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Made In China by maurento786
Made In Chinaby maurento786
Ben thought it was so silly that Sam said he could cast magic spells with a cheap plastic wand that looked like it came from the dollar store. Big boys like him know tha...
Subliminal Lens by lyrelute
Subliminal Lensby lyrelute
A Commission for Alpha-Dylan "A girl constantly bullied by a boy turns the tables when she spots an ad online about hypnosis glasses."
Baby jamie by OceansRivers
Baby jamieby Oceans & Rivers
jamie bingham is a 15 year old boy who lives with his two father's and his brother when he gets in big trouble for breaking his phone, he is forced to be in diapers
Boys Sleepover by The_Padded_Dragon
Boys Sleepoverby Sapphire Dragon
Four boys have a night of infantile fun in a no parents sleepover. This story is meant to be light hearted so please treat it as such. I may add another few parts, but t...
The Dorm Room by HUMAN_WITH_A_PEN
The Dorm Roomby kohen ksr
A new college freshmen's biggest secret is found out by the RA and the consequences affect the rest of his college experience.
Diaper wishes  by pine_martin
Diaper wishes by pine_martin
Ben, an 18 year gay boy finds a magical button that can grant any wish.... faggotry ensues
Blackmailed into wearing diaper by HappyDiaperedBoy
Blackmailed into wearing diaperby HappyDiaperedBoy
Rocky age 14 live with his mothers and his troublemaker twin brother Nate and Jake age 9. However, Rocky has a well-kept secret which is his love for wearing diapers and...
A Diaper Punishment  by Mommyspoopybaby
A Diaper Punishment by Mommyspoopybaby
A boy purposely poops his younger brothers pants but soon gets caught and is placed back in diapers
Zach's Pajamas by Deekerfan2
Zach's Pajamasby Deekerfan2
Zach's new girlfriend loves his fondness of Disney movies. She decides to buy him some pajamas that coincide with his interests and unbeknownst to him, he slowly begins...
The New Normal by Glowtep
The New Normalby Glowtep
In order to combat crime and out of control teen pregnancy rates "The Reckless Youth Prevention Act" was passed. Colloquially called "The Diaper Law"...
Slept like a Baby by johndlstory
Slept like a Babyby john joe
An fictional ABDL/TBDL story. Don't read if its not for you.
LockDown In Diapers  by SoggyDiaperBoy
LockDown In Diapers by SoggyDiaperBoy
A story about a boy who decided to return to diapers during the covid-19 Lockdown.
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Bedwetting At 17 by SkyeMariaDG
Bedwetting At 17by Skye Maria
Hi! I'm George, this is the story of how I went through college as a bedwetter.
Robot Caretaker by Shadows0707
Robot Caretakerby Shadows0707
In the year 2674 16 year old Archie is alone for the summer because parents are going away for the summer and don't trust him to be alone in the house so they get one o...
step dad's in the diapers now by Rolereversalstories
step dad's in the diapers nowby Rolereversalstories
a step dad has a secret but not for long when his step son finds his diapers
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Bedwetting Stories by storiesforthesoul68
Bedwetting Storiesby storiesforthesoul68
these are a bunch of one-shot stories that I've written. comments are appreciated
Magic Button  by Shadows0707
Magic Button by Shadows0707
Quinton stumbles upon a magic button while at school. See what he does with this new button and how it will affect the world
The Diaper Factory  by PaddedSkaterButt
The Diaper Factory by PaddedSkaterButt
Jake finds a job but it isnt what he was expecting. All characters are 18+
A Boys Diaper Wish For Christmas by Fasdfasdf13
A Boys Diaper Wish For Christmasby Fasdfasdf13
A teenager who often wets the bed has to wear diapers to bed, has a secret want to wear diapers all the time and to be treated as a baby. When he confess this to his ado...