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Jester by munch1111
Jesterby munch1111
Jessica Terley and Dick Grayson were practically raised together in the circus. He blames her in part for his parents death since she could have saved them. She is shut...
Daughter of Superman by MadineLaneKent
Daughter of Supermanby Madine Lane Kent
An Alternate Universe where Superman had a daughter when was 21. Now she is a teenager who always wanted a brother, and won't let superman ignore superboy after hearing...
Sword of The Lanterns by Lizardgurl
Sword of The Lanternsby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Jaina is an human alien. No one, not even the Guardians of the Universe, know where she is from. And she can't remember. Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart found...
A Dragon's Love (Young Justice) by wolfangel3
A Dragon's Love (Young Justice)by wolfangel3
Esmeralda's had a pretty interesting life. After having been banished from her home realm, she is found by Dr. Fate, and the League, and is taken to live in the Tower of...
Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Media Fanfiction] by Lizardgurl
Text of Fate [Aqualad Social Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
"Wait, you mean I've been texting AQUALAD?" In which the worst week of her life might not be the worst after all.
Zephyr: A Young Justice OC fanfiction by bornevilwritings
Zephyr: A Young Justice OC Cassi Hope
Lina Dubois. Your typical 16, year old teenage French girl: shy, quiet, socially awkward, a little on the clumsy side. Except there is one thing that's a little abnormal...
Robin's Allergies (A Young Justice Fan Fiction) by MolMcN
Robin's Allergies (A Young MolMcN
Robin has allergies that the team doesn't know about. What else will they learn from this incident? (I do not own the cover)
The Youngest Crock Sister by BrezieUnicornFluff
The Youngest Crock Sisterby BrezieUnicornFluff
What if Jade wasn't Artemis' only sister. Meet 13-year-old Eden Crock the youngest Crock sister, follow her journey in the world of hero and villains. Following season...
Young Justice: Wonder and Super by NinjagoKaila
Young Justice: Wonder and Superby Kaila
She wasn't just and ordinary girl. Her father was Superman, and she joins the Young Justice team with her best friends. Supergirl finds herself fighting alongside with h...
Aqualad One-Shots by Lizardgurl
Aqualad One-Shotsby Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
Anything and everything pertaining to Kaldur'ahm. Also known as my Kaldur gif collection xreader Kaldurxcharacter Backstory
Sub Rosa (YJ/PJO) by Emily_Tams
Sub Rosa (YJ/PJO)by Procrastinating Everything
!Their relationship was kept sub rosa! all characters belong to DC and Rick Riordan
Young justice x reader by black-berries
Young justice x readerby blackberries
Reader insert one shots about you and the team ✌🏻 Enjoy.
Young Justice Xreader (Finished) by bxnny_boo_
Young Justice Xreader (Finished)by вυииу вσσ🖤
You the reader in bf scenario's. I don't own any of these characters or DC comics! Requests are open! Enjoy! My writing is kinda Crappy🗑️ 🙃 -FINISHED-
The Ghost Gene by Hartrin43
The Ghost Geneby Hartrin
When Danny is captured by the GIW and his alter ego is revealed, the GIW discover that the reason Danny survived the portal accident and became a half ghost (instead of...
The Kitty and the Robin by Jennybear3002
The Kitty and the Robinby Jenna Ufkes
Hi my name is Alexa Kyle a.k.a Kitty, daughter of Selina Kyle a.k.a Catwoman. I was part of a circus back when I was 9. It was called Circus of Chaos. In the circus ever...
Pink in The Night ⋆ Young Justice. by keupid
Pink in The Night ⋆ Young ✷
i hear my heart breaking tonight, do you hear it too? ━━━━━━ dc's young justice wally west x fem!oc © keupid cover made by @bayports
Identity:: (DC soulmate story) by SamanthaRobinson681
Identity:: (DC soulmate story)by Sam-Leia
Gem works for the young justice team team as a researcher and part time detective, she also has 9 soulmates. Her information on the world is the only point of value the...
Young Justice (and others) x reader one shots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by xXharleyquinnloverXx
Young Justice (and others) x xXharleyquinnloverXx
Just one shots of you and the peeps (yes I just said that) of young justice! If you have a request plz comment what character, which season, and stuff like that. Sorry i...
The Young Justice by Mask_of_Happiness
The Young Justiceby Book Nerd
Perseus Jackson was many things. She had seen many things and that of course included her figuring out Batman's identity from a newspaper clipping, an injury her best fr...