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tbdl boyfriends by Soda_StoryTime
tbdl boyfriendsby Soda_StoryTime
ram and kurt are best friends, both tbdls but neither know about eachother. but on the night of the sleepover they realise each other's secrets
Babysitting A Pinkhaired Weirdo (PINY Michelle x Julia Fanfic) by datcursedjuice
Babysitting A Pinkhaired Weirdo (P...by Foxysans The Skeleton
Warning: A PINY fanfic with yuri (A.K.A female x female) content. Also you can see small references to TBDL. I decided to make it more cuter because i hate lots of fetis...
Vampire's wolf pup (old version) by Axlekegan
Vampire's wolf pup (old version)by Axle Kegan
[NO LONGER UPDATING] In this fantasy world. Vampires rule. The upper-class species. Werewolves...not so much. They are more as seen as low lives. Pets. To most, they hol...
Lyra's Big Change  by user34411720
Lyra's Big Change by Chris Pereira
It's about an average teenage girl who just turned 14, she is a freshman in high school, and it's a week before summer break. She is pulled out of class early one mornin...
Holidays at grandmas by skybob21
Holidays at grandmasby Mr mr
When a 13-year-old tbdl boy spends the holidays at grandmas.
My Wish Button Story by Rae_the_Writer95
My Wish Button Storyby Rae
Emily finds a magic pen that can grant her wishes. She may be a teenager but she much rather fill her diapers. (Sfw)
Gamer baby by Deckgandowjjjj
Gamer babyby Abdl star
A girl who loves playing video games but when she forgets to go to the potty her mummy puts her in nappies
Waking up to a surprise by abdl10056
Waking up to a surpriseby abdl10056
A ten-year-old girl named Lilly is at home alone because her parents go on a business trip that is supposed to be only twelve hours but becomes two weeks and Lilly does...
Football's baby nerd by kaelanelsberry
Football's baby nerdby kaelanelsberry
Lucy has trouble with the football team at school and they humiliate her
Magic pacifier  by rebabyboy2
Magic pacifier by rebabyboy2
A middle aged man gets what he always wanted , a 2nd chance at childhood.
Switching places  by Mommyspoopybaby
Switching places by Mommyspoopybaby
A boy helps his mother potty train his sibling by going back to diapers himself
the tbdl next door by Lil-Litty
the tbdl next doorby Lil-Litty
Kasey and Izzy have been best friends and neighbors since 2nd grade. they tell everything to each other, well almost everything. Kasey is secretly a tbdl and only her pa...
Sharon Doesn't Think Stan is Getting Old by alwww07
Sharon Doesn't Think Stan is Getti...by alwww07
Stan catches the flu, and Sharon takes her motherly duties to another level. TBDL fic where Stan slowly becomes diaper dependant, very detailed descriptions of pee, poop...
Cute (BoyxBoy • Little) by SubPuppy
Cute (BoyxBoy • Little)by SubPuppy
#1 in sippycup Nathan Hale is not your average teenage boy. If anything, he's your average toddler, complete with pacifiers, sippy cups, and even diapers. What happens...
Tbdl life by happypopo312
Tbdl lifeby Diaperboy312
(Fictional) Jackson is a DL with a loving family who supports him full heartedly he likes to secretly wear diapers to school but when I girl finds out his secret desire...
Padded Fantasy - An Abdl Short Story by abdlgirl09
Padded Fantasy - An Abdl Short Sto...by abdlgirl09
Just a one chapter story for all you diaper loving perverts. *Wink*
Magic Button  by Shadows0707
Magic Button by Shadows0707
Quinton stumbles upon a magic button while at school. See what he does with this new button and how it will affect the world
Sarah's Return to Childhood. by AnOdd01
Sarah's Return to Childhood.by Anon Smith
Sarah had always been a small girl for her 13 years. She made up for this with a bold attitude and a willingness to fight. Unfortunately, one fateful fight would end up...
Diaper Baby Shorts by Mommyspoopybaby
Diaper Baby Shortsby Mommyspoopybaby
Stories about people being diapered babies
A Week In Diapers by DannyJB69
A Week In Diapersby DannyJB69
This is about someone named Luna, Luna is on a vacation to visit her childhood friend for a week, But it all goes downhill when she begins to have accidents.