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NOT What They Were Looking For...  by Rqndom_Stuff
NOT What They Were Looking Rqndom_Stuff
When Leafy and Firey set sail, they stumble upon an island. More specifically, the Inanimate Insanity island. They hide there to hopefully stay there without ...
worst 4 years of their lives by assfruit
worst 4 years of their livesby argh
inanimate insanity high school au ummmm chapters are really short but i'll try to update lots sorry
Go get her, Painty!! || Inanimate insanity by cleaykk
Go get her, Painty!! || Kweku
The more times they spend with her, the more they realize how much they love her. They always have that feeling of butterflies in their stomach and the warmth of their c...
A Marshmallow's Guide to Loving a Complete Idiot (Inanimate Insanity)(Marshple) by SkaterCheese
A Marshmallow's Guide to Loving SkaterCheese
For Marshmallow, figuring out life, death, reality, and the games we play is difficult. But navigating her relationship with Apple may as well be the most challenging th...
Flying Buddies [II Lightbrush Fanfic] by jeebweezermp4
Flying Buddies [II Lightbrush jeebweezermp4
Paintbrush falls in love with Lightbulb, but can't find a way to tell her, nonetheless find the right time. They think they should give up, since she 'obviously' doesn'...
⭐Lightbrush oneshots⭐ by Astralo_19
⭐Lightbrush oneshots⭐by Aster<3
oneshots for my favorite ship since there isn't many !!!! (currently writing... somethin . man im trying to figure that out too ) all art used in the book is by me unles...
Building it up (nickloon EHEHEHEHE) by numspac3d
Building it up (nickloon EHEHEHEHE)by Num
I WROTE SM?!?! 🤩🤩🤯 This is my first book, so it might have some grammar mistakes and misspellings ykyk BUT THIS HAS NICKLOON YAYAYYA Mostly fluff, if you're looking f...
Inanimate Insanity Ronpa! by pastatownlinguine
Inanimate Insanity Ronpa!by pastatownlinguine
Paintbrush wakes up in a strange place with 15 other students, and is told that they are participating in a killing game. Will Paintbrush be able to find the mastermind...
Totally NOT In love. (Comedy gold/Tropheesy) by leolovesbugbo
Totally NOT In love. (Comedy Pluto_Solarballs_Fangirl
Trophy. The hot-headed jock of inanimate insanity. He doesn't care for anybody but himself. It can get a little lonely being the most arrogant contestant in inanimate in...
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Story) by Totalanimefangirl100
Burning Bristles(Lightbrush II Aleah_Bfb
(Photo credit to B1rdBra1ned) With lightbulb back, Painty's been having some strange feelings. And apparently, so is lightbulb. Is something wrong with her? She been so...
Camp Murder (Inanimate Insanity) by historypigeon
Camp Murder (Inanimate Insanity)by Gen
Fan is ecstatic to join the new season of Inanimate Insanity. He's intrigued and a little starstruck, to say the least. Just as things begin to settle and friendships (...
My object book (✅REQUESTS OPENED✅) by simp_lyitzy
My object book (✅REQUESTS OPENED✅)by Itzy
🌟HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING🌟 Hello im Itzy, and this is my first book. I don't really expect people to find this. Im just doing this for fun. I want to share my art with...
A Day to Remember (lightbrush fanfic) by Rqndom_Stuff
A Day to Remember (lightbrush Rqndom_Stuff
*humanized*  When Paintbrush goes to middle school as a normal "girl" would until they come out as non-binary. They got bullied a lot and eventually had to mo...
Oneshot Per Day by _The_Nikkie_
Oneshot Per Dayby _The_Nikkie_
A one shot a day keeps writers block away! This book will be filled with weird shit and fluff and angst and pure CrAcK. Some of your favorite ships and others that you d...
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Fic by siamranav
inspo. - A Comedy Gold Ficby 🐝vee the bee🐝
"your laugh, a motif in my soundtrack of life for even a chuckle has my heart in joyous strife" Microphone is trying to write a story for a friend, a little in...
Hotel OJ: Behind The Scenes by Namiii2x3
Hotel OJ: Behind The Scenesby Namiii2x3
Hotel OJ, OJ's hotel. Usually it'd just be the usual chaos, 'messes in the kitchen' and such. It's not that different with the new faces around from season two. Although...
Inanimate Insanity Oneshots! ❤ by TheDemiEnbyPop
Inanimate Insanity Oneshots! ❤by Call me Demi!
Hi friends! Feel free to request any kind of pairing! I will take any request, as long as the request is kid-friendly!
Just some inanimate insanity oneshots :) More info on the first chp Requests Open!! ✨ :D
The Lab With Many Experiments by testyytube
The Lab With Many Experimentsby TestTube
test tube plans onto testing experiments on her friends because of her traumatic past, she has to do it for her family, test tube went along with the family thing...she...
Sunlight on the waves // II2 Pirate Fantasy AU // Fanfiction // OLD by UndeadWitches
Sunlight on the waves // II2 UndeadWitches
The story of a crew of upbeat pirates who accidentally kidnap a french merchant, and two mermaids that break the rules as they both sail the 7 seas on a seemingly endles...