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Sad Poetry by IsabelleBowers
Sad Poetryby Isa
just some pieces I've put together, it's alright I suppose.
Dark Therapy  by Anjnaxx
Dark Therapy by Anjna Arun
||Poetry|| I built my own Paris, Just to watch it crumble down And yet I tried again, Mind fixated on a fantasy That spoke of wings and fairy tales #164 ranking in poetr...
Poems About Love, Distance And Trauma In Life. by Nixoxia
Poems About Love, Distance And Nixoxia
Would you read my poems? I worked so very hard. I don't know if you want to, But I'd appreciate it, Ta. No but really.. read my poems? Also feel free to leave your inter...
phosphenes by pl4netplut0
phosphenesby pluto
A collection of poems about mental health, identity and love. TW AND CW FOR POSSIBLY TRIGGERING TOPICS.
poems by HORRlBLEBOY
poemsby em
i don't even know why i let myself get down in the first place
No title, just words by Nov_rainn
No title, just wordsby ...
And what if we could rewrite our story? ... An anthology of some nighttime reminiscences and thoughts.. poetry and short stories.
sincerely, tragedy by totallymae
sincerely, tragedyby *。☆• mae *。☆•
a collection of my thoughts & feelings that needed a more permanent place to stay enjoy (original cover photo) note: i may change the name of this at some point i also w...
A Man with Love in His Heart by __othersideofme_
A Man with Love in His Heartby __othersideofme_
Here lies a collection of love poems from someone who still believes in love in this day and age- Other_Side_Of_Me_Poetry. (Also big thanks for the cover art, I couldn't...
bones by stxcxii
bonesby st
I want to regain control of my own body
Poetry And Other Things by ceecee-chan
Poetry And Other Thingsby Kyle
A collection of poems and other stuff that I've written. Some sad, happy, or just fun.
WOMAN by stxcxii
WOMANby st
I will tell you what It's like to be a woman
Meraki ◇ Poetry by Hojeba
Meraki ◇ Poetryby Amateur Author
Meraki is, as said on the cover, "to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself in your work." ------------------------ This wi...
A long way a way by MeganHenning
A long way a wayby Littlebratty
The feeling of being away from the one you love
Meliora by shandeeliar
Melioraby 🆂🅷🅰🅽🅽🅾🅽
a l l t h e b e t t e r t h i n g s
a film reel by lorelaicos
a film reelby Lorelai
{a collection of thoughts, some pages from my journal, feelings that I've felt...} 🗝💌🎞 love u. trying something new I guess!
Thoughts of a Poet by _hannavas
Thoughts of a Poetby savannah banana ☪
Just a place to keep my thoughts.