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seven + one by plotwholls
seven + oneby Their Beanliness
Basically, Danny keeps running into the Justice League and doesn't realize it- and after he helps out three of them, the League becomes intrigued... --- Inspired by Rand...
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time by MissMegHolden
Don't Threaten Me with a Good Timeby Meg Holden
Danny Fenton has just witnessed his parents, friends and teacher die at the hand of the nasty burger explosion. To avoid Vlad and becoming Dan he moves to Happy Harbour...
Luna's Hero by ArtyFrost8
Luna's Heroby ArtyFrost8
The Three greatest threats to Equestria have captured the three older princesses. In a desperate move, Twilight uses a summoning spell to try to call on a hero for help...
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X DP)  DISCONTINUE by Skoteino_fos1106
Lackey's Little Secret (KHR X DP)...by Juniper W. Darklight
Skull de Mort, the World's Greates Stuntman. The weakest among the arcobaleno, right? Then why was he chosen? Each day the Arcobaleno keep learning new thing about him...
Phantom Files by LittleNightling
Phantom Filesby EyesOfCrows
After a tragedy, Danny decided to pursue psychology and become a therapist. After much consideration, he decides to take a job years after. What happens when he takes t...
Butterfly Boy by friking-awsom-kitten
Butterfly Boyby Marisa
Paris The city of lights The city of love The city of superheros and especially supervillains The city were people live in fear of their own shadow Who knows who the nex...
Summoning the Ghost King by epicscott1
Summoning the Ghost Kingby epicscott1
Danny Phantom, aka the ghost king, was minding his own business, but he gets summoned to another dimension by a kid who wants to try a magical book out. Now stuck in a d...
I Hate Christmas by F1r3W01f13th
I Hate Christmasby Fire Wolf
Jack is worried about Jamie not believing in him. Meanwhile, North has to know why Danny Fenton sees him, but doesn't believe in him.
Hiding a Phantom book 1: at Hogwarts by bluebird8683
Hiding a Phantom book 1: at Hogwar...by Bluebird
"He's not your son, Jack! He's ghost scum!" Danny Fenton AKA Danny Phantom is now 12 years old, having done everything in the cartoon except reveal his ident...
Brothers? by Blindbrail1
Brothers?by Blindbrail1
Dick never knew it, but his parents had another child, worried they couldn't support him they gave him up for adoption. At 20 years old Dick sees a pregnant woman strugg...
Danniel Masters is my new Name! by LunaSchmidt4
Danniel Masters is my new Name!by Luna Schmidt
Danny was betrajed by his Mother, Father and his best frind Tucker and Sam. And Vlad is the Persen to help Danny becoms the Persen he never of dreamed to be.
Not Just a Kid (DP Avengers Crossover) by Playedcrowd5610
Not Just a Kid (DP Avengers Crosso...by Playedcrowd5610
The last thing Danny was expecting was having some government agents showing up in town wanting him to help them save the world on a team of heroes. Should he accept? Wh...
Rise of Emperor Phantom (Star wars x DP crossover) by RusEmp
Rise of Emperor Phantom (Star wars...by Renat Ahohov
Danny was in pain, his friends were dead and his family wanted nothing but destroy him. But then Clockwork offers him an interesting solution to his problem, and Danny n...
Runaway by DannyPhantomlovee
Runawayby Jeff
Danny runs away from home. He's sick of being treated with so little Disrespect, so his first Thought: run away.
Book 3 PDS: TMNT & Danny Phantom  by LadyNoir303
Book 3 PDS: TMNT & Danny Phantom by LadyNoir303
Book 3 of the Phantom Dimensional Series PDS= Phantom Dimensional Series Danny runs away from Amity when he saw his family and friends betray him in a time of need. Whil...
To Fix Him (DP X GF x-over) by SilentWithAPen
To Fix Him (DP X GF x-over)by AyJay
(Danny Phantom x Gravity Falls) What if Danny Phantom/Fenton ended up in Gravity Falls. He must hide his secret while a weird yellow wearing demon man seems to be intere...
Grim Reaper (Halloween's Assistant) by GokuStormOfficial
Grim Reaper (Halloween's Assistant)by Goku Storm
Danny runs away from home and gets adopted by the boogeyman.
Jokers are wild. Ghost are Real?! by Blindbrail1
Jokers are wild. Ghost are Real?!by Blindbrail1
Batman and Robin find Harley breaking into an adoption agency. They find out she is looking for her son. The problem is the boy belongs to Joker too, to protect him from...
Inside the Halfa's Mind by XxTheDarkBeatXx
Inside the Halfa's Mindby
Another day in Mr. Lancer's English room. Now, due to his foolishness, he enters his student's mind known as the loser and geek of Casper high, Danny Fenton. Now, they w...
Daniel Fenton Al Ghoul by xxphoenix24xx
Daniel Fenton Al Ghoulby xxphoenix24xx
Danny finds out that he was adopted from his parents the fentons who he thought were his actual parents so to find out that his entire life has been a complete lie and t...