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Baby Brother by Crinkle_Butt_Scooby2
Baby Brotherby Crinkle_Butt_Scooby2
what happens when the school bully becomes your big brother read to find out
BEST FAMILY EVER by Lakakamutante
BEST FAMILY EVERby notcoolbrunotcool
Peter was left to live on the streets. But after he meets The tony stark in and gets and internship with him, what will happen when the boys get close and Tony notices t...
Summer vacation: back in diapers. by Shadow_sub83
Summer vacation: back in diapers.by Shadow83
An 8-year-old boy, Tobias, has started having bedwetting accidents. His 15-year-old sister Andrea is angry at her brother since Tobias got her punished. Andrea begins to...
The Wish by BabyCory1
The Wishby BabyCory
Lauren's life was what most people would call mundane, the same thing over and over. That is, until one night when a mysterious man appeared before her offering her a wi...
No more underwear  by goodnite2
No more underwear by goodnite2
Adam is 8 years old his parents are dead and his adoptive parents abused him
Potty Training Problems by Benji1007
Potty Training Problemsby Benji1007
A young boy goes to stay his with his Aunt and her young family for six months, little does he know what they have in store for him when he arrives.
Old Stuffies by Babycakes9080
Old Stuffiesby Babycakes9080
The Madrigals kids wake up to find themselves younger and their parents not remembering anything. Isabela and Dolores being five, Luisa four, Camilo three, and Mirabel a...
When Everything Changed(Former Medical Mess) by Dipetoboy
When Everything Changed(Former Med...by DL_Ant
A young teenager starts suffering from urinal incontinence and goes to see a doctor. Then something unfortunate happens.(Original short story description from Medical Me...
The babysitter  by goodnite2
The babysitter by goodnite2
What happens when Emily age 17 babysits Brothers Landon 8 Jonathan 6 and Jaxson age 11
The Punishment That was not... by Dipetoboy
The Punishment That was not...by DL_Ant
In this story we travel to the United States. However this one is set in a different universe. The universe is exactly the same,but one key thing has changed. Instead of...
Jacob's diaper story by vvelyros
Jacob's diaper storyby vvelyros
A story of a younger Jacob and the difficulties he and his parents had at trying to get him potty trained and out of diapers and pull-ups and on to big boy underwear
little bakugo  by Cute_shadowbaby
little bakugo by Cute_shadowbaby
This is a little space bakugo book. ⚠️!!!!SFW DO NOT ADD TO NSFW LISTS!!!!⚠️ Warnings: Swearing Wetting and maybe some messing talked about but no detail Diapers and pu...
Jake's Problem by Secret_Author_Dude
Jake's Problemby Secret_Author_Dude
Jake moved to a new town 3 years ago, and he is being bullied and has no friends. Suddently he starts to wet himself. Will his life ever return to normal? (The story is...
Riley by FreezMilo
Rileyby FreezMilo
Riley, an eleven-year old girl, is going to fall in love with baby diapers. - Before you read my story: This story was written in a different language than English. It...
Lucy's accidents by lucydiapergirl2000
Lucy's accidentsby luca kenny
This is the story of how ten year old girl Lucy started having accidents and then wearing diapers.
The Little  Changling  by kiaratiger
The Little Changling by Gaz
STORYBOOK INTRO Aurora is an unusual little girl. This is because she is a changeling. a rare hybrid of a mortal and a Fae. This means she is great at adapting to fit...
Perfect Adoption Family? ...or Not? by IssyDancer
Perfect Adoption Family? ...or Not?by IzzyWizzy
This is a purely fictional story. A young Isabella and her siblings are going to get adopted... again. But will this family be as awful as their previous ones, or will i...
Raft by LilyTheDiaparLover
Raftby LilyTheDiaparLover
After a Girl named Judy wakes up in the middle of the ocean on a breaking wooden raft, she notices her new "protection" won't protect her from this deadly ocea...