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My sexy boss by StaceyKell2333
My sexy bossby StaceyKell2333
A provocative young woman-child becoming increasingly insolent over the course of the story, with a new job and an authoritarian boss who is difficult to read. What coul...
Forced Into Frillies by rissrob
Forced Into Frilliesby Rissrob
Johnathan's mother make him to a little girl.
The family's baby by AgeregressionKitten
The family's babyby Kitten is little
When Grace returns home from college, it doesn't go like she thought it would. With her past still haunting her everyday choices, she discovers a side of herself kept hi...
Diaper Wishes by DLT1122
Diaper Wishesby DLT1122
**NSFW** Ever wish you could get the wishes of your inner most disires? Well here's a story of how how I would wish if i could!
The bad baby by amycutiegirl199
The bad babyby Amycutiegirl199
A girl who falls classes and is in the wrong crowd gets punished
The Not So Perfect Summer by marie1542rose
The Not So Perfect Summerby marie1542rose
13-year-old Lily is left home alone with her 18-year-old sister Emma all summer while her parents venture on a 2-month summer vacation. Lily is excited about a perfect s...
The Baby Gang by Scboy17
The Baby Gangby Scboy17
When Three Junior High Boys who are always breaking the law break into the local community center and cause millions of dollars in damage... They are taken to Court and...
Diaper Duty by DNJE394
Diaper Dutyby DiaperDelinquent
After being kidnapped and extorted by the mafia, Amy must take a very "interesting" job at an underground cafe.
The Wish by BabyCory1
The Wishby BabyCory
Lauren's life was what most people would call mundane, the same thing over and over. That is, until one night when a mysterious man appeared before her offering her a wi...
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Bad Grades by tiktokstories018
Bad Gradesby tiktokstories018
Lily is 13 and gets bad grades at school and her mum and dad have no other option but to punish her with a diaper.
Big Brother To Diaper Girl On little sisters sleepover  by ultramegacool
Big Brother To Diaper Girl On litt...by ultramegacool
your little sister Eva has a sleepover party with friends and they turn you into a diaper girl (short story)
revenge is a bottle best severed warm by Astraltophat
revenge is a bottle best severed w...by Astraltophat
a deleted ao3 story i had downloaded and decided to reupload here contains abld mdlb and non con material so if you're not into that stuff i suggest you to exit now
Automatic Nursery  by _M0N1C4
Automatic Nursery by
Finding herself trapped in a robotic nursery, what will Riley do?
All because of a wet bed  by LukeTurner8
All because of a wet bed by LukeTurner8
A 17 year old girl wets her bed and her mum doesn't want the mattress to get destroyed
My 2nd baby shower #tbdl by tameableyard
My 2nd baby shower #tbdlby Donovan Conway
Hello! I am a 14 year old boy who loves wearing diapers to a point. . . That is when my mom finds some of my secret diapers and gives me my worst nightmare but also my b...
Diapered by my football team by travismiller03
Diapered by my football teamby travismiller03
Lucas is a 13 y/o boy and he's the captain of the football team at his school until James, a new player, tries to steal the title by making him age regressing.
Jacobs wish giver  by goodnite2
Jacobs wish giver by goodnite2
Jacob is 13 he was walking down the street when he a box in a store window the box said wish giver He went in and bought the wish giver even though he didn't think it ac...