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Day at Daycare by FeminizedEli
Day at Daycareby FeminizedEli
Amelia's mother signs her up for daycare after a few incidents.
Descending the Sibling Ranks by AlwaysInAGoodnite
Descending the Sibling Ranksby AlwaysInAGoodnite
Micah is a 12 year old boy and the oldest of 5 children. He begins having oopsie moments at night and then the day. this is the story on how Micah went from being the ol...
Pampered Princess by Battastic1
Pampered Princessby
A young woman marries a doctor who adores to pamper her, perhaps a little too much. It's a dream come true, or is it too much?
Little Love by MoonLullaby153
Little Loveby Moon Lullaby
Sabrina light a 15 year old werewolf thurns 16 in front of the Werewolf Kings. on accident. She turned out to be a puppy but a special kind of puppy that are rare. Ju...
Abi's Issues by Unfabu1ous
Abi's Issuesby Unfabu1ous
Abi was set on having an amazing summer. Her accidents had other plans. Includes some slightly mature words/content ⚠️ Warning: not realistic, kind of graphic, not for e...
Diaper revenge by galaxythewolftbdl
Diaper revengeby john smith
john is confronted by two girls he used to harrass in highschool. no it his turn to become the victim, to feel what its like to be a helpless diapered sissy. This story...
caught by pawpatrolpullups
caughtby sammy diapered
This is about a girl named Sammy who ends up getting caught wearing one of her little sisters pull-ups. Then her sister decides her life now.
Baby Factory by SuiramNat
Baby Factoryby Suiram Nat
Clair loses her phone in a mysterious facility. In an attempt to get it, she stumbles on a mechanical nursery... that doesn't seem to understand that she's 8, not 1...
My best friend by diaperlovero7
My best friendby diaper lover
zach: 17 male, main character james: 17 male, Zach best friend Zach Is very small for his age and his parents are hardly home because they are usually on business trips...
Diapered By My Girlfriend by diaperstorygirl
Diapered By My Girlfriendby Corin
Clarissa Parker lived a relatively normal life. She went out for drinks with her friends, never called her parents, and just moved in with her boyfriend, Ben. She began...
The Baby Camp by Little_Angel_9
The Baby Campby Harper Marie Dalton
Nathan, aged only 14 is sent to a camp unlike any camp in the country, this camp is called "The Baby Camp" which Nathan is about to find out. A camp for babies...
Daytime Accidents (Finished) by AshSharky
Daytime Accidents (Finished)by Ash
After two accidents earlier this week, Mandy's brother had enough. She then gets surprised when he pulls something for "protection" out of the shopping bag.
The Bullies Backbone  by AlwaysInAGoodnite
The Bullies Backbone by AlwaysInAGoodnite
The story follows a 12-year-old boy named Carl. After a few houses, Carl has to go to an orphanage where he meets up with a boy name Jack. Well unknown to Carl. Jack has...
Diapered by my football team by travismiller03
Diapered by my football teamby travismiller03
Lucas is a 13 y/o boy and he's the captain of the football team at his school until James, a new player, tries to steal the title by making him age regressing.
Rowan's Plans by Ashlovessnapple
Rowan's Plansby ash
Rowan, a 12 year old boy has felt the need to wear diapers for all his life. He never gets the chance to wear them, except when he comes up with an idea
Diaper Dependent Earthling  by Battastic1
Diaper Dependent Earthling by
I woke up on a spaceship and now I'm something's pet!?
The Dare by pizzajoe123
The Dareby pizzajoe123
How a girl named Ava and her best friend Julia got in diapers.
250 Goodnites by AlwaysInAGoodnite
250 Goodnitesby AlwaysInAGoodnite
Clint is a 14 year old boy who relentlessly picks on his little sister. His parents are going to teach him a lesson. Now Clint has to go through 250 assorted pullups in...
Being the not so little, little sister  by dead_maui
Being the not so little, little si...by DeadMaui
Hey! My name is Emma, I was brought into an adoptive family who thought I was a little kid!! Read to find out of my experiences!!!
Losing Control by AGPEE1
Losing Controlby AGPEE1
A Young Blonde Teen Girl suddenly starts to lose control of her bladder and bowels. Doctors and Nurses believe that the 14 year old will soon have complete, loss of blad...