... A lot of hate... A story to which I can relate to. (Happened with me) Wascele...
You Know Who You Are  by Aluras_wolves
You Know Who You Are by Lumine Fangirl
My Loving Twin.... This Is About Us
Moments Of Happy by JustMeDayDreaming
Moments Of Happyby Just Me
Just random things that bring me joy or I think people need to hear. This just has random thoughts or stories that come to mind. :)) -Send me random happy or insightful...
ifriendships by Fangirl_Land
ifriendshipsby Two Fangirls
Forever? Ofcourse ···········👭❤👭··········· >>b e s t f r i e n d s<< 💟Tag ur bestie💟
This is us by matthewsgal_123
This is usby hanna
Draco Malfoy was always the boy who seemed ignorant , until he had to learn how to be a better man. This questioned him if he was a true Death eaterOne day everything ha...
Metanoia | ✔ by _Asteraceae_
Metanoia | ✔by ♡
She became the slave of darkness; allergic to the world, that crossed every dimension of making her wounds even deeper. Her hopes were gone, life turned into a messy gam...