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Crowned [Inanimate Insanity Fanfic] by WanderingStoryTelIer
Crowned [Inanimate Insanity Fanfic]by WanderingStoryTelIer
The world is being ripped apart at it's seams, and it's up to 10 assigned gods to see the mortal plane back together. But all of them are children or just barely adults...
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush Fanfiction by XxCrystal_SkyxX
✮ Rockstar ✮ || A Lightbrush XxCrystal_SkyxX
TW// This fic includes topics of Gender Dysphoria and Depression. Reader discretion is advised Paintbrush is a 16 year old dropout music artist with a dream to become ma...
Inanimate insanity oneshots (requests Open again!!!) by BlissfulIyUnaware
Inanimate insanity oneshots ( BlissfulIyUnaware
A bunch of ship one shots cause I've been reading so many now I wanna make them :)
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity College AU by emzie33
Room 43// An Inanimate Insanity Emzie! 💛🤎
[HUMANIZED!] "...Alright, does someone want to tell me what the fuck is going on," Paintbrush yelled sternly, rubbing their temples to stave off an incoming he...
Science Breakthrough by WanderingStoryTelIer
Science Breakthroughby WanderingStoryTelIer
This is an II Fanfic! WARNING! Themes of: Blood Gore Suicidal/self harm thoughts and actions Violence Loss of self confidence Swearing (A LOT) Torture Possibly more. The...
Inanimate Insanity memes by MysticFoxesBoi
Inanimate Insanity memesby Hazel ☆
I'm bored, just bunch of memes I guess? 🤷‍♀️
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!! by YaboyCameron1
CASINO | II AU | REMAKE!!by Dumb sleep deprived person
I AM SCREAMING, the previous one had so much people reading it, and thanks so much! I wrote the au when I was a small infant, my drawing's improved and even my story tel...
Inanimate Insanity Scenarios!  by RigbyMoon
Inanimate Insanity Scenarios! by Rigby
Heyo everyone! I am just writing this for fun and I might not post everyday but I'll post when I can! If you have any requests I'll read them (don't make it nasty though...
Remember Her? (an II au) by Airy45
Remember Her? (an II au)by Airy45
History repeats itself, tragedies included... But what if, when history repeated, it was worse? 9 years ago, she saved defeated a tyrant, but sacrificed herself in the p...
Inanimate insanity AU ideas by AsherMcdonld
Inanimate insanity AU ideasby AsherMcdonld
I have a lot of ideas in my brain but no wAy to put 'em on paper so I had a idea why not have other people use my ideas so basically that's what this book is for feel fr...
Inanimate Insanity x child reader || oneshots and preferences || by FennecFics
Inanimate Insanity x child FennecFics
REQUEST BOX IS CLOSED!! Gender Neutral reader Characters: - Mephone4 - Mephone4S - Mepad - Paper - Orange Juice - Knife - Pickle - Taco - Nickel - Baseball - Apple - Mar...
A Day to Remember (lightbrush fanfic) by Rqndom_Stuff
A Day to Remember (lightbrush Rqndom_Stuff
*humanized*  When Paintbrush goes to middle school as a normal "girl" would until they come out as non-binary. They got bullied a lot and eventually had to mo...
Fantube - Precious Love by YourAriss
Fantube - Precious Loveby shrrnarsh
A boy named Fan Windrick has just started his new semester at Inanimate High. He wanted everything to go well and didn't want any problems like last semester. But when h...
The Unknown (SEASON 2 CONTINUATION!) by thatsmolgrape
The Unknown (SEASON 2 星辰大海
• This story mainly focuses on MePhone. Aliens will be covered as well, but vaguely. [THIS STORY IS A CONTINUATION OF SEASON 2, EPISODE 14. NOT CANON.] • I've had it wit...
Murder At The Hotel (ON HIATUS) by axolotlcore
Murder At The Hotel (ON HIATUS)by macaronic
Everything is going well at Hotel OJ, everyone is happy and having a good time. Well, everyone WAS having a good time until a series of mysterious murders take place and...
Ivy and the Fluorescent Lightbulb by HaileyMorrisonBooks
Ivy and the Fluorescent Lightbulbby Hailey Morrison
An Illustrated Novel! || Ivy Rochester accidentally falls into a portal that takes her 1,000 years into an alternate future. Getting back is the least of her worries. 12...
Just Best Friends? || A LightBrush Fanfic by YoleCake2763
Just Best Friends? || A Ayden TMC
Paintbrush and Lightbulb are BESTFRIENDS! Even though, Paintbrush gets annoyed with her at times, they find themselves drawn closer to her, while at the same time pushin...
A Happy Accident by DisapprovingLB
A Happy Accidentby Disapproving Lightbulb
Damn thas crazy, light fixture is on the happy za
Danganimate (Inanimate Insanity) by TheQu33nBee
Danganimate (Inanimate Insanity)by TheQu33nBee
Secrets, Death, Chaos. ✧༺♥༻∞ 16 Students, all with their little talents, called Ultimates, each having to escape the school that they had originally been working towards...
Just goofy ah fanart (Inanimate Insanity shit idk) by Walterclapper
Just goofy ah fanart (Inanimate Burp
Goofy fanart, old and new. I'm out of Ideas..