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Too Much the Same (Boyxboy) by Nico_is_the_stuff
Too Much the Same (Boyxboy)by Nico_is_the_stuff
sisters | ennead by millyc_2000
sisters | enneadby millis
The love of Nut and Geb had produced four children. Osiris, Isis, Nephthys, and Seth. But it was Isis's magic which had produced the earth and sky's fifth child, [Name]...
Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Story by AuthorRubyFaizal
Inner Soul: A Sanubis Love Storyby Ruby Faizal
whats with all these nightmares...... Its being days since Sadie slept peacefully. All these reccuring dreams and that lady.......who is she???And...
Sadie Kane: Broken by Percyisafish
Sadie Kane: Brokenby Sadie and Riley
This story takes place three years after the Serpents Shadow. So, Sadie is going to be turning sixteen in two days. She dreads her birthday because she always remembers...
Brothers Reunited by GeekyDarkPoet
Brothers Reunitedby GeekyDarkPoet
Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel or anything Percy Jackson or Heroes of Olympus related. I only own the storyline. Nico di Angelo has a mortal half brother he never told...
Ennead by L_Wonderland11L
Enneadby fj4
What if Seth had a friend, who listens to his concern and stays by his side when no one else did? What would happen when a foreign God comes into the picture? Ennead is...
Ennead react to Seth AUs by Lan_MingYue
Ennead react to Seth AUsby 明月
Ennead React to random universes All credits go to the owners/authors Cover Photo for google
Immortality (A Sadie and Anubis fanfic) by Luhmos
Immortality (A Sadie and Anubis Ashley
What if Sadie never picked Walt? What if she picked only Anubis? This story is an alternate ending to the story. All the characters belong to Rick Riordan. I am...
Tomb✔️ by Indigo_M3
Tomb✔️by Indigo_M3
Aadya is working on uncovering a pyramid in Egypt. Then when it's almost uncovered she falls into a pit and discovers something unbelievable. With a holiday planned and...
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Our Souls Beside Each Other | Cyno x Fem Reader by glacierboba
Our Souls Beside Each Other | Glacier
"Born of the same nation, but by different soils... Born of royal bloods, but by different cultures... Yet bound by justice and intertwined by souls. Rising, a Sand...
Friends of Death by liquidnight
Friends of Deathby Liquidnight
Nico Di Angelo is no stranger to death, but not everyone understands the world he is such a huge part of. Except one, An Egyptian God of funerals, and a friend. How will...
Death God Alliance by HadesPlutoNico
Death God Allianceby Asilda
"Sorry," said the son of Hades, "but if I surrendered to an organization called the House of Life, my dad would kill me." After a run in with the Kan...
Sweet Talk- Jerome Clarke by dolanschambie19
Sweet Talk- Jerome Clarkeby Kylie
"Piss off, Jerome!" "Have I mentioned how much I love your sweet talk?" "And have I mentioned how much I hate you?" Lyla Harris and Jerome...
Suzy of the house Miller by haredrier
Suzy of the house Millerby haredrier
In a world where all the gods of myth and legend are real, 8 year old Suzy Miller's having some trouble finding the deity that'll answer her prayers. When she finally di...
Endgame; House of Anubis *B3* by SarahRCubitt13
Endgame; House of Anubis *B3*by Sarah R. Cubitt
endgame /ˈɛn(d)ɡeɪm/ noun the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when a few pieces or cards remain. The Sibuna gang are back for yet another year, however, N...
━ DENOUEMENT ( jerome clarke. ) by lilysbadlifechoices
━ DENOUEMENT ( jerome clarke. )by —liliana ཻུ۪۪❁♡
DENOUEMENT | ❝i can't wait to see the denouement for this.❞ DEFINITION: the outcome of a situation; when something is made clear or decided. SYNONYMS: outcome, upshot, c...
Nico Visits 12 Grimmauld Place by ClaireValdez
Nico Visits 12 Grimmauld Placeby CLAIRE
Nico di Angelo had one job - shadow travel to 15 Grimmauld Place in London and reap a soul. But things went sour when he ended up three doors down, trapped with the Blac...
Impossible; House of Anubis (B1) by SarahRCubitt13
Impossible; House of Anubis (B1)by Sarah R. Cubitt
"Everything was once impossible until someone did it!" Strange things are happening in the old English boarding school Camilla calls home 90% of the year. Fi...
Gods and Queens by Precious_Nkem
Gods and Queensby Precious Nkem
What if? What if the gods of Egypt existed? A house of hulking vicious deities fighting for dominance and obsessing over power? What if a son of Pharaoh escaped the tent...
House of Anubis by Terra_lovestruck
House of Anubisby Terra_lovestruck
New girl finds herself wrapped up in something she'd only ever believe to be true in books