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Raging Monsoon by Alliumblaze17
Raging Monsoonby Adder
(A little fanfic based off of the Wings of Fire Series, about a Hybrid Animus of mine.) Monsoon is a newly born dragonet in the Icewing Kingdom. There's just one problem...
Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Wings of Fire AU by A_Fanfic_Queen
Greater Powers- An Empires S1 Kiara :>
A new group of dragonets that have to save Pyrrhia and Pantala. Again. And Jimmy, a very confused tribrid just trying to do well at Jade Mountain Academy, has somehow en...
Wings of Fire: Animus by PabloPistachio
Wings of Fire: Animusby Artistic Writer
A group of outcasts creating the most potent power of all time, Animus magic But when love blinds one, he throws away his life only to find it more shattered than ever. ...