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To Be Little by AvengerOfTheGods
To Be Littleby Sapphire
Harry Potter is being severely abused. He is a classified Little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Could Snape be the first to care for him as Harry...
Are We Brothers? by Wise_Girl406
Are We Brothers?by Wise_Girl406
HARRY AND DRACO AS LITTLES This is my first fanfic Severus Snape has had enough of Harry and Draco fighting. He decides to give them a potion that will make them both li...
Under my wing  by Mabelisshitty
Under my wing by Mabelisshitty
Harry is a newly classified little, he's afraid and he's struggling, yet he finds some...odd comfort in someone he didn't expect that warm safe feeling with. "I'll...
Home Sweet Girl by SleepingBeau_
Home Sweet Girlby Princess Dreamer
Will there ever be a home as sweet as she? Homelessness is all Maryanne knows. Yet, sheltered by her fairly overprotective father, it's hard for her to imagine life outs...
The Villain's Twin Baby Boys by madkyra
The Villain's Twin Baby Boysby OC-almost-everything
Kyle and Lee, twin brothers, were on a hunt when they get knocked out by a mysterious person, and when they wake up..... its certainly NOT what they were expecting. For...
Reunion  by Scboy17
Reunion by Scboy17
Life seemed easy for Emmie She was a good student. She thought her mom was proud of her. Her mom got the opportunity to have a new job with a good promotion which involv...
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG) by little_Honey_bxby
Kidnapping Mia (DDLG)by little_Honey_bxby
Mia, a girl who does not even know what DDLG is but her stalker catches her walking alone at night, what happens when he makes her be a little. start- 11/15/22 end- 12/1...
Washed Up || #1 by paper1planes
Washed Up || #1by 𝐤𝐚𝐥𝐢(✧)
Iola Avery Wormwood an new student at Sun & Moon's Academy. Elijah Jacob Crips an student at Sun & Moon's Academy. One nervous and insecure. One cheerful, calm and peac...
cub Keith by JoslynneSmith
cub Keithby I'm aborsexal
This is my first time writing a story so please don't judge me on my spelling and I don't know all the characters' names. please and thank tou
Elijah's Baby by aestheticpixieprince
Elijah's Babyby aestheticpixieprince
Cody is your typical 22 year old guy; he has a part time job, a modest, comfortable apartment, and a car he loves. Elijah is a 24 year old streamer who lives on his own...
Harry Potter and the Year of the Little by Wise_Girl406
Harry Potter and the Year of the Wise_Girl406
Every year, witches and wizards are classified. You can only be classified once during your 5th Year. Everyone is classified. Neutrals are the most common. Doms and Subs...
Ellie's Roommates (DDLG) by little_Honey_bxby
Ellie's Roommates (DDLG)by little_Honey_bxby
what happens when a small 19 year old girl, Ellie, hears a nice Apartment with 3, 24 year old men, all being triplets. with Ellie's bubbly and cute personality she is no...
Steve's Baby by stucky_fucky
Steve's Babyby stuckyfucky
Decided to give this site another try. So here is my currently most popular story on ao3, started 2/19/2021, currently at 17376 reads, 458 'kudos', 194 comments, 116 boo...
Baby Harry by Sebastain500
Baby Harryby 🌸Sumire and Otiz🦊
A story of how Harry was classified and became Lucius' and Severus' little Chapters will be short and sweet Making slight changes
CASSIE'S CHOICE by cassandraluann
CASSIE'S CHOICEby cassandraluann
CASSIE has a question for mom then CASSIE must make a choice
Baby Beatles by janeconroy12
Baby Beatlesby lonelyhearts
The Beatles are caught sneaking out and are acting more childish and challenging every day. Their manger, Brian, gives them a punishment they won't forget.
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3 by bbengineergurl
Haley and Kelly and a baby makes 3by BBengineergurl
My first story! This is an age regression story about a couple, Haley and Kelly, who meet a homeless young woman named Eve. Eve has been living in the alley behind thei...
Daddy's baby boy by KrazyFish
Daddy's baby boyby KrazyFishFreak
He will cherish him with All his Heart. He will Protect him till he can fight No more. He will Provide for him and Give him the World. He will Love him till Death. And N...
Little Lukas by CerinRose
Little Lukasby •𝕶𝕭•
In a world where mythological creatures rule and humanity is considered to be less than a granule of sand, it is not uncommon for these creatures to kidnap and force the...