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Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDE by inavapr
Arshi ff: HIS LOVE HIS PRIDEby inavapr
Arshi ff. Not show based one peep in to know more. This work solely belongs to med writer Arshiipkknd I am just proof reading. so the entire credit goes to her. any work...
Facade.✔✔ by FlorK2D
Facade.✔✔by Mamley
When he thought he knew everyone, he realised he was wrong. Everything he knew was all a facade and it hurts when it comes from the ones you love the most. But with her...
OUR UNIQUE LOVE  by k_vinni
Aman is proffeser and Roshni is his student . this story is a unique love story of a professor and a student .
ARSHI FF :: MY WHOLE HEART & SOUL~(Completed) by AryaARshi
They Met!! Fell In Love With Whole Heart And Soul. She Left Him Shattered. Now When She is Back, With the Bestie Trio( Arnie-Aman-Lavanya) in the pic...
Mai Tumhara! // Shreyas Iyer // by ict_is_love18
Mai Tumhara! // Shreyas Iyer //by ♡
Shreyas Iyer an Indian cricketer meets ict manager Ishika Vats . Let's peep into their beautiful friendship that turned out into love! Popular ranking on 21-03-2023 :...
Arhi FF: Us Against the World by chaoticmind2021
Arhi FF: Us Against the Worldby Chaotic Mind
What if it was someone else who witnessed the terrace scene where Khushi asks Shyam to divorce Anjali? Would Khushi be given a chance to explain or would she have to bea...
Pyaare Rishte (Lovely Relationship) (Completed)☑️ by shafdeep
Pyaare Rishte (Lovely shafdeep
Peep into know more 📖......
Dusk Till Dawn 《Arshi/ Sheetal Track》 by AksArshi
Dusk Till Dawn 《Arshi/ Sheetal 🌈AksArshi⚘
Arshi 《Sheetal Track》 Highest Rank # 1 in Khushi # 1 in Couple love # 3 in Sheetal # 3 in Barun # 2 in Aman # 2 in Nk # 1 in Anguish # 3 in Aarav # 6 in Sarun # 1 in tea...
Realization ✔ by polymath_land
Realization ✔by polymath_land
Published on 29 April 2019 "Excuse me!" All the Raizadas heard the stranger voice and turned to look at where group of cop's standing there with uniform and be...
TUNE OF LOVE 《Arshi》Completed  by AksArshi
TUNE OF LOVE 《Arshi》Completed by 🌈AksArshi⚘
Stand-alone Highest Rank #1 in Sheetal #2 in ipkknd #3 in Arshi #1 in Aman #1 in Relations #1 in Intense #4 in Khushi #5 in Understanding #6 in Trust #12 in Care &quo...
Love is in the air by sangeetav
Love is in the airby sangeetav
This story is about our favorite couple of ipkknd. This is a serial based story but with little twist and different plots. The story starts before arshi marriage.
Arnav... I'm Arnav  by ThE_nAtUrE_pro
Arnav... I'm Arnav by ꧁Krity꧂
Life is always unpredictable.. When you thought you were the most blessed person on the planet with the most loving family but everything changed in a blink of eyes. And...
𝑺𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔.☑☑☑☑ by FlorK2D
𝑺𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒔.☑☑☑☑by Mamley
She watched her so called sister in law smiling happily after all the pain she put them through but now she was done and was going to take the right step. Will it be th...
Truth Can Hurt by DamonSalvatore972
Truth Can Hurtby Damon Salvatore
Marriage in Raizada family forced everyone to show their true color and truth making lies and secrets of years destroyed. Khushi was confronted by her past and present. ...
REVEAL OF ASR [✓✓ by shylpeter8
REVEAL OF ASR [✓✓by shyl peter
Accompany me to the journey of Revealing known ASR yet unknown ASR
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Audrey (Legend Of Korra Fanfic) by JodyKind29
Audrey (Legend Of Korra Fanfic)by Jordy.K
Dear Lin, I do hope that this letter finds you well. Audrey has just turned 18 and - well I was hoping she'd at least get to meet you- I guess one can say that she has n...
OCTOBER 10TH by aishatu_xx
OCTOBER 10THby Nasir Aisha
Copyright© 2022. All rights reserved. October 10th. She once believed it was the finest day of the year. How innocent she was. Now, burdened by countless harrowing memor...
MY DREAM GIRL by keerthana_99
MY DREAM GIRLby keerthana
This story is from first episode of ipkknd but completely different from show. What if khushi doesn't reach Sheesh Mahal on payal's marriage day. What if arnav fell in...
New Girl In The Office by Star_That_Shines
New Girl In The Officeby Kahkashan Jamshir⭐
After his mother's death, Sufyaan was terrified to add any other women in his life. However, when a special girl comes along, his emotions change and he decides he no l...