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reckless - BFB Fanfiction by phantoastt
reckless - BFB Fanfictionby owen
A loser. (Loseafy)(fireafy) by VivixedEatsPlasticc
A loser. (Loseafy)(fireafy)by BagelBrain
🧡Leafy Kukui has been missing for years, 7 years exact. Only a few really missed her. And they usually deny it anyway. When loser finds her Lonely And scared,He keeps i...
Subject 2763 by TickingyClockworky
Subject 2763by TickingyClockworky
[WARNING FOR DISTURBING THEMES: TORTURE, BURNING, ELECTROCUTION, DEATH] Sometimes doing anything in the name of science means people get hurt, but when dealing with some...
*+. Crossing Worlds (BFB /TPOT x II Fanfic).+* by RainbowKittiCet
*+. Crossing Worlds (BFB /TPOT x Kitti cet
After many challenges and scarring experiences for his , Mephone thinks that his contestants need to meet others who have had experiences similar to theirs. After myster...
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❤️ Bfb texts ❤️ by jackiethefirst
❤️ Bfb texts ❤️by jackiethefirst
The characters from BFB text each other... yeah thats basically it except from that there are like ships in it so yaa :3 also no swearing.
Two X Reader by OwoInky
Two X Readerby Patchw-0rked
[DISCONTINUED. NOT TAKING REQUESTS SADLY] Author's note: long story short; i came out as aroace and my simp behaviour calmed down so yeah. i don't really simp for two no...
4X-BFB smutshots by Among_Us_Balls
4X-BFB smutshotsby Gay_Kai_Soup
These are gonna be some smut stories about X and four.💅 I'm doing this because I have nothing better to do and this sounds fun✨🕺✨Also, I'm a horny teen that needs to d...
OBJECT ART!!! :•) by ClownTownUSA
OBJECT ART!!! :•)by Clown Icon 😻
This is an art book!!!! I draw a lot of objects!!! (Mostly BFB 😻) but also other shows ❤️ And lots of rare pairs ❤️ :•)
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT fanfic] by SoftiePyro
Deceased Affection [Bfb/TPOT Softiepyro
TW‼️ •Death (well no shit that happens every fanfic) •Blood (kinda??) •Angst stuff ig This fanfic is mainly about Tree x Blackhole however if you don't like the ship, pl...
Tear Between Worlds || BFB/II Crossover by Dra_write_
Tear Between Worlds || BFB/II Dra_write_
BFB 15 just ended. Leafy is still thinking about the argument she had with Firey, she isolates herself from her team for some alone time with her thoughts. Then they sta...
[DIA] (BFDI x II) A Black Hole living on Earth by DiamondDragon2002
[DIA] (BFDI x II) A Black Hole Diamond Dragon
An Object heads High School AU featuring characters from the BFDI and Inanimate Insanity series(s). Our main character is Black Hole who goes as far as to use a fake nam...
The Life Of: Sweet Pin. (MY AU.) by YourDailyBFDIFan
The Life Of: Sweet Pin. (MY AU.)by Bracelety!!
This is my first story so it might be cringey- WARNING - Gore (Blood), dark scenes(?). STRONG ASS LANGUAGE...? firey x leafy, pin x coiny. I chose Pin bc i love her out...
RECURRING DREAMS (I.I Fanfic) by freakiiielf0
RECURRING DREAMS (I.I Fanfic)by ♠︎~Caramel.Cube~♠︎
(THIS BOOK IS ON HIATUS) Dreams. Balloon is the most hated among the objects in hotel OJ, but when someone shady gives him an offer to be accepted, he takes it... but t...
Lovepop (lollipop x reader) by Marlb_72
Lovepop (lollipop x reader)by Merb
I opened my eyes to be met with the blue sky 'Why am I outside?' i thought as i rub my eyes only to stop midway as i realized my arms were now a thin black line. "W...
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanfic by TippyToas
꧁Our Exit꧂ - a BFB fanficby needs break
On BFB 3, Leafy got eliminated and sucked into Four as punishment. There, she found a small classroom called the E.X.I.T(Eternal .Xalgebra .Iclass .TwithFour) in the mi...
Crossing Over - A BFB/II2 fanfic [COMPLETED] by Jabewostar
Crossing Over - A BFB/II2 fanfic [ Jabe :)
There are dozens of object shows out there, each one in its own little universe, almost never touching each other. But what would happen if objects from one universe tra...
[DIA] The Flame and The Leaf by DiamondDragon2002
[DIA] The Flame and The Leafby Diamond Dragon
(NOT HUMANIZED, It's an object heads type of AU) Firey and Leafy seem very close to each other despite the differences they have, and Leafy's weird behavior. How is that...
Object Shows Smut Tales by Yaeliad
Object Shows Smut Talesby Yaeliad
objects fuck each other
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Paper Hearts Syndrome by Ink1Chara
Paper Hearts Syndromeby hello mario
happy birthday tb!! heres a Medical Illness. congrats on 17!!!!!!
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker (BFDI sci-fi au) by elderthing107
Goiky Labs - Project: DreaMaker ( elderthing107
In a twisted alternate universe, the BFDI contestants are no longer colorful individuals living freely in an island, simply participating in a weird game show full of za...