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Match Made in Heaven by Frank3678
Match Made in Heavenby Frank3678
Brianna is a very normal girl, but after wetting her pants in front of her boyfriend, she finds out a different side of him that wouldn't of come out otherwise. Based on...
Diapered days  by billibob123
Diapered days by billibob123
A teenage girl, Moya tries on a drynites just to see how comfy and discrete it is. Read more to see how the story escalates
The Dare by pizzajoe123
The Dareby pizzajoe123
How a girl named Ava and her best friend Julia got in diapers.
Omorashi HARRY POTTER (DRACO MALFOY) by Billiefanfic
Omorashi HARRY POTTER (DRACO MALFO...by Billie <3<3<3<3
A story focused on Draco Malfoy and his many experiences of desperation
Accidents happen  by 00psipeed566
Accidents happen by accidentshappen
a series of semi short stories about a girl and the friends she makes through finding out about her fetish, ! warning ! you're pants might not be so clean after reading...
Ivy's City by N1orun
Ivy's Cityby Niorun
Ivy, a young woman in a big city explores a new way of life...
The Resort Daycare... by _DexterTheWolf_
The Resort Daycare...by _DexterTheWolf_
‼️TW: Diapers,abdl, swearing, SH ‼️ As the plane soared into the sky Zee peered out the window as the aircraft slowly rose above the clouds. His brother Jack teased at Z...
Day at Daycare by FeminizedEli
Day at Daycareby FeminizedEli
Amelia's mother signs her up for daycare after a few incidents.
THE WETTER'S ROOM by Sissyscottii
THE WETTER'S ROOMby Sissyscottii
A teen boy can't resist the sudden urge to wet his bed and pants. He doesn't understand why he has these unusual urges to wet in spite of his dismay and discomfort at be...
Diaper Wishes by DLT1122
Diaper Wishesby DLT1122
**NSFW** Ever wish you could get the wishes of your inner most disires? Well here's a story of how how I would wish if i could!
Joey's New Father by johndazel
Joey's New Fatherby JD
Authors Note: This was the 3rd Diaper story I had written with the 2nd being long ago lost to me. Someday I hope to rewrite the 2nd story but I also hope to someday find...
Undertale Diaper Smut 18+ by TreeOfRedemption
Undertale Diaper Smut 18+by TreeOfRedemption
for 99% of people this is not your cup of tea but for the 1% I hope you enjoy. This is probably just gonna be a collection of short undertale drabbles. Viewer Disrection...
Best Friend's Worst Vacation by Garrett8080
Best Friend's Worst Vacationby Garrett8080
What happens when Keegan(8) stays with his bestfriend Hudson(8) for a couple weeks while his parents are out of town? Quickly Keegan notices something a little strange...
Pee Desperation and Accident Stories by amsmolllll
Pee Desperation and Accident Stori...by amsmolllll
Just a collection of random quickly written short stories revolving around wetting, accidents, humiliation, and pee desperation. I will update this when I feel like it...
Rowan's Plans by Ashlovessnapple
Rowan's Plansby ash
Rowan, a 12 year old boy has felt the need to wear diapers for all his life. He never gets the chance to wear them, except when he comes up with an idea
Medical Testing Mommy by KayQueueTee
Medical Testing Mommyby KQT
(18+, Adult content.) Two best friends and roommates undergo a dynamic change when a medical trial causes one of them to produce milk and take on a more maternal role fo...
The Diaper Trio by Thebigbilly27
The Diaper Trioby ThePullupsKid
Nathaniel and Ryan spend a week with their friend Jacob and discover his surprising secret, he wears pull-ups. This little discovery sends them on a week full of padded...
The Error by dedoxsdghd
The Errorby dedoxsdghd
this story is about 13 years old boy who moves to a new city with his mother. He thinks he is like grown ups but soon finds out he have problem control his bladder
★First Nights★ [Pomni X Ragatha] by Levii_Lex_
★First Nights★ [Pomni X Ragatha]by 🌈★Levii Lex★💟
This is a fanfiction about how I think Pomni's first few nights would be like at the digital Circus 🎪💫
Wetting One-Shots by LittleMarkimoo
Wetting One-Shotsby LittleMarkimoo
*Warning: These stories will contain adults wetting themselves. They may also contain adults wearing pull-ups and/or diapers. If you don't like it, don't read.* **So thi...