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Gotham's Spider by MPereira_T2
Gotham's Spiderby MPereira_T2
Penny Parker lives in an abusive foster home in Gotham city. One day after the Justice League have a huge fight in the city they discover that they destroyed a foster ho...
Spiderwoman by nerdylibrawlw
Spiderwomanby 🌹
We all know Spiderman as Peter Parker, but what if Peter Parker was never born? Instead, Danielle Parker got bit by a radioactive spider on a field trip and became Spide...
The League's Spider by ImJustDayDreaming
The League's Spiderby ⚡️Maddie 🕷
Kayla Carlisle, bitten by a radioactive spider and given in-human abilities. On the field she is well known for being the witty, smart and headstrong hero; Ghost spider...
Trepidation || Wanda Maximoff  by WriterWolf1408
Trepidation || Wanda Maximoff by WriterWolf1408
Riley Walker has had to deal with lots more than people her age, the 16 year old has been living on the streets for 6 months ever since she came out to her parents as le...
Spider family one shots by PennyParker01
Spider family one shotsby PennyParker01
One shots of spiderman and avengers Mainly of the avengers finding out about spiderman Family moments Spiderson and IronDad Fem Spider man, Penny Parker
Not From Here [Miraculous Reader Insert] by Pickle_142
Not From Here [Miraculous Reader I...by Vaya (Vay-ya)
Y/n Parker/ Stark, she gets sucked into the Miraculous Ladybug Universe. She can survive the mellow villains here..but can they survive her? No, no they can not. Reader...
Another Spider | reader insert by 101_classified
Another Spider | reader insertby 101
Y/n Parker is an ordinary actor to the public but as soon as she puts on her mask she becomes an unknown figure only known as Spider Woman, a super human who has the abi...
Paper Rings - Steve Rogers by marvelRvgers
Paper Rings - Steve Rogersby C<3
Steve Rogers x Reader After the events of Civil War Y/n has no other option than to join Steve Rogers on the run. But when feelings erupt between the two fugitives neit...
A Spider's Love by Jaden_Kazuto
A Spider's Loveby Jaden
Symbiote Male Reader X Gwen Stacy Aka Ghost Spider
Bakugo x Villain Reader by KingFatFanfiction
Bakugo x Villain Readerby KingFatFanfiction
Ever since Y/n saved Katauki Bakugo from getting bullied when they were kids she made it her number one priority to make sure he stays safe. even though shes a villain...
To Be A Hero | Peter Parker by exercise-invanity
To Be A Hero | Peter Parkerby c. lowe
Gwen Stacy was special. At only fourteen years old, she became the one and only Ghost-Spider, saving people from thieves and crooks in the sometimes shady city of Chicag...
Irondad and Penny Parker  by Fictional_Therapy
Irondad and Penny Parker by Fictional_Therapy
1. Not my cover 2. This is a female version of Peter- Penny not Peni from Spiderverse 3. This is basically for people who love irondad and spiderson type fics but mayb...
KINESTHESIA [BNHA x reader] by SnowShokudo
KINESTHESIA [BNHA x reader]by Snubble
After dying a relatively unsurprising death, Y/N is offered another chance and she takes it, ending up in the universe of My Hero Academia, where she meets some of her f...
🕸spider-woman🕸 by -penisparker
🕸spider-woman🕸by -penisparker
Y/n is your average girl from New York... that was until she got bit. •••••••••••••"This stuff only happens in movies.... theres no way..." __________________...
FriEnemies: Spider-Gwen x Male Reader by Felix030303
FriEnemies: Spider-Gwen x Male Rea...by Felix030303
Y/n L/n is a senior at Midtown High School and he is also Spider-Man. Inside of school, he meets a girl named Gwen Stacy, who soon both become best friends and both fall...
Into the Spider-Verse (Gwen Stacy X Male Reader) by MrHeyJack
Into the Spider-Verse (Gwen Stacy...by Henry Jackson
All right, let's do this one last time. My name is (Y/n) (L/n). I was bitten by a radioactive spider and for the last seven years, I thought I was the one and only, Spid...
Spider verse: The Twist by GhostStory_13
Spider verse: The Twistby GhostStory_13
What if things had gone differently? What if the blond Peter Parker of Earth 65 got to train Miles like he said he would? What if Miles had already been Spider-Man for a...
Male Prowler reader x mha by WalkingBiohazard
Male Prowler reader x mhaby WalkingBiohazard
You are Y/n L/n. Life isn't taking you so well so what do you do? Resort to crime One of the four ideas of Villains I have. The others are Shocker, Electro, and Arkham K...
Y/n Parker, The Other Spider ~ Y/n Parker by LeRetard03
Y/n Parker, The Other Spider ~ Y/n...by Stories
(endgame didn't/isn't gonna happen. This is Peter 1 so Tom Holland) Alright, let's start in the beginning. I am Y/n Parker, older sister of Peter Parker, I am twenty two...