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believe by pitchperf3ct
believeby pitchperf3ct
original bechloe story after beca mitchell gets into a major car accident, her entire world is shattered. her girlfriend, chloe beale, is left to take care of the short...
Fixing Us [COMPLETED] by lmfaowhat
Fixing Us [COMPLETED]by lmfaowhat
READ 'HOTS FOR BEALE' BEFORE READING THIS! Sequel to Hots For Beale. Should Beca fix her relationship or let Chloe go?
Blue Friday by heypussypussy
Blue Fridayby who am i
You came when I thought there was nothing else I needed. Nobody else I needed. You weren't what I expected. The more I try to understand you, the more confusing it gets...
Arms by Katie_McQuotes
Armsby Kara leaned in ;)
Beca Mitchell is a teenager with tall walls around her heart. She has only ever let two people in. Her two best friends Fat Amy and Stacie. Her dad said she wasn't being...
One Shot Celebrity Imagines x Reader by MidnightMoonRanger
One Shot Celebrity Imagines x Midnight Dreamer
Another one of my experiments. This is a celebrity imagine book from the reader's POV. The reader will mostly be female or sometimes male depending on how things are. Yo...
Love is difficult (Staubrey) by gottacamz
Love is difficult (Staubrey)by LaVieEnRouge
"What have I done?" I thought to myself, and squeezed my eyes shut momentarily before driving ten over the speed limit. -------------- Read the story to find...
Lies and Deception  by Kings_Vill21
Lies and Deception by Kings_Vill21
Beca, Chloe, and Stacie are all friends at an all-girl private school. When a new girl is expected to come, all 3 of the girls become intrigued, because the new girl is...
Meant To Be by lmfaowhat
Meant To Beby lmfaowhat
!!READ HOTS FOR BEALE AND FIXING US FIRST! Chloe Beale and Beca Mitchell. Do they belong together? After a year, do they still have the pure love for each other? We'll s...
I love you. I think   by lesbian-writer
I love you. I think by lesbian-writer
This is a pitch prefect fanfic based on the movie:) I do not own the rights to these characters!!
wait for it by pitchperf3ct
wait for itby pitchperf3ct
staubrey! aubrey posen, senior at barden university, has only ever had one relationship that ended in complete heartbreak - with a treblemaker. however, stacie conrad...
Finally Home by Katie_McQuotes
Finally Homeby Kara leaned in ;)
Have you ever done something so terrible that you wish you could forget it? Have you ever thought that if you did one thing differently, just one thing, your entire life...
50 Shades Of Family by TemperanceBooth1
50 Shades Of Familyby TemperanceBooth1
What would it be like if Chloe was from Boston, Massachusetts? The daughter of the best Boston Detective and the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachuse...
not broken, just bent by pitchperf3ct
not broken, just bentby pitchperf3ct
ORIGINAL BECHLOE STORY !! TW: sensitive topics (the purpose of this story is purely for representation and awareness purposes only, i don't mean to glorify any of the to...
Better Off Dead [Discontinued] by Frost_FallXVII
Better Off Dead [Discontinued]by Stay Frosty
She doesn't know she's beautiful. Because no one's ever told her so. And the demons that she hides are all she knows. And maybe she can fall in love with someone in her...
shattered - original pitch perfect story by pitchhhperf
shattered - original pitch pitchhhperf
pitch perfect original story ships : bechloe, staubrey, jessley (tw: some mentions of mental health problems such as suicide, self mutilation/harm, eating disorders, mis...
They Don't Know About Us~ Sendrick Fan Fic by Sendrickisforever
They Don't Know About Us~ Hello
based off the interview where Anna said she's in love with Brittany Snow! Einstein is our Sendrick leader now, and he's not a SCIENTIST!!!! Also Einstein was the first t...
Bechloe - Grow Together. by continouswriting
Bechloe - Grow 💋
- Based of Pitch Perfect. - Bechloe Fanfiction. - Beca and Chloe meet in elementary school when Chloe was apart of the school talent show. She was looking around for som...
My girls 💔 by Gagas_Italian_Pussy
My girls 💔by YOUR MOMS A HOE
Anna camp, Brittany snow, and some baby's can you get better than that
A confusing bechloe love by 47annakendrick
A confusing bechloe loveby Gabby
So this story is a little confusing but I think it's a good read because I wrote it and I think I should say good things about it... I don't know this is my first story...
Barden's Unknown (Steca FanFic) by KpLikeWomen
Barden's Unknown (Steca FanFic)by digital footprint..
Barden University, A perfect place where students gather around to find their future careers and seek opportunities. Some may think the school is normal but that is only...