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The Bite of the Spider: Spider-Man (On Hold) by ASongOfIceAndFandoms
The Bite of the Spider: Freddie is my Queen
If there was one person (Y/n) (L/n) hated, it was Peter Parker. His very existence was annoying to her, and the mutual feeling of hatred was returned from him. He couldn...
ENOUGH FOR YOU || TASM!PETER PARKER "and i wished i didn't know who you really were." [summary inside] ...
Crossed the Stars - TASM Peter Parker by HexaWriter
Crossed the Stars - TASM Peter Hexa
SPOILERS FOR NO WAY HOME!!! Juno Mae Mathews was born a witch and later found by Stephen Strange who helped her control her powers. Juno had only ever had her name, no k...
Favorite Crime ⏤ peter parker by cluelezes
Favorite Crime ⏤ peter parkerby TIARA
in which quinn jiang is determined to solve a case of kidnappings that seem to have something to do with spider-man. [ tasm ]
𝐓𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐍𝐎 𝐒𝐇!𝐓 ▪ peter parker ¹ by anarchxst
𝐓𝐀𝐊𝐄 𝐍𝐎 𝐒𝐇!𝐓 ▪ peter A. J. Newton
Foster kid Emilia Pérez is placed in a shiny new family and will be starting at a new school, but always finds her way back to her only home after the tragic passing of...
TROUBLE! ━ TASM. by rauspberries
TROUBLE! ━ elliott! ・ 。☆͙
you can have my heart, any place, any time. tasm - tasm2. © rauspberries 2022
AVENGERS REACT (Haitus) by iloveyelenabelovax
AVENGERS REACT (Haitus)by faye Micheal
the title says it all I don't know how to write a story so if this his out of character, I tried my best
Waiting For Spider-Man | An Amazing Spider-Man Fanfic | by iam_thenerd
Waiting For Spider-Man | An KD L.B.
***Chapter 3 is currently unavailable because of some copyright issues. A new version will be written and posted ASAP. Unfortunately it will not be the same as the origi...
THE WAIT || p. parker by shutupmady
THE WAIT || p. parkerby plot racer
"You're my best friend, Peter. What are you hiding?" "I wish i could tell you..." Someone's lying... ≪•◦ ❈...
Spider Man: First Hunt (Fanfiction) by Rennstarkiller_123
Spider Man: First Hunt (Fanfiction)by Rennstarkiller
Disclaimer:- I do not own any of the Marvel Sony and Disney characters that are present in this book. However the plot of this book belongs to me. In this Fan Prewrite...
Spider-Man: The Avengers by KidPunk77
Spider-Man: The Avengersby Kid Punk
After meeting Phil Coulson, Coulson takes Peter to meet the heroes. Impressed with his skills the Avengers gives him a tryout to see what the Web Head is capable of.
Spiderman One-shots by OreosUnknown
Spiderman One-shotsby OreosUnknown
Taking Requests! Feel free to message me for Concerns about this Book, or any of my Books and Oneshot ideas! Spiderman Oneshots about our Favorite Web-Head! So far I ha...
Savior's Secret | Peter Parker | Spider-Man | by Tee-xo
Savior's Secret | Peter Parker | Tee
where a girl is Peter Parker's best friend, Spider-Man continuously saves her, and secrets get revealed Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker/Spider-Man!
gwen and peter oneshots by thejedispatronus
gwen and peter oneshotsby hey
It's all in the title- just a bunch of random unrelated oneshots of of course...Gweter! Please read and if you have any suggestions let me know! *I do not own anything*
I choose you [ENG] by SylkiCZ
I choose you [ENG]by Marvelous Stories
Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) returns to his universe after the events of No Way Home... or so he thinks. He finds himself in a completely different universe, where man...
The Black Spider by Pyxilate
The Black Spiderby Pyxilate
Across the multiverse on Earth 22 lives Skylar Stacy-Morales, a normal girl. Well, maybe-normal. She and her family have a pretty simple life, and the city of Manhattan...
the spider-verse: enter the new Spiderman  by Arthurpendragon285
the spider-verse: enter the new Arthur Pendragon, el avenger
every dimensión has a Spiderman/spiderwoman of earth, a new Spiderman from new earth by real name Y/n L/n, a boy who got bitten by a radioactive spider and gift amazing...
The Hunt (Spider-Deku spin-off) (Izuku x Melissa) by Kawaki300105
The Hunt (Spider-Deku spin-off) ( Kawaki
After Izuku had failed to save Momo from dying, He went to America in her stead. He was given new equipment by Melissa Shield. Even there he tried to be the Friendly nei...
Spider-Man: Agents of SHIELD by KidPunk77
Spider-Man: Agents of SHIELDby Kid Punk
Director Coulson calls Peter to head to HQ to meet someone who knew his parents
SUNSEEKER, peter parker by moonyfalls
SUNSEEKER, peter parkerby ˗ˏˋ moon ˊˎ-
To Peter Parker, Vienna Kendrick is everything. She is the early morning, when the day rises and the birds begin humming their melody. She is the rain, when it washes aw...