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The Furry Fallout: Book 1 - The World After The War (Male Reader x Furry Harem) by ThatEmoEnby
The Furry Fallout: Book 1 - The Wo...by Enno
***THIS STORY IS NOT COMPLETE. I AM TAKING A MENTAL HEALTH BREAK*** "War... War never changes." The world had seen many technological advances since the end of...
From the Shadows by VilSlav
From the Shadowsby VilSlav
America, 2023. 39 years since humanity has gone 'extinct' to a super race of Furries. Now with humanity believed to be extinct, an expert marksman treks across what was...
A New Love Life (Mangle x Male Reader) by FoxBoy2099
A New Love Life (Mangle x Male Rea...by Delaven Foxboy
This story is originally made by another author. I'm just filling in for him. By the way, this is all edited by me. If you want to see the real story, look it up on Goog...
Death/Lobo x Male reader (FOR FUN!) by MushroomHouseFag
Death/Lobo x Male reader (FOR FUN!)by Mushroom House
This FanFic does include smut and suggestive themes Lobo/Death and Y/N never really gotten a long, they cross paths one day in the small town and it didn't go so well. ...
The Pokémon region of Pleasuredea by PastelMarceline
The Pokémon region of Pleasuredeaby PastelMarceline
Welcome to the Pokémon region of Pleasuredea. What Pocket monsters will you encounter here, and what Pokemon adventures await?
Father Wolf  by Stanton_Gamerknight
Father Wolf by Stanton Keene
A 5 year old human boy named Reyes Flint was uexpectedly teleported into a beastman world after he ran away from his domestic abusive drunk father from home. Reyes was t...
Turned Nightmare by BonBelzi
Turned Nightmareby Bon Belzi
After mark just got into collage he started to have trouble sleeping a few months ago. he started developing eye bags and he could barely focusing on his studies. One n...
Et Stellas: Beyond Different Worlds by Julbernese
Et Stellas: Beyond Different Worldsby Julbernese
Those closest to you may be the ones most likely to betray you and will do their best to hide how much they harmed you. Et Stellas, being one of the biggest Empires in a...
Twilight by Tearulai
Twilightby Pythor Sen
Galen, when will you stop getting into trouble? AU, so Lost Souls didn't happen in this one.
A Gift From The Future by PilotCooper
A Gift From The Futureby Ary The Protogen
Y/N is a 17-year-old boy, He just finished his junior year of high school. He comes home to find the place empty, but a few hours after he gets home he hears a knock on...
Into a Strange world of Anthros by ArOs201
Into a Strange world of Anthrosby Ar Os
16 year old Tenn Brooks is off of school for the year and cannot contain his excitement because his summer break is going to be enjoyed at a weeklong sports camp with hi...
Adventure mayhem(Young male adventure x Yandere Dog knight girls) by Thevikeing1
Adventure mayhem(Young male advent...by X
Y/N Is a solo 12 year old adventurer when his parents died on one of there adventures he didn't want to be paired with anyone else that was until Rory and her crew came...
A Protogen's Misadventures by Skillz2Play
A Protogen's Misadventuresby Skillz2Play
What happens when a Protogen and a Human meet for the first time? Apparently, quite a lot. Find out what happens in A Protogen's Misadventures. Credit to vitrex42 for le...
Brotherly Love by Brandon_The_Gsd
Brotherly Loveby Officer_Brandon_the_gsd
(Warning: for those who doesn't like incest then i recommend you not to read this story) This is a story about Matthew a normal human guy who lived together with his wol...
Among Golden Rays (Gay Furry) by CandletheCat
Among Golden Rays (Gay Furry)by CandleTheCat
In the town of Moonshed, hidden between the gnarled trees and vibrant grass, lies a house. And in that house lies "The Mysterious Author of Moonshed", a rather...
Black Flame by BlueMetal99
Black Flameby
After decades of isolation, a young human is forced into attending Cherryton Academy by his optimistic father who hopes to reopen diplomatic ties with the United Animal...
Ruff Love  by babyyxpsych0
Ruff Love by 𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂𝓹𝓼𝔂𝓬𝓱𝓸
Y/n loves her dog Rui more than anything! Even through all the pain and suffering that's she's been through in relationships he has always been there no matter what...
The Ultimate One by redshadow1969
The Ultimate Oneby redshadow1969
Imagine. Imagine if one simple human had the powers of beings that could destroy all life in mere moments. But, what would become of him if he was the last of his kind...