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An Assassin's Guide to Family by Rshores
An Assassin's Guide to Familyby Rshores
Percy Jackson, or rather Percy Wayne if you looked at her adoption certificate, has been missing for over a year. She'd been taken one night never to be seen from again...
Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) (EDITING IN PROGRESS) by PokemonDestiny
Quiet Waters (Fem. Percy x Young J...by Marissa
Percy Jackson meets Young justice after the Giant War which I seriously have an issue but I like writing these so I'm not gonna complain too much anyway, you'll figure i...
The Two Phantom Wayne?! (On Hold) by CinnamonSage140
The Two Phantom Wayne?! (On Hold)by CinnamonSage
Being reincarnated into my Au I made in the DC universe was shocking. Welp. Ima keep my, now, twin brother safe! How to do that... I own the storyline. DC, The Justice L...
My Family? by _MyThings_
My Family?by _MyThings_
Percy Jackson and ...........the Batfam? Read to know more.
Tsunade, The Healer of Superheroes (Naruto X YJ)  by Lunar_Arrowgirl
Tsunade, The Healer of Superheroes...by Lunar_Arrowgirl
Tsunade gets reincarnated in the Young Justice universe.
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackson X YJ) by hppjmxrgosg
Teacher, Not Hero (femPercy Jackso...by hppjmxrgosg
Percy Jackson was tired of the hero gig. It was bloody and messy and had only ever left her bodies to count and memories she wished she could forget. After being impriso...
A Name Not Of My Own by RingLeader_Robin
A Name Not Of My Ownby ♛ Dick Grayson ♛
When Superboy goes back to Cadmus to find out more about his creation (Along with a few other YJ members) they find out that Cadmus did not end with Level 52. There was...
stands for justice by steffano21
stands for justiceby stevecon496
After the resetting of the universe a young teenagers named Y/N Joestar he gained the spirits of people from a diffrent universe
Young Justice: The Rubber Hero by Board_PirateKing
Young Justice: The Rubber Heroby Board_PirateKing
Luffy Powers Reader in the Young Justice Universe. Does this young hero have what it takes to become a great hero? Inspired by Zero To Hero by creed257
The Bird and The Sea by PJfanforever
The Bird and The Seaby Daughter of Khione
After the giant war, Percy Jackson is pulled into a portal and thrust into another dimension. How will he deal with this? And will he ever go home.
What family means by Nightwingwriter
What family meansby Nightwingwriter
We all know that Roy has a child, Lian. Well, Roy and Jade want a Godfather, in case something happens to them. When the man finds out, he is thrilled and bonds with Lia...
Because of Jason Todd by Rogue704
Because of Jason Toddby Rogue704
So this is another Story my little sister wrote! It's a Jason Todd x sister reader, and I think its pretty good, anything with Jason Todd in it is good! :) Anyway, hope...
How a Villainess fell in love by Rshores
How a Villainess fell in loveby Rshores
It's been 5 years since the daughter of Poseidon ran away from camp half blood. It's been 3 since she's been declared an official villain and only 5 months since she's b...
My life outside the Mythical World by BTSgirl-Artemisia
My life outside the Mythical Worldby ArtiARMY
We all know about the demigod life of Persephone (Percy) Jackson. How she defeated Kronos, lost her memories, went to Camp Jupiter, and fought the Earth Mother. But did...
Just Observing (Fem. Percy X Young Justice) by PokemonDestiny
Just Observing (Fem. Percy X Young...by Marissa
Percy thinks she's done with the demigod life for the moment. After all she told the gods that she wanted to be left alone. Not even a week later, her dad appears and te...
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice) by PokemonDestiny
Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)by Marissa
Sometimes people can't help being heroes and Percy is one of those people. After a life of adventures and quests, Percy thought she'd want to do normal things. But afte...
Resurrected? (DP-YJ Crossover) by Playedcrowd5610
Resurrected? (DP-YJ Crossover)by Playedcrowd5610
The team is on a routine mission when Phantom gets blasted by one of the goons wielding experimental tech. Unable to keep his ghost form intact he transforms back into h...
Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x YJ) by PokemonDestiny
Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x Y...by Marissa
Children of Poseidon are automatically in line for a throne in one of the Atlantean city-states, something that has not happened since before the Oath of the Big Three...
Young Justice: A New Legacy (OC Male Reader) by nigeljones1999
Young Justice: A New Legacy (OC Ma...by Nigel Jones
The young heroes, Robin, Ronin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, Artemis and the rest of the teenage sidekicks and heroes, formed together as a team to save...