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after the apocalypse  by leafyhatesfirey
after the apocalypse by leafyhatesfirey
after a leak from test tubes lab starts turning objects into horrible, brain dead, dangerous monsters, lightbulb and paintbrush are determined to change them back. (OBJE...
Tropical Trepidation [An Inanimate Insanity AU] by Perlowolf
Tropical Trepidation [An Inanimate...by perlowolf
Nobody remembered how they got there, but they were there, and that was the hard truth. It started with them waking up on a deserted island. Nobody knew where they were...
What a Pain in the Axe. by thebrightbulbcel
What a Pain in the Axe.by thebrightbulbcel
What would you do if you couldn't take it anymore? What would you do if you could have all the power you needed to get revenge? Those were the thoughts swirling around L...
Somethings Bothering Lightbulb // A Inanimate Insanity Comic by freakiiielf0
Somethings Bothering Lightbulb...by ♠︎~Caramel.Cube~♠︎
Somethings Bothering Lightbulb, I wonder what it could be? 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 Love can be hard to find, but thats all wrong. Its easy until your trying to get love bac...
Inanimate Hunger  by RealAsIllusions
Inanimate Hunger by FakeDoctor
Everything was going good, season three of inanimate insanity is going on but...something happens....the objects didn't have normal food, the hotel ran out of food a whi...
Love is Just a Big Joke by Spitzackle
Love is Just a Big Jokeby Spitz
!! ALL CHAPTERS ARE FROM THE POV OF CHEESY BTW !! Cheesy finds himself starting to feel a strong attraction towards the spiteful jock, Trophy. Cheesy is in denial of the...
Unfinished Competition •• [ 𝐇𝐅𝐉𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐀𝐔 ] •• by Forgotten_Lily_
Unfinished Competition •• [ 𝐇𝐅𝐉...by Forgotten Lily . .
⚠️WARNINGS: This Book/AU contains: HFJONE series Spoilers Gore Blood Suicide/Suicide Attempt Drowning Swearing [ not that often tho ] √ This will be updated √ ↓ With Ai...
Tough love (Fan x Knife fanfic ii)  by V1nnnyyy
Tough love (Fan x Knife fanfic ii) by Vinny
Helloo!! I'm making this story mainly because I'm bored.. but I swear it'll be good- ANYWAYYYY This is NOT LEMON!!! I'm uncomfortable with writing stuff like that, it wi...
bfb x reader headcanons!! by VLK0DLAK
bfb x reader headcanons!!by heart failure^_^!!!
expect a lot of fluff and cringe hehe ^_^ cover art by worldsfirstgayknife on tumblr !
.channel 9. by thetacosquad
.channel 9.by taco
Mephone4 has gone on vacation for God knows how long. Test tube has a little surprise. The secret then starts to unravel. Find out what it is by reading this (totally or...
Mad Scientists || I.I. + B.F.B. by faymous_last_wordz
Mad Scientists || I.I. + B.F.B.by Four!!
Two scientists from different worlds, what could go wrong? Put simply, everything. Test Tube and Golf Ball are some of the most brilliant object minds. On that note, the...
Like a ruby flower (nickloon) by objectronpaa
Like a ruby flower (nickloon)by objectronpaa
My attempt at writing a book lol CREDITS TO Sketchaloova FOR THE COVER :D
Nickloon Book i guess? by Lubnariznistar
Nickloon Book i guess?by MtDe XD(Alex)
Hi i am obsessed with This Inanimate insanity ship so enjoy me making stuff in this book
CHEESY'S CIRCUS // An Inanimate Insanity Au // BY XISIMPIX by iXSIMPXi
CHEESY'S CIRCUS // An Inanimate In...by •!Fuck_you!•
! OBJECT FORM ! ((TAKES PLACE S3 EP1)) Cheesy's Comedy career wasn't going the way he dreamt... after another failed show, cheesy gets back to the hotel to make new jok...
𝙻𝙰𝙼𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙰𝙱𝙻𝙴 || An ii Comic || made by XISIMPIX by iXSIMPXi
𝙻𝙰𝙼𝙴𝙽𝚃𝙰𝙱𝙻𝙴 || An ii Comi...by •!Fuck_you!•
It was a normal day at hotel oj. Contestants were having fun and enjoying their lives...as they should've been doing. ሃዐሁ While talking to paper, Trophy decides to int...
Overtaken - a BFB/II2 fanfic (very slow updates) by Jabewostar
Overtaken - a BFB/II2 fanfic (very...by Jabe :)
WARNING! This fanfiction is the latest in a series of books that I've written. You MUST read all of the previous books first for this one to make any sense. They are, in...
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [COMPLETED] by Jabewostar
IDFB: Continued - an IDFB fanfic [...by Jabe :)
IDFB... one of BFDI's greatest mysteries. Have you ever noticed how in BFB, it's barely ever mentioned? The only reference to it is one mention of the wall teleporter, a...
Art Book (Complete)🍍 by Knifebxlb
Art Book (Complete)🍍by Knifebxlb🌻
Don't question this please☹️ And uhhh the new art book is out,, hurray?? ~~~~~~~~~~ Mostly is going to be inanimate insanity relate, maybe other object shows and shows.
ONE again, again (HFJone AU) by Airy45
ONE again, again (HFJone AU)by J
One again again Story by me One by cheesy hfj Has one spoilers!!! -It's in Scenty pov -In this au, possibly one 16 but definitely one 17 and 18 did not happen and it wen...
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC) by IceMintFreeze
Supernova (A BFB FANFIC)by IceMintFreeze
A celebration in dedication for the Battle for BFDI being on air for a year is exactly what the objects needed. The EXIT-ORS, The Hosts, and The Teams gather around for...