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BFB - Among Us by ObjectWasTaken
BFB - Among Usby ObjectWasTaken
everybody knows this so... why not make it on wattpad?
Dreaming On An Island by Lucky3Zebra
Dreaming On An Islandby Zappy Rhino
Leafy wakes up. Is it a chance to start over, or just a dream? I AM ACTUALLY PROUD OF THIS ONE OKAY I don't have a cover whoops
Back To TFI - an bfb/tfi fanfic by HotGoblin_
Back To TFI - an bfb/tfi fanficby Hot Goblin
Due to a failed test by Golf ball Leafy is accidentaly sent back in time 13 years. Sorry for any typos or text that's hard to read english is not my first language. Thi...
reckless - BFB Fanfiction by phantoastt
reckless - BFB Fanfictionby owen
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanfic by TippyToas
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanficby needs break
On BFB 3, Leafy got eliminated and sucked into Four as punishment. There, she found a small classroom called the E.X.I.T(Eternal .Xalgebra .Iclass .TwithFour) in the mi...
The Value of a Number  by AngelaMorales114
The Value of a Number by Angela Morales
After the events of BFB, Four is so happy to have finally made peace with the contestants that stayed with him and make true peace with Purple Face, Announcer, and most...
A loser. (Loseafy)(fireafy) by VivixedEatsPlasticc
A loser. (Loseafy)(fireafy)by BagelBrain
🧡Leafy Kukui has been missing for years, 7 years exact. Only a few really missed her. And they usually deny it anyway. When loser finds her Lonely And scared,He keeps i...
Death Is Just A Game... by ObjectWasTaken
Death Is Just A Game...by ObjectWasTaken
Four has announced a new, and deadly challenge. Will anyone even survive? (NSFW - Swearing, Blood, and Gore and of course, Violence.) (All art is by me, and assets belon...
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fanfiction) by melonist_lord
The Flame's Shooting Star (Bfb Fan...by kris/melon lord
Leafy, being a known pop star in the country, has gone on a very unusual mission for someone as famous as her. She tries to find her one and only childhood best friend w...
What If Leafy Didn't Steal Dream Island Au (hiatus (long)) by A_Fanfic_Lover
What If Leafy Didn't Steal Dream I...by
What if Leafy chose to not buy Dream Island? What if she just left and not look back? What if she becomes 'Kind'? What challenge will she meet? Who will she meet? Will s...
Maniac(bfb au)  by SamiaGurl
Maniac(bfb au) by •Amelia•
So uh basically firey is a yandere And there will be teams, I wont spoil it (NOT MY BOOK ANYMORE READ THE WHOLE THING BEFORE GOING TO @BFBIMCRAZYRANDOM)
SHOWTIME(A BFB AU) by Mrsleafyfan
What do you get when you have Powers and vengeance...Chaos. That's what leafy causes chaos and despair all because she was locked out of dream island by a friend. Will...
Leafy x Lolipop Humanized by Brinleylikesfrogs
Leafy x Lolipop Humanizedby Brinleylikesfrogs
Sorry I don't know a lot about this or anything at all. :'( But my friend told me to do this so here I am. Hehe. So ya hope you guys enjoy! :-)
A Series of Unfortunate Events [ffireafy] by imgrassy
A Series of Unfortunate Events [ff...by grass
Ever since the destruction of the now Abandoned Yoyle City, the people of Yoyleland has now fled for safety in the Land of Goiky. Rumors said that the fallout of Yoylela...
(DISCONTINUED) NOT What They Were Looking For... by Stxr_0q
(DISCONTINUED) NOT What They Were...by Stxr_0q
When Leafy and Firey set sail, they stumble upon an island. More specifically, the Inanimate Insanity island. They hide there to hopefully stay there without ...
Leafy, The Weightless One by RainPaintsPictures
Leafy, The Weightless Oneby RainPaintsPictures
To everyone that knows her, Leafy is kind, energetic, selfless, and sees the best in everyone! But some of her friends know there's more to her mind and personality than...
(Dont read please lol) Secrets | A bfb fanfic (Book two) by Cyro78
(Dont read please lol) Secrets | A...by Cyro78
Basically this is the sequel to my other fanfic, Ruined. Read that first lol Anyway, after the events of ruined, Leafy has locked herself in her room in the Losers house...
Flames Of Love | BFB Fantasy AU by Medievaly_Official
Flames Of Love | BFB Fantasy AUby Medievaly_Official
One day when the hybrid dragon, Firey, sets his goal to capaturing the beatuiful Princess Leafy. What Firey didn't know was Leafy had been trying to escape from those ve...
IM SORRY - a BFB Fanfic (Complete) by HotGoblin_
IM SORRY - a BFB Fanfic (Complete)by Hot Goblin
Dont read this! It is extremely bad and boring. This story takes place between bfb 21-22 Firey feels bad for what he said in bfb 15. He wants to apologise to Leafy but...
•Maid Application• || Fireafy Story ||  by BumbleBoba
•Maid Application• || Fireafy Stor...by Bumblebee_Boba
Leafy Evergreen lives alone with her younger sister, Autumn Evergreen. Leafy is looking for a job as she doesn't have enough money to pay for her house, or have food in...