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[COMPLETED] It's Only Platonic... by some_degenerate
[COMPLETED] It's Only a person
This is in Sophomore year in a humanized AU, the same AU where Foldy and Stapy are together. TB had a crush on GB for a looooong time now and still is convinced that GB...
Warriors: Storm Forming by kutiekat99
Warriors: Storm Formingby kutie the kat
(Warning: Minor injury, blood) A Storm. A god-like entity. 42 objects. Abandoned. Out of nowhere. Everything seemed hopeless, but soon, once the smoke cleared, one of th...
Golfy Oneshots (Leafy x Golfball) by __STUPIDHEAD__
Golfy Oneshots (Leafy x Golfball)by __STUPIDHEAD__
some oneshots about this rare-pair I like. <3
Invention - .. -- . .-- .- .-. .--. || BFB Fanfic by _LankyKawaiiCookie_
#4 Uzuren
After Blocky messed up Golf Ball and Tennis Ball's invention, everything was messed up. The contestants, Four and X were all transported to different dimensions, alterna...
Bossy! [RE-WRITING] by C0TTXN1_
Bossy! [RE-WRITING]by Go0f (Moved)
Re-Writing + On Hiatus until Slaughterhouse is completed :)
Firey's Reign by bemorediya
Firey's Reignby bemorediya
When Four and X mysteriously disappear, it is up to Firey to lead his fellow contestants to find Dream Island. When finally finding Dream Island, Firey becomes the king...
Disaster of canonical and non-canonical proportions - BFDI by Raubkatze_Acerola
Disaster of canonical and Raubkatze
All the BFDI characters have appeared on an island that seems to be set up for them, and the strangest thing is that they are all from different timelines. Will the char...
Back To TFI - an bfb/tfi fanfic (Cancelled) by HotGoblin_
Back To TFI - an bfb/tfi fanfic ( Hot Goblin
Sorry if someone actually likes this, im completely done writing it. Due to a failed test by Golf ball Leafy is accidentaly sent back in time 13 years. Sorry for any ty...
FireLeaf by Apex101OC
FireLeafby i really need to post
I'll try to go over the story and correct spelling/add some details! :) Will update the cover! 80 lucky contestants have been entered into a rare opportunity to particip...
Battle for Love Live! Object Idol Project 1st Season[BFB x Love Live! AU] by ReaderSxrah
Battle for Love Live! Object SarahCookiefied
[This is an AU where the BFB characters in the cover become school idols like the characters in the anime, Love Live! In this AU, they will also go to school alongside o...
BFDI: Golf Ball And The Yoyle Humans 3 by silverwingsdragon
BFDI: Golf Ball And The Yoyle silverwings_dragon
(Complete!) Follow along in this fan made explanation of Golf Ball's flashback in IDFB's single episode "Welcome Back". It's an origin story, of a ball brough...
Tengolf Weirdshot ♥ (Closed) by TenGolf_4ever
Tengolf Weirdshot ♥ (Closed)by TenGolf_4ever
I've abandoned this book and am not gonna delete it since it got a lot of views And yea this book is just helping me to relieve my phase before but I no longer have that...
Dimension after dimension (bfb fanfic) (DISCONTINUED) by Midnight_internet
Dimension after dimension (bfb Midnight_internet
Honestly this was made because of my boredom but since your here for no reason at all I'll just give you description anyways :) Golf Ball has been working on an experime...
Green Fuzz & Dimples (BFDI: GB x TB!) (*DISCONTINUED, READ DESCRIPTION*) by literature_sweete
Green Fuzz & Dimples (BFDI: GB x interlude
Tennis Ball and Golf Ball - probably the smartest, clumsiest, bossiest or even... cutest duo you think of when you think of BFB or BFDI. But, when Tennis Ball is stolen...
Leafcake's Lovely Art Book. by LeafCake
Leafcake's Lovely Art Beetroot Roll
This is just a book that I will do whenever I feel bored. I will use it for fanart and art comps because why not
Ask Yole Leafy by Vesi-Princexx
Ask Yole Leafyby Ves
Leafy still lives in Yole land, she's lived there nearly her whole life. You give her questions she answers them. *TW: Headaches, tics, violence, gore, glitch effect, an...
The Tengolf Book (Requests Open!) :) by Kinda_Phoolish42
The Tengolf Book (Requests Open!) Tengolf_Addict(:
Literally anything you want relating to tengolf ill do. Art, oneshots, questions, humanized or regular, literally anything else
Ask Pin!! by rxdxctxd
Ask Pin!!by I'm not alive aymore halal
So yeah... I wanted to make this because, why the fuck not? this was inspired by fireafyiscannon's book called "Ask Firey !" :D You should go check it out, it'...
bfb high by KSX6XSDY
bfb highby love bfb
it's just a normal day in school when professor X Announce that there is a talent show everyone gets excited and that's there main focus and Donut's Diary's now trying...
Mad Scientists || I.I. + B.F.B. by scottielovesstars
Mad Scientists || I.I. + Four!!
Two scientists from different worlds, what could go wrong? Put simply, everything. Test Tube and Golf Ball are some of the most brilliant object minds. On that note, the...