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Little Leah  by Dannydl07
Little Leah by Danny ~<3
When a DL called Leah finds herself trapped in a somewhat familiar place, she founds out more stuff about herself she didn't know before...
Santaan Bhava: A Miracle That Arrived Late (Complete)✔ by Albeli_26
Santaan Bhava: A Miracle That Arri...by Albeli_26
We often bless couple with blessing Santan Bhava: but ever wondered what will happen when this blessings turned true in unusual circumstances? Raman Bhalla and Ishita Iy...
Melting into your arms. (Eulamber) (School AU)  by Anxiety8954
Melting into your arms. (Eulamber)...by _a person with mad anxiety_
Eula Lawrence, of the Lawrence clan has been noticing a strange girl around her high school that seemed to catch her interest.
Old Stuffies by Babycakes9080
Old Stuffiesby Babycakes9080
The Madrigals kids wake up to find themselves younger and their parents not remembering anything. Isabela and Dolores being five, Luisa four, Camilo three, and Mirabel a...
Stop reading this 😭 by Amberflur
Stop reading this 😭by Amberflur
Stop reading this I made this when I was 9 😭 Ur gonna give me nightmares if you read this sh*t Bleh when I was 9 I wanted to make a story that was actually SUCCESSFUL l...
Embarrassing and Funny stories by __Honey_Lemon
Embarrassing and Funny storiesby __Honey_Lemon
Read these embarrassing stories.
Halloween Wolf Boys by HallowsEveWrite
Halloween Wolf Boysby Hallows Eve
Cameron is excited to go to a party with his older brother, little does he know that Eric has other plans for him. This story was originally posted on my DeviantArt and...
Miraculous reacts by arshblue
Miraculous reactsby Arshblue
One day 3 children come out of no where and kidnap the miraculous class and forces them to see their .................
My Little Christmas Gift✅ by The_Star_Rie
My Little Christmas Gift✅by Little Rie
This is a cute story for my little one I wrote around Christmas time. I know it's late but I completely forgot to post this! ^^ This story involves an adult named Joseph...
A MBTI Christmas by Sillygoose076
A MBTI Christmasby Sillygoose076
INFP and ENTP are getting ready for the holiday season. But obstacles come their way as they try to make it the best Christmas there ever was. Mostly about female INFP/m...
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Becky Can't Dance by MeMyselfandI2008
Becky Can't Danceby Mint (or Pepper)
As the title says, Becky can't dance, and everyone knows it. However, when Tobey sees her dancing, he gives a very unexpected reaction. [Cross-Posted on AO3 & Fanfiction...
Barefoot Lacy by Nate33PE99
Barefoot Lacyby Nate33PE99
Lacy loves enjoying her lunch break on the beach, kicking off her shoes, and enjoying the sand between her toes. One day, she finds her shoes have gone missing, and now...
The First Day Of School by Uniquedoll602
The First Day Of Schoolby Uniquedoll602
Bo said it herself. Toys get lost all the time. But when her Woody gets lost--and her seriously hurt trying to rescue him---it will be up to the old Toy Story gang to in...
3 Weirdos by GunyeeGunii
3 Weirdosby GyeGni
The 3 weirdos has been friends since Grade 7, they have different likes, hobbies, talents, and hated things. Pero wala naman sa requirements na dapat kapag magkaibigan k...
Lost love by Diapered_Eevee
Lost loveby Diapered-Eevee
Wolfyreon (nicknamed Wolfy before his parents' death) is a six-year-old orphan: he feels like no one in the orphanage cares about him: one day, he decides to escape from...
✅ Over Protected by kittyangelabdl
✅ Over Protectedby Kitty Angel
Sarah is getting involved with the bad kids, and doesn't listen to her mum's warnings anymore. Mum is really worried about her rebellious daughter, and wishes that she c...
GET BETTER! by _maruah_
GET BETTER!by _maruah_
Hey, so this is the first time making my own story. Please be honest and give your opinions about my story. Characters: Jenny- new girl Bethany- new best friend with Jen...
A mouth with no filter by PiperNewbold0813
A mouth with no filterby Piper
This poem is about the frustration and embarrassment of how it feels when you, someone can't keep your mouth shut, despite people telling you to be quiet or that you're...