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♤ Murder Mystery [COMPLETED kinda old] ♤ by tinsope
♤ Murder Mystery [COMPLETED skeletonbunny
18 students from a school are set up to play a sick murder mystery game. One of them are a murderer, the other 17 have to try and find out who it is before its too late...
BFB & TPOT Groupchats/Texting by YolkyCrescent
BFB & TPOT Groupchats/Textingby Yolkster XD
Another one of those BFB group chats but with TPOT (well TPOT is mostly implied) I don't have a set schedule for updates Also, keep in mind that the objects might be ou...
I Leaf You (F:Reader x Tree) by Anonymousman61
I Leaf You (F:Reader x Tree)by Awsomo_Possumo
"Let's play a game!" "Don't you wanna battle to win a prize?" Those were the words that started a whole competition with a creature only known as &qu...
Object shows x reader oneshots (SLOW UPDATES) by treesnumberonefan
Object shows x reader oneshots ( TREE'S #1 FAN
This is my first book, please be nice. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 12K READS!! <3
Idolised Lies by LeafCake
Idolised Liesby mighty fireafy writer
Leafy was the Number 1 fastest growing Idol in the world, she had it all. Adoring fans, sold out shows and fancy modelling gigs. She was the Top Dog. But when a viral vi...
Yandere Tree BFB AU by CrystalThePenSimp
The title really explains it Also the cover is temporary, I'm planning on remaking it at some point
Battle For My Life | BFDI X DANGANRONPA by soomidookiwookie
Battle For My Life | BFDI X ↳ ❝ [ S O O M I ] ¡! ❞
A killing game, not a typical type of show that the contestants would participate, but it's not like they could AVOID doing it. They really couldn't avoid it. So, 64 con...
The UNOFFICAL Power of Two | PILOT CONCEPT by Mr793_NR
The UNOFFICAL Power of Two | #1 Exitor Fan!
! Vote Spoilers for TPOT Debuters. This is TPOT, my way! Originally inspired by a camp entry of writing a script of TPOT 1, im gonna just make it a single episode lol Pl...
KNOT by apricotarrow
KNOTby apricotarrow
a fubble story for you starving fubble fans by Shadowtheshark
a fubble story for you starving RandomBFBfan!
I'll update this very frequently so u guys don't starve to death🥰 (this is kinda slow paced and I have no idea what I'm doing) tw: swearing bc I like swear words 🥰🥰�...
"Where are we?" An TPOT Story by Franciscolovesbfb
"Where are we?" An TPOT Storyby Franciscolovesbfb
After TPOT 9 a strange beam of light showed up and took everyone away from Golky once everyone woke up they found themselves in a city that was not abandoned like Yoyle...
Divide By Two (old) by bsack2763
Divide By Two (old)by bsack2763
After over a year, Four is still salty about the BFB split, growing more and more restless with the need for revenge. warnings: this is probably going to have some gore...
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT fanfic] by SoftiePyro
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT Softiepyro
Update: stop reading this 😭 this is so horribly written bro. Also ignore the amount of spelling and grammar errors here. I was like 13 when I wrote this.
Starting Anew | 4X BFB by FOURFANETC_
Starting Anew | 4X BFBby :3
[ set after the last episode of bfb, this is a 4x story! and no, there will be no smut, expect spoilers for the entire show. ] - - - - - enjoy! p.s. | This is not a s...
Powerless: BFB 17 ending B (BFB Fanfic) by Vanta_V
Powerless: BFB 17 ending B (BFB Vanta_V
This is an alternate storyline of what happens after episode 16, if Four went back to get X himself! The algebraliens WILL have he/they pronouns. This ISNT some sort of...
BFB/TPOT 24/42 Oneshots [DISCONTINUED] by adrienxsage
BFB/TPOT 24/42 Oneshots [ Kylar Goofy Ahh
(Photo not mine!) Do not get mad at me you know what you're getting yourself into! Discontinued 10/07/23 [UK]
Our Little Secret (FIREAFY AU) by fluff____
Our Little Secret (FIREAFY AU)by Ace
Lol I'm finally doing a book, this is one of my aus, my fireafy secret garden au. AnyWaYs intro to this- Firey has recently moved to yoyle city, hoping he would feel wel...
Nightmare Mansion Revisited by SUPERSTAR739
Nightmare Mansion Revisitedby SUPERSTAR739
What if... things went differently? What if different people got invited? What if certain things didn't happen? What it certainly things did? Turns out, they'll get to l...
Welcome To Serial Killer Objects! | BFB/TPOT AU by Its_sunflower_RP
Welcome To Serial Killer ★ SF ★
BFB/IDFB/BFDI AUS!! Fanny got teleported into a piece of white shade place has no any bushes and trees. She was confused that she made it. How does she get there? How d...