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Lightbrush. by globalobject
#1 objectfromohio
Fanfiction I wrote bc I got bored (not humanized) WARNING: if you are offended by object show ships I recommend not reading this, unless you are doing some kind of try n...
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Story) by Totalanimefangirl100
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Aleia Brothers-Wallace
(Photo is not mine) With lightbulb back, Painty's been having some strange feelings. And apparently, so is lightbulb. Is something wrong with her? She been so... uneasy...
I am glad to be with you,my bright light~Lightbrush Fanfic by FelineWind
I am glad to be with you,my FelineWind
This is my no.1 OTP,so I made this inanimate insanity Fanfiction. And who wants me to write about Fantube? Anyways Enjoy!
¡E S C A P E! An Inanimate Insanity Au by Imgonenowlol
¡E S C A P E! An Inanimate Dead acc
Nvm not deleting this- (H U M A N I Z E D) Summary: Oc do the fooni murdah This takes place when season 3 ep 1 of inanimate insanity was released. ((CHARACTERS BELONG TO...
The breaking point//BFB AU by Imgonenowlol
The breaking point//BFB AUby Dead acc
((COVER BY ME!)) ||H U M A N I Z E D|| "You're such a fucking liar...." "And i bet you're happier without me, right?" "Most definitely." Wh...
Someday (Lightbrush FanFiction) by LightbotStatic
Someday (Lightbrush FanFiction)by 💛Lightbot💛
after Paintbrushes elimination in episode 12.. i just had to make this..i had this whole book literally in my head.. now i just gotta type it up ...chapter by chapter...
Coffee Flavored Kisses ( A Lightbrush coffee shop AU) by Sparrow208
Coffee Flavored Kisses ( A Sparrow
Disclaimer! This is my first fanfic, so please bear with me. Paintbrush is your average coffee shop barista. They live a minimal, simplistic life and enjoy it that way...
Signs (Lightbrush Fanfiction) by Kaylordd
Signs (Lightbrush Fanfiction)by Kaylee Marie
After an attack on the contestants in Inanimate Insanity, Lightbulb and Marshmallow are lead off the game grounds in search of Paintbrush by a new object. Upon finding t...
Go get her, Painty!! || Inanimate insanity by cleaykk
Go get her, Painty!! || cleaykk
The more times they spend with her, the more they realize how much they love her. They always have that feeling of butterflies in their stomach and the warmth of their c...
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate Insanity) by SkaterCheese
Infinity Minus One (Inanimate SkaterCheese
When Test Tube and Lightbulb messed with time travel, they created an alternate timeline in which Salt and Pepper became the world's fabulously malevolent overlords - an...
"It's Not Love" An Inanimate Insanity One Shot / Lightbrush  by candylemonss
"It's Not Love" An Inanimate Brook
Paintbrush can't get Lightbulb off their mind. Fan insists it's love but Paintbrush knows it's obviously not. Right?
The Lab With Many Experiments by testyytube
The Lab With Many Experimentsby TestTube
test tube plans onto testing experiments on her friends because of her traumatic past, she has to do it for her family, test tube went along with the family thing...she...
fen's silly little OSC oneshots by kromerotting
fen's silly little OSC oneshotsby krome
i have no idea how frequently i'll update this but decided i'd post the oneshots ive posted to my AO3 over here
Prom Night (Lightbrush mini fanfic) by LightbotStatic
Prom Night (Lightbrush mini fanfic)by 💛Lightbot💛
it's the 2017 prom, all the II cast are there, with there crushes and squishes.... but... paintbrush and lightbulb, they both like each other... but are too shy to tell...
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity College AU by emzie33
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity Emzie! 💛🤎
(THIS WORK IS A WORK-IN-PROGRESS. TITLE, TAGS, ETC. ARE ALL SUSEPTIBLE TO CHANGE. THANK YOU.) [HUMANIZED!] "...Alright, does someone want to tell me what the fuck i...
shock by acetrainernicco
shockby Nicco Makuda
(short super-fluffy lightbrush oneshot!!!) Lightbulb and Paintbrush are alone together - a rare occasion. Will Lightbulb seize this chance to tell Paintbrush her shockin...
Just some inanimate insanity oneshots :) More info on the first chp Requests Open!! ✨ :D
Lightbulb and her special friend (An Inanimate Insanity Human Fanfic) by Hereforfanfic2612
Lightbulb and her special friend ( Random Fandom
"I will support you, no matter what!" "Why?" "Because that's what friends do!" Lightbulb, a 19 year-old young lady is attending the Inanima...
spin the bottle - a inanimate insanity lightbrush Story by benthecoolets
spin the bottle - a inanimate ben
everyone had guessed that lightbulb and paintbrush were dating..but could it be the truth? Humanised btw For purposes of this story everyone lives at ojs hotel
Case 34 by tazaroni_
Case 34by tazaroni
How far would you go to do it for Science? This story contains Violence, Gore, Offensive Langauge, and other themes that may contain sensitive content. Book cover artwor...
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