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Helluva Boss : of Demons and Humans (18+) by sinful_writes
Helluva Boss : of Demons and Human...by Sinful
When horror loving adolescent (Y/n) investigates a possible paranormal disturbance, he catches a glimpse of a group of demonic beings, following them into their homeworl...
nightcrawler in disguise ( kaiju paradise ) by burgerandfries5
nightcrawler in disguise ( kaiju p...by burgerandfries5
(based off the roblox game kaiju paradise) it's a requirement for all goo related creatures to attack and infect humans, all gootraxians must follow this rule. same thin...
It's a kind of magic. (Loona x Male Reader) by ExoDus291
It's a kind of magic. (Loona x Mal...by Exo
[+18] [Harsh Language, Use of Drugs, Violence, Death, Life, Sex, Old people, Young people, Stupid people, Demons, Angels, GAY people, Straight people] (Oh, I'm not suppo...
✅    Jail Cat    ✅ by Alex_Furry_Fiction
✅ Jail Cat ✅by Alex_Furry_Fiction
Razz, the street cat, more affectionately nicknamed 'Tazzy' has had a reputation of fighting, but when it lands him in court, he has but two options; one, go to jail for...
fragments of memories by EliNiko
fragments of memoriesby Eli Niko
A story about a guy who through his stupidity became nightcrawler ;-; Inspired by Kaiju paradise
Another Furry by sanariasepher17
Another Furryby Sanaria Sepher
Michelle is a handsome siberian cat who is also a troublemaker in the school. Being born as the most beautiful race in feline community, many girls become crazy by of hi...
Changed: Janitor's Closet by niko_mraow
Changed: Janitor's Closetby Niko Kitty
You wake up surrounded by darkness and cleaning appliances. You have no real memory of what has happened prior to you waking up, only your name. The door before you will...
into a Harrier world ?!? by Buddyboy9399
into a Harrier world ?!?by Buddy The Dog
Alan was on a plane then he went asleep only a few minutes later did he wake up and realise that he was falling from the sky. Where is he and how will this story end?
Death/Lobo x Male reader (FOR FUN!) by MushroomHouseFag
Death/Lobo x Male reader (FOR FUN!)by Mushroom House
This FanFic does include smut and suggestive themes Lobo/Death and Y/N never really gotten a long, they cross paths one day in the small town and it didn't go so well. ...
I Trust You (Loona x shy M! reader) by seb913
I Trust You (Loona x shy M! reader)by Seb
Loona. The fierce hellhound you met at your new place of work: I.M.P. Today, you have finally gathered the courage to ask her out. However, you did not expect the result...
Connected (Protogen furry girl x Male Human Reader) 18+ by sinful_writes
Connected (Protogen furry girl x M...by Sinful
My 5th book in my series of stories In a society where technology has advanced so far, (y/n) grows an interests in protogens; animal like robots with anthropomorphic bo...
The Fallen World by Frencore
The Fallen Worldby
40 years after a catastrophic event, a wolf named Darwin Gray embarks on a long, dangerous, and merciless journey in the post-apocalypse for helping his friend come back...
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔ by someanonwriter
Loving Raph Is Red (TMNT) ✔by anon
SMUT/LOVESTORY: A girl accidentally sees Raphael and his brothers along the sewer while she was casually hanging around her apartment's rooftop. Raphael being himself, t...
Legends Never Die (Puss in Boots.) (Deathpuss.) by Wanderheil
Legends Never Die (Puss in Boots.)...by Furry garbage bin
They said that Fear can corrupt even the bravest of hearts, and whether or not that was true for all, it had been true for Puss, who came out of the Dark Forest having w...
The Day Runts Took Over(Male ReaderxFem! OC) by Alpha_HodgyBeats
The Day Runts Took Over(Male Reade...by Hodgy
(The story I mentioned [and possibly long awaited by some] is finally coming around) "You're too weak to be a fighter, focus on your studies." "You can ne...
Fem Furry Harem x male reader by 5t3v32020
Fem Furry Harem x male readerby ArandomGhost
I do not need to explain this. Plz do not judge. Also, None of the art is owned by me!
Chilly Cat by -_toy_-
Chilly Catby -_toy_-
Em um mundo onde humanoides convivem com híbridos animais, Jungkook há de fazer todas as vontades de seu gatinho "manso".
Two Fates One Destiny (Beastars Legoshi x OC) by Magnificent_18
Two Fates One Destiny (Beastars Le...by Magnificent18
(Book 1) In the world of Beastars, humans are considered a rarity. Mostly due to them isolating in large groups away from animal society. Legends, myths, and stories are...
The Last Pilot In A New Age by CaineAlstart
The Last Pilot In A New Ageby
Caine Alstart is a boy who has experienced war beforehand at the age of 10,Now the world is crumbling, being the last pilot for amazing machines called gundams. How can...
A guide: Therianthropy by Dawn-on-Paws
A guide: Therianthropyby Dawn
🍄Some tips and tricks to help you navigate life as a therian or otherkin! Also includes tips for specific types of animals, dictionary type chapters, and tips on connec...